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awesome work ! html responsive version will be great!

Thank you, glad you like it ;) I will think about html responsive version ;)

Really nice work! Do you make an Opencart template?

Thanks! Yes, I make diffrent e-commerce templates but I have the most experience with OpenCart. Write to me if you would like to cooperate ;)

Straight to the point , looks fantastic, congrats ! :)

Thank you! ;)

Do you have also the opencart theme for this psd? :-) Would love to buy it!

Unfortunately not, but I am going to develop it as a ready OpenCart template soon ;) I glad that you are interested ;)

Any time schedule? :)

Now I am looking for someone who will do that with me, so I think couple of weeks :/

done editing.. Now how do I use this on opencart?

Hi! Please write me an e-mail what do you mean.

Hello, do you interested in partnership for WP development? I am ready to implement original (for TF) features. Not multi-demo theme in about 2 weeks.

Hi, Thank your for your message – I have just sent you an email!