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Is it possible to disable the footer – I don’t really need to use it for this project. Thank you.

Go to shopifiq/footer.php and delete the footer element with the id site-footer, but leave the copyright footer content (you cannot miss it, as it is commented where it starts and ends).

You can also just copy the code from: and replace the one in you footer.php.

Thank you! Although the code change removed the footer area, the text in the copyright area now isn’t aligned properly – I think this is probably the first theme I’ve come across that doesn’t have the ability to disable the footer in the admin -perhaps something for a future update?

Hello, we will keep in mind about adding an option to disable the footer. Sorry for the inconvenience.


How can i remove or change the hover color of the product images on categorypages or homepage (new products, featured products)? i cant find any option to disable the hover effect on product images ?

My client bought the theme with account name Fietshemel (see also previous messages)


Hello, you cannot disable hover effect trough theme options, contact us on

Thank you

A few miscellaneous questions if I may …

1. I only have 3 products at this stage, so would like to make the Recent Products on the Home page appear as 3 columns rather than 4. I have amended the shortcode [recent_products per_page=”3” columns=”3” orderby=”date” order=”desc”] however it still shows as 4 columns. The site is here – Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

2. Is there a way to reduce the white space under the Recent Products on the Home page?

3. Can the grey box appearing at the top of the Shop page be removed?

4. On your demo site the Add to Cart button is next to the number selection pulldown menu, but on my site they are jammed one on top of the other –

5. Can the 0 Comments field on the Blog list page be removed, as we aren’t going to allow comments – Can the ‘Comments are Closed’ note on the full Blog post page be removed? Also not sure what the grey box at the bottom of this page is for?

Thank you!

Thanks – I have sent you an email with a screenshot to better explain.

Just a quick note to check you received my email, as I’d like to get these couple of things sorted out and put the site live. Thank you!

Yes we did, we will get to you asap. Best regards


I just updated theme to latest version and yet I am still getting this message:

Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files – if you encounter functionality issues on the frontend this could the reason. Ensure you update or remove them (in general we recommend only bundling the template files you actually need to customize). See the system report for full details.

and my product details page is messed up.

I renamed old theme to _old and then uploaded new theme but something is amiss.

Can you please help me.

Hi, could you please contact us on

yes, I just sent an email to support. Thanks.

I have tried to install the dummy content which just sits there no error messages but no content installed.

I cant get the front page to look like the demo version.

Could you help?

The issue might be that your server timeouts before the dummy content can be imported.

You can change the timeout time with:

Also please send us an email to, so we can help you in more detail.

On a shared server so I can’t make changes to the PHP settings.

All I need is an answer as to how I setup the home page, I have the rest sussed.

I have tried creating a page called Home but that puts a title banner across the top of the page which isn’t good for a site home page.

I get how to add the short codes and have the slider working but can’t see where I would add any further content to add latest products etc.

If this can be explained then I will be away.

Hello, this is the content of our home page:

Make sure you have all the plugins installed (Appearance – Plugins).

For products you need the WooCommerce plugin, where you can add the products and create Shop, Catalog, etc. pages.

Hi there,

I am getting a “ajax error!! error” popup with a red x at the top right of the page when I want to activate the revolution slider and when I try to create a new slider?

Please advise.

I mailed you the login details.

Please have a look and let me know what you think.


We have responded to your email.

And I have to yours.


This might be a weird question for an ecommerce theme, but is there any way to turn the shop off without hindering the functionality of the site? So just having it as a portfolio based website as opposed to a shop?

Kind regards,


Hi, this page is a variation of coolblue, tough you can chooose shopifiq and not install woocommerce.

Hope this helps. Best regards

Does this theme change languages formats depending on the country?

Hi, shopifiq has translation support (.po and mo files). Hope the answer helps.

Best regards

Hi – I am having a problem with my logo when viewing on the iPhone. It doesn’t seem to be adjusting to responsive mode, and the right hand side is being cropped off. Any ideas how to fix this? Thank you.

Hi, please contact us on

Thank you for your undestanding Best regards

hi there, what do I have to use a default size for the logo? If I use a slightly different ratio it throws the menu alignment out above the slider, the original logo is so small and my client will want their one larger.

any help would be great

Hello, the solution is to make the menu smaller by making the padding smaller (change the second value until it fits your site):

nav li a {
    padding: 24px 22px 44px;


Would it be possible for you to paste the code for contact form layout 1 please?

Please contact us on

Thank you and best regards

Good day! I just purchased Shopific theme and have this notice after installing 3 plugins that are required, “Hi! Please activate your copy of the Revolution Slider to receive automatic updates & get premium support.”

I can’t see anywhere where I will update the Rev Slider. Please forgive me for my low question. I must admit that I have so little experience when it comes to this stuffs.

Thank you very much, Ichii

It is actually activated but the notice doesn’t go away. Nevermind the ‘update’ thing. My problem is the notice, it says I need to activate Rev Slider when it is actually activated in my “plugins” tab.

Hello, did you manage to remove the notice? The plugin works without the need to register.

You can also contact us at, so we can send you the new version of the plugin.

Can you send the updated version of Slider Revolution? It says in my page, Current Version: 4.3.0 Available Version: 4.3.5

Thank you.

Please send us an email and we will send you the latest version of Revolution Slider.

Email sent.

I have another problem. I get this error whenever I visit my homepage now. This webpage has a redirect loop

This happened after I have set my homepage under settings->reading->staticpage->home

and appearance->theme options->front page->home.

I need them both to be on the same ‘page’ coz if I don’t, my ‘homepage’ will have the navigation on top as ‘home’ and upper right ‘home->home’.

Sorry if my question is very low. I hope for your condsideration. Thank you in advance.


At the start, it will be okay but after like 5 refresh, the error will be there and I can’t access the homepage. Help, please.

how do I add picture on the product in the product page, the one that is also used as thumbnail. Whenever I add photos, it goes right under ‘description’ tab.

Hi, please do contact us on Thank you for your understanding, best regards.


I just purchased the Shopifiq theme and was struggling a little bit but I was able to get past most of the items. I do have a some questions that I hope you can help me with.

1. When I downloaded the content it did not include any images or a any sample sliders for me to use as a reference. Was that supposed to happen or did something just not download properly?

2. I have made great strides in preparing the website but something is happening in the navigation bar. When you hover over anything that is a woocommerce drop-down, it gives all these funny characters below the drop-down. Please see here: and put your mouse over salt lamps. You’ll see what I am referring to below the last drop-down called all salt lamps and then all these characters below that. Very strange.

3. Is there a way for me to add a sidebar in either the products and/or any of the static pages? I’ve tried to add it to the product pages but nothing seems to work.

Anything you can do to help would be appreciated. Overall I am very happy with the theme, just learning it. :-)

Many thanks,


Also, Could you please tell me where I can change the width of the featured products on the homepage. I want to have five across or at least make it where each one is not so wide.

Hello, we apologize for not contacting you sooner.

1. The images are not included with the theme. Slider dummy:

2. We do not notice any funny characters, but we do notice that the menu does not align properly. Please use this CSS to solve this issue:

nav ul ul { top: 95px; }

3. Unfortunately we did not add support on single product pages.

5 columns on your home page:

How to create mega menu on shopifiq. While creating mega menu my parent product category menus are not displaying in mega menu. Please give the link for documentation

Hello, please contact us on with purchase code or contact here from the account your bought the theme from.

Is anyone else having issues with product variation images not showing up when choosing the drop-down menus on the product page?

Hello, did you adjusted the settings in woocommerce settings correctly?

Hi, I would like to remove the shipping calculation, or the entire block as seen in the following picture:

And where would i put this? If i use the custom.css nothing changes when i put in this code

We apologize, we sent you the code for our other theme. Here you go:

.cart-collaterals tr.cart-subtotal td, 
.cart-collaterals tr.cart-subtotal th { border-bottom: 1px solid #F5F5F5; }
.cart_totals .shipping { display: none; }

Thank you very much! keep up the great work Anps!

Hello, how can i create a mega menu?

Thank You ;o)