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Hello and congratulations for nice theme. We try to enter non English character in Contact Form inside THEME OPTION and we get both in backend-frontend ??? characters. Any suggestion?

Please contact us on and send your login info.

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Hello, I am a novice developer and purchased the theme. Enjoying it so far! Looking for custom CSS code to center the Woocommerce product category and item text. Haven’t been able to find how to do that in my searches. Thanks!

Just found the fix just in case anyone else needs it: .woocommerce ul.products li.product, .woocommerce-page ul.products li.product { text-align:center; }

Thank you, glad you solved it.

Hello, I am trying to remove the vertical spaces between the nav header menu elements. Would you please provide directions or css code to address? Also, in case I do want to keep the spaces, how do I change the size of the spaces & color? Thanks!

Hello, use the below CSS:

#logo {
    margin: 79px 0 0 0;
nav {
    margin: 43px 0 0 0;
nav li a {
    padding: 24px 22px 44px 22px;

You can use the developer tools to see which elements you need to target to change the colors.

Hi, I’m having trouble with the password reset function. When I click on the reset email link, it just takes me back to the login page, not the password reset.

Thank you!

Send email with your issue and wp admin login data on

How do I make the homepage look like Home Version 1 (with 2 text/images boxes under the slider)?

Also, i sent an e-mail about not being able to install the required plug-ins – it leads me to a Hostgator ERROR 403 – FORBIDDEN page for both.

Did you check permissions on folders and files? You can send us email from themeforest account or with purchase code and we will send you plugins.

Fixed it, put in the dummy content which helped me out so much. AMAZING. Thanks so much!

Glad to see you got it sorted. Best regards


kindly guide how to do flash images at the website. Reply us the formula and steps in point form to this email, Thank You.

Hello, I don’t know what do you mean by flash images? Do you mean the slider?

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i mean is revolution slider

We have sent an email to


I have a problem with contact form. I want to add Drop-down lists in the contact form, but I didn’t find any option for that. Please tell me how I can do this… Thanks

Best Regards, Nawaz

I’ll take purchase code from my client and will send you through that email. And If possible I’ll contact with you from my client’s Envato Account. Thanks for your quick reply…

Best Regards, Nawaz


I just sent you the purchase code to this email: Thanks

Best Regards, Nawaz

We have responded to your email.

Is it possible for me to change the background color of the theme just like on the demo after i purchased? If yes means can you explain me?

Hi yes it is, after you purchase it just contact us on with purchase code.

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Quick pre-purchase question… Do you have the ability to use custom color schemes or are you restricted to the 10 pre made color schemes within the theme? Thanks

Hi, thank you for your interest.

Yes you can set your own colours.

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Hi – I also have a quick pre-purchase question… Is it possible to make a page where you can choose categori (eg. like this: I need this function to the frontpage instead of eg. Recent Products. And I really like your simple design :-)

Great – I bought the theme, but I can’t find af box for custom CSS. Is it just me who is tired or do I have to make the small changes in the files? (eg. I like to change the margin for the logo and other small changes).

Sorry – I just saw this now: “Last but not least we got an empty custom.css file which should be used by you to add your own modifications. Since we never touch the custom.css file when making updates you can easily update to later theme versions without beeing in danger of loosing stylesheet modifications.” Perfect :-)

Hi i am glad you solved it, please for any further support contact

Thank you

Where do I go to modify the main page – I want it to have two columns underneath the slider like in Home Version 1?

You need to edit the page that you have selected as your home page and add something like:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adip iscing elit. Sed velit dui, placerat a fermentum in, ullam corper id elit.

[content_half id="last"]
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adip iscing elit. Sed velit dui, placerat a fermentum in, ullam corper id elit.

Is there a way to send me the list of the fonts for Font type 2?

Hi, i do not understand you, fonts used are Arial and Open sans

There’s a dropdown menu to select different fonts under theme style (is this populating from the theme?) ... I was wondering if I could get the full list available on the dropdown menu?

Hi, please contact us on Thank you and best regards


How can i remove or change the hover color of the product images on categorypages or homepage (new products, featured products)?


My client (username: fietshemel) purchased the item accually that is why you dont see the batch on my name.

Hello, contact us on with purchase code.

Thank you for your understanding. Best regards


How can i remove or change the hover color of the product images on categorypages or homepage (new products, featured products)?


Hi, your coolor settigns are in theme options, under theme style.

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Hi Can you please be more specifiek ? i cant find any option to disable the hover effect on product images ?

Hello, you cannot disable hover effect trough theme options, contact us on

Thank you

Hi, I am trying to limit the amount of characters of the short-description text on the Category page (shop page) but I cannot get it to work right. I’ve edited the content-product.php file after moving it to my child-theme folder. I edited line 106 from 180 characters to 92, added ”...” to the end of the excerpt after that limitation and also changed the height of the .product .desc but although every product text have more than 92 characters the behaviour is different between the products. Is it possible the function acts differently on RTL characters?

Regards Ofer

We got your mail we will be answering you shortly. Best regards

Ok, still haven’t received an e-mail in this regards. Also, I am trying to remove the

tags in the excerpt of the shop page using remove_filter(‘the_excerpt’, wpautop); with no success.

We just replied to your email.

AWESOME SUPPORT! Bought this theme few months back. Ran into a problem with one of my woocomm plugins.

anps were awesome. Responded to all my emails quickly, gave them admin access to my site and they quickly isolated the conflict and even made the amends to the site to make everything work.

Couldn’t ask for better support. Thanks anps.

Thank you very much it means a world to us. Best regards

Hi .. would like to ask for some help, why is there no registration page for shopifiq? or did I turn off anything? here’s my link:

any help would be appreciated .. thanks a lot.

Login Data sent. Thanks.

Pls. keep me posted. Thank you.

Please see last post: Please update WooCommerce (latest version is 2.1.5) as you are using an old version of WooCommerce (2.0.14).

I cannot get youtube videos to display when using the [youtube] short code. I run everything via https with a certificate. If I use the inspector in Chrome and edit the youtube embeds to point to https, the videos load just fine.

I have found references to embeds within the functions.php file and changed any references from http to https, but this doesn’t fix the problem.

This problem also occurs in the revolution slider module.

I seem to have them working now, I did a grep across all of the files until I found it in the shortcodes output php. Since this is a shopping theme it would be nice to have something in the code that detects if Wordpress is pushing things through https and make sure embeds like Youtube are served via their https servers. It also appears that Google fonts are not being loaded via https either.

Thank you very much for heads up, we will check this and act upon it accordingly.

Best regards

Hi Anps, I just noticed that although my Theme Options ‘Products per page’ is set to 12 my shop (‘category page’) shows only 11 products on the pages while I have more than 12 products in each of the categories. This issue reoccurs in every category. I also checked your demo and it behaves the same. How can I fix this?

Hi, please do contact us on

Something went wrong,

Hello, i think there is something wrong with your certificate but not sure, please do contact us on

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