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Grate work i want buy this theme and use for asp.net MVC

is it possible that i can use it

please provide me with info here

yeah, sure you can

Hello, ahmedchan!
This is not an adaptive design in catefory grid :(http://www.screenr.com/V9dH
Not looks nice a new line switch viewing modes
You correct this bugs ?

Excelent! This was exactly what I was looking for, it’s easy to undestand because it’s well organized. I think “Well Document” is not so true, but if you have basic knowledge of html, css and js there is no reason to worry about.

thanks, neo, for your beautiful words

Hi, this template is excelent. I have a question: how change header to transparent background? THX


thanks, mate, and sorry for delay, if you mean the nav area, so, in style.css file, make the selector (mainNav) with background: rgba(value here) and then in customize.css file, go to selector (navbar) and make the background: rgba(value here)

Thanks, but I need change background to transparent up to NAV AREA. See link: http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/1249/mt1j.jpg (I need change red area). And transparent approximately 30% – in order to see main background (setup on body).

it’s the same, where you did the background to red, just change it and make it rgba(value, value, value, 0.3)

Do you have an RTL version of this template?

No, mate!

Hi, Twitter feed problem.

it’s about the plugin, if you wish you could use another plugin

this is the Api’s twitter, but I’m using plugin to display latest tweets.

Will this beautiful theme become available for Magento?

inshAllah sooon

I love your work because you provide so many options! I have a few minor issues I want to bring to your attention.

  • Thumbnails on featured items don’t always format properly, even with 212×212 images. I sometimes get 4 to a row, followed by 1 on a row, followed by 3 on a row. I believe it may be related to the thumbTitle below it (if it is longer than one line it throws off the formatting). Is it possible for you to force the size of the main div holding the thumbnail to a constant height? Or, some other fix for longer thumbTitles.
  • Twitter now forces us to use API 1.1, which is not compatible with your provided Twitter script
  • Can you add a sample page showing a Table? For example, Order History? That would be exceptionally helpful and would increase the value of your product tremendously.
  • Very few shop templates have places for Google Adsense ads (or any other ads). I’m not sure why, since most shop owners want to monetize their sites with ads, or even t highlight their own products. If your products had this feature I bet your sales would leap.

Anyway, great job!

I think thumbnail problem is resolved by changing the css for thumbTitle to:

.hProductItems .thumbSetting .thumbTitle a {
  font-weight: 600;
  display: block;

The min-height needs to be adjusted even higher if you expect more than 2 lines of title (20px per line)

in the next version will be fixed, thanks for your kindly word

Hello, I´m having problems with IE8. the tables and alighnment are not showing properly. What should I do? Thank you

it’s showing alright.

Hi I am about to purchase this template. Question: What all tools/frameworks/apis this template uses (apart from html/css/js)?

it uses a few jquery libs and it’s built on the top of bootstrap framework


Is there, or going to be, an html email template for the theme? Thanx

maybe it’ll be in opencart version, maybe

Is it possible to have 3 level navigation on the left column as well?

yeah, it’s possible

Hi There, I was hoping to know if it had 3 level navigation on the left sidebar before purchasing? Thanks

it doesn’t have 3 levels, but it’s possible to make it, good luck

Hi ahmedchan. Does this theme work for shopify?

it can serve the purpose of any frame-work

Any plan of bootstrap 3.0 upgrade?

I’m very busy to do that really

That’s really disappointing to hear. We want to buy this theme but Bootstrap is moved on to 3.0 and having theme with older version would be difficult to maintain.

Same here, willing to buy if the upgrade to 3.0 has been made.


There is a bug for the scroller besides the banner, everytime i refresh my homepage there the scroller images get hidden/trimmed. Please check : http://test.cromaawards.com/


it has no scroll, it about the cycle plugin and it’s working fine in my template

Hi, there actually is a problem in the template. http://s18.postimg.org/atwgrev7t/Capture.png

How to reproduce? Open this link: http://egythemes.com/shopfine/ in the latest version of CHROME. Try to refresh few times.

In firefox this does not happen.

I hope it would be fixed soon :)


FIXED: Add attribute that specifies dimension.


EDIT: better solution would be to add attribute: data-cycle-loader=”wait”

The problem appears because carousel starts before images are loaded and there is no way carousel could know the height. With data-cycle-loader=”wait” it works fine.

is this template already working with magento?

or with prestashop?

no, it’s static template, but there is a drupal version of it on this link: http://themeforest.net/item/shopfine-drupal-commerce-theme/4518124

In chrome on product details content of the DT element doesn’t show.

Source: http://egythemes.com/shopfine/product_details.html

Print screen: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2quj0ok&s=5#.UneGseIiw0o

It is a bug in chrome. It does not display ‘Open Sans’ google fonts inside <dt> element when you have ‘Open sans’ font installed in system. Uninstalling font from system fixes the problem.


I want to tell that I really like this template.

I have a concern about the menu. When I have a menu item with a long name, the arrow appears under the menu item.

You can have a look on the screen :


Hi, friend, I’m so so so sorry for my delay. and thanks for purchasing my theme. about your problem, you can add two couple of lines and it’ll be solved once for all, just follow.

1- open customize.css and scroll to line “416”, you’ll find this selector:

.navbar .nav div ul li i {
margin-top: 4px;
relace this selector with this one:
.navbar .nav div ul li i {
margin-top: 4px;
position: absolute;
right: 2px;


Thanks mate, it’s working great.