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Congratulations nice work. GLWS ;)

Thank you so much ;)

Nice Work , Good Luck ;)

thank you so much :)

Thank you so much!

i had purchased this one. but where can i find the html template.i only need this


I send file your e-mail.


Lazy Loading feature, I guess. When you first install the demo. Now do not Lazy?

resim gecisleri ile ilgili sorun var evet. nas?l cözebiliriz acaba. Baktinizmi buna acaba hic?

arama alaninda, ana sayfada bannerda hata var


Mail adresinizden size geri donus yapacagim. Herhang? bir sorun goremedim inceliyorum.


Hi, I just did not find how to add the BLOG link to the top menu? Also how do I make the slideshow animated, on my domain it is static and the sliders must be changed manually. Could you please let me know?


Please send me your website adress via my profile page.

Thanks Regards

Hi, you do not answer about the slider on the hope page. Do you have a clue why is not rotating at all? Thanks in advance.


I’m sorry for delay. We are working on an update. I’m hoping to finish up the evening today. We will add all the functions associated with the Slider. I’m really sorry to keep you waiting. A message will be sent to your mailing address.

Thanks Regards

Could you expand on what you mean by ‘retina’? I looked at the live preview and none of the product images seemed to be retina versions.

The concept of the retina, is related to graphics. icons, fonts and typography ..

Filter by price slider only? Not options? Products view is four columns only? Not responsive for wide screens? One-page checkout avaliable? «Found nothing» in search system not works? The main menu is how exactly formed? Manually or automatically? It is your script?

We are grateful to pavo. Everyone is going to support each other. There are interesting problems. This template also does not pavon design. If Pav needs shopfast , I have no doubt , Pav buy it:)

Thanks Regards

You can’t imagine how I’m happy for you! nyaaaaaaaa

Thank you for your help.

@omrfrk, Hi.

I would like to ask about the slider in the header. Got 2 questions here, hope you can help me out. Here they are:

1. Hot to make my slider live, because slides are not moving automatically right now.

2. I want to get rid of the slides titles and “Buy” button. Could not find such option. If there is something I should do in the code, please, let me know.

Thanks a lot and all the best. Blinky


I’m sorry for delay. We are working on an update. I’m hoping to finish up the evening today. We will add all the functions associated with the Slider. I’m really sorry to keep you waiting. A message will be sent to your mailing address.

Thanks Regards

Thanks a lot. I just remove the title and the “Buy” button, but need to know about the update that makes the slides moving. All the best and will wait for your reply. :)


Template has been updated. I’m sorry for delay :)


Temadaki twitter ve facebook ingilizce görünüyor dil ayarlarini nereden degistirebiliriz. Js dosyalarini taradim bulamadim.

Mesaj gonderildi.

Hi, i did fresh install on opencart and I’m getting this error when adding more languages.

Could you please check what could cause these errors.


Please go here admin – module and anylist module and add all language box this lanugage words.

Example : have 2 language on your website. You can add 2 words for module heading name : english : anylist malezian : anylistmalezian

Best Regards

Hello Ninetheme,

Just one question I got here. How can I translate the “Buy” button and “Latest”, “Bestsellers” and so on.

Please, see the attachment:

If you could give me a clue where to search for them in the code. The site is on one language, so need to keep it up only with it.

Thanks a lot, will wait for your reply. Blinky

You’re welcome!

If have a discount on any product, discount labels appear.

Please check this module : Nine Theme : Admin Control Panel – Module ribbons tab.


Everything is fine. Just one more question here – I have switched on one module for zooming images the way I want to (cloudzoomfancybox-v1.6.1). It seems that has some problems with the theme. The theme has its own zooming option, could be that. if you just can point me to the right solution. Thanks. ;)

Thank you! All codes on the product page needs to be changed. It takes some time.

Hello! Your theme looks nice, is the theme compatible, or do you plan to make ti compatible with opencart 2 (and when…)


Thanks for good comment! many things have changed. could be ready in two weeks , Maybe in less time. Wè need test all New features.

hello, any progress on this?


I’m sorry for delay.

I’ve tried many things, but unfortunately does not work correctly. The whole system has changed. I think no one will do the update.

Hi – looks good so far – but on the install we don’t seem to have the full width on there and can’t see where it’s not working in the setup?

Also the categories as you will see pushes everything below – we can’t seem to get these running down the left hand side of the page?


If you select fullwidth page , theme don’t support left/right column


To whom it may concern, Today I have purchased the shop fast theme and found that I bought the wrong version (Opencart). I have since purchased the Zencart version. Please can you refund my first purchase. Kind regards. Paul

Hi Paul

Please contact the envato support team for a refund.


Thank you for your response. Please can you send me the email for the support team. I can’t see it on the website. Kind regards. Paul

Good morning, I would like to know if this theme is compatible with version 1.5.0 of Opencart. It was not clear enough in the details. Demo not working. Aspect your answer as soon as possible. thank you.


Yes compatible but there is not support for this theme ( it is not mean included problems )

Hi please, some questions before purchase, do you offer any kind of instalation support? Is it compatible with QuickCheckout (from Equotix)? Thanks


I’m not sure , sorry.

yeah ok.. and what about installation support? I mean..installation issues

Shopfast theme not included any support , sorry.