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Hello i want to use mega menu but its not working i write in menu css link but its not working what can i do please tell me and i found lots of bug in this theme

Please send us an email ( with all your bugs and we will check it.

Woocommerce Yith Magnifier is not supporting on this theme all css change automatically when activate plugin and please resolve my issue i want mega menu on my website tell me its is possible or not

Please do contact us on and we will see how can we help you there.

Hi, Can i see an example for an RTL implementation? thanks

Hello, unfortunately we do not have a live example. In the RTL CSS we just mirrored everything, so everything looks the same, only mirrored.

Hi there,

I am looking to create an online shop for art. Would this theme suit my product?

Our shop is intended for all types of shops as it has a clean business design. It uses WooCommerce for the eCommerce part, so take a look at it if it includes all the functionality you require.

what php file displays the product category description? I want to limit the length of product category description, how do I do that?

Do you mean it in breadcrumbs or somewhere else? You can send email on with more detailed description.

Hello, the file that displays the product categories is: shopifiq/woocommerce/content-product_cat.php.

Thanks man!

Another question: is it possible to break lines on the product description? I would like to have the html br tags on it do break the line and be able to present computer product descriptions like:

CPU: xxxxx Memory: xxxxxx Hard Drive: xxxxx

Now what it does is “CPU: xxxxx Memory: xxxxxx Hard Drive: xxxxx” on a single line.

Thanks so far.

Hello, sorry for the late response. The short description cannot contain any HTML elements, but the description on the single product page can contain them.

no way to get around it? seriously?

We are talking about the short description right? You want to add HTML on the single product page or the Shop page?

I give up with the dummy data upload. Can’t do it no matter what I try. Anyone have ideas???

Very frustrating.

We already replyed on your email.

hello hi just buy this template. how can I create the same page to your demo… no the file xlm Revolution Sliders:(

Hi, you tried importing dummy content?


hi, thanks for reply so fast

yes importing dummy content but I have not loaded the slide no images

Hello, we do have dummy content for one of the sliders:

Hi there we recently purchased this theme and for the life of us can’t find the MAIN CATEGORY SECTION – as you have Home>Shop> MICRO FIBRE – where does the shop items by category template page live ?

HI there again – I have created a category and added a product to it, how do I associate my menu with my category or am i missing some thing?

i THNK WE HAVE a product page layout page missing in the Theme,

Hi, contact us on, we will help you


I’ve been having a problem with the “Local Delivery & Local Pick Up” option. I don’t want it to say FREE next to the options during checkout. In the Woocommerce settings it says “Leave blank to disable” or “Disregard if you choose free”... Isn’t that the same thing?

When I leave it blank it still says FREE. When I put “0” it still says FREE.

All I want is to disable it so that it doesn’t say free while in checkout. Can you please help me?


Hi, please send us the purchase code on along with support question. Best regards

Hi, I want the top of the site to stay in the ‘scrolled modus’. So with the small logo en menu at the top of the page. Is this possible?

Tnx in advance, Frank

Ah now i get it, that is not possible sadly.

how and where is the sticky menu initiated in the code?

please contact us on and we will send a reply

hello please help me i bought this theme 3 days ago and i still dont know how to install it. im using hostgator and wordpress plugin, need help, and one more thing, im new to all this

Please send email with a problem on

Is there an updated changelog? It only lists, but the latest version is Just curious what the changes are. Thanks!

Hi, sorry we didn’t update the changelog, we will do it asap, here are the changes:
- updated: files to support WooCommerce 2.1.0.
- fixed dummy content typo
- fixed: stylesheet issue
- added: support for galleries in blog posts


I like this theme but notice you don’t have some features of your other themes:

a) The favourites function b) The “choose your language” menu

Would it be easy to integrate these?

Or can you dot it?

Mike D


wish list, is in our plan to upgrade the theme with, we do have multi language support tough.

Best regards

Thanks- When is the next upgrade? And also, what about these kind of filtering options that you see at the top of the page, here on ShopBox? Regards, Mike

This kind of filter options are not available in that kind of design on shopifiq, you can set categories and the price filter on the right, but we will put that in the upgrade list to.

I cannot give you exact date of this upgrades in the next 10 days maybe.

Best regards

Is it possible to make the header look like the picture?


I have boxed layout. check p r y l k u n g e n . e u without spaces in order to look at the css files.

Kindly regards, Andreas

How do I customize it? I am not so good in css. Can you help me or is it not possible?

Please do contact us on

Best regards

Thankyou, I have contacted you on the mailadress now.

after updating 2.1 Variable Product not showing add to cart button.. how i fix it?????

please contact us on if you still didn’t, it can take up to 48 hours to answer you depends on ticket quantity. Best regards

thank you

thanks for great support. i have a little suggestion the feature product slider not clickable or we say if below each and every featured product in slider have add to cart or select option button. its makes navigation more easy for customers. i want to add this option is there way to do that?

Adding the “Add to cart” can be done, but please contact us at as you will need to change both the shortcodes.php file and add a couple of lines of CSS.

Ne update: Update: 21.02.2014 – v2.1.1.:

- fixed: double rating issues on products 
- fixed: sale styling

Hi, I’m having problems with a youtube-video on the first slide of my slideshow. I set the video to ‘autoplay’ and ‘go to next slide when finished. When it is in the slide, the slideshow stops and the youtube-video does not autostart. When it’s not in the slide the slideshow works ok (probably because it does not have to wait for the video to finish). My guess is that there’s something wrong with the autoplay-option. Revolution Slider v3.0.5, jquery v1.10.2

Can you help me out here? Tnx in advance. Frank

We already sent you the newest version of revolution slider.

Pre-sale question: Like the default home page on—how much ease of customization do we have on that layout? If I wanted to add just text (like a paragraph) below the slider but above the product feeds, is that easy? Is the home page built with shortcodes stacked on top of one another, or via a “page builder”. Please advise, thanks!

Hello, thank you for your interest.

It is built with shortcodes and is quite easy to set up. Best regards

Hi Great theme. Just wondering how to add the FAQ and testimonials to a page. Is there a shortcode I don’t know about.

Hi please contact us on

Thank you for your understanding

Hi there. I updated the woocommerce plugin and it gave messages saying the theme pages are outdated. Is there an update for shopifiq

Sorry lots of questions but how can I make the add To Cart button on product items go to the product item page before adding to the cart.

Hi please contact us on

Thank you for your understanding