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Hi, I buy the shopfine template really is very good .. ie9 but unfortunately I have problems with the links, and home icon … the house … could help me please

sorry, forget to tell you, if you provide me with screenshots, it’ll be better, thanks

to which I can mail you send screenshots?

Can I adjust the number of featured images on the home page from 4 to 3 per row and can I change them to be wider?

yeah, you can , it’s just bootstrap grid system, you can play with it.

Hi, nice looking theme. One questions before I buy: can i use this theme without Bootstrap?

don’t think so.


How to be a multi drop down navigation menus?

Are you going to update to bootstrap v3 as well?

I see you are very busy to do that 9 months ago ;) Any update on that?

I’m so sorry, what can I say, company work does’t end.

Hi, ahmedchan, I would like to purchase this template, when will you release a newer version? (with bootstrap 3). Is it possible to use it with other lang? (RTL one). Will the price be the same after the update?

Hi there, I don’t know if I gonna update it, as I’m very busy these days for long time.

Ahmedchan, Can you check out why the grid system / list system for items doesn’t line up in IE 11?


Haven’t checked other versions of IE but chrome is fine.

While uploading the theme to Shopify I get this error: “Theme does not contain all required files: missing template “layout/theme.liquid””

it’s static template, you need to convert it to shopify first

I just purchased this theme, and while your demo version worked fine in IE11, the delivered version completely falls apart. Can you tell me what I need to do so the purchased version works the same as the demo version? This is for the HTML template.

Ok so I figured out the ‘falling apart’ thing. IE was set to compatibility mode for that site for some reason. However, now the font icons are showing up saying they have to ‘be registered”?

humm, okey can you print the message or send the url on my email to check it out, thanks

I also figured this out, changed from format(‘eot’) to format(‘embedded-opentype’) in font-awesome.css

Really disappointed with this theme. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to switch colors with out the stupid javascript side panel thing. That’s great for being able to see different options, but for production who in there right mind would want that on the site.

Why would you just allow swapping out the different versions of the css so you could change the color scheme when ready for production?

Plus of course support seems to have dried up. Think this theme is dead in the water, I’d warn anyone from purchasing it if you expect any kind of support.

ahhh, I figured out what bothers you, you see the problem is, I’am not browsing Themeforest everyday, so, it was gonna be better idea to see my email in my profile page and send you problem directly to my email address before you yell out me like that, but that’s ok, no problem

Ok well it’s nice to see you replying here, I thought you were gone for good and may have overacted. My apologies. Anyway… I figured it out. (1) removed all the script files having to do with the side panel (2) added the color.css and boxed.css to the end of the link block [important they are at the end] (3) also removed all references to side bar in custom.js

Theme is looking very good now. It would be nice if you went into the changing of color with a little more detail in the docs. Thanks.

OK, happy to see you resolve all your problems, if you need any further info, don’t hesitate to contact again. thanks

Preview link is dead.

will update the domain

Hello, this template have updates? I see have 2 years old.

Template is nice, but need use Bootstrap 3 for add scripts. And this have bootstrap 2, or you can say what is your best template with bootstrap 3.


unfortunately, I has been long time not doing new projects on themeforest, so…

I’ve purchased but need a little help making the login and registration page functional, what is the best easiest way to go about doing this???

sorry for late, shopfine is static template.

Hi there!!

How I could turn off responsive design??

see bootstrap website http://getbootstrap.com and download bootstrap.css with fixed width then replace it with the one already existgs

one thing before I forget, make sure to download v2 not 3

Hi, could you help me change the blue color?

yeah, sure.

Hi, for some reason, I am unable to view your site through themeforest when we click on livepreview, I am getting DNS address cannot be found. Any other link to preview this site?

sorry for that, it’s the server thing. will update it soon

No new updates for this template? I am unable to view your site through.

server still down.

I do not have compatibility mode on but the site is displaying in simple text. I cannot get the site to load properly.

humm, please turn off the compatibility mode for IE and check again. if problem still there… send me the url or the bug image on my email address.

thanks for contacting.