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Can I remove the upper menu?

Hello, the upper menu can be removed in the Theme Options (it can be set to off, on or always opened).


How do I change the background colour in the BOXED layout. I found the CSS to change (Body background) but it only works in wide layout. Boxed layout defaults to white.

Thanks, Nic

Please contact us on for further assistance, best regards

Hello is list style in the shop possible? And instead of a add to cart button a read more button?

on the catalog page

Hi, thank you for your interest,

list style is not available, read more is possible yes.

Best regards

Can I insert a background from a photo? If so how?

Hi, this settings can be done in theme options, but first you have to have boxed layout selected.

Best regards

I have just bought the theme but after uploading it doesnt quite seem look the same yet, not even after uploading dummy content..

Hello, do not know what you mean by that, please send us a bit more info on

Thank you

Questions: In the slider how did you got that arrows centered of the image, left and right? (which variables (...height …width) did you put in the revo slider)

How do i place in the catalog a read more link instead of buy link..

I placed the shortcode for featured product, but the tekst next to each other is far too wide i’ve send you the link in your mail of my site.

Hope to hear from you asap ;)

and the searchbar is also on gone, and there is something under it. please check

Hello, thank you for contacting us, because of the hollidays support maybe a bit slow, thank you for your understanding.

Best regards

hello, when I analized the web site in the google speed I got a very low result, could you fix that for me, and what is the price for it, I’m wilingly to pay more. Can I atach a forrum to the web site? Is it the theme translated to Romanian language? I’ve bought anouther theme from themeforest, not from you though…and it’s charging very slow

You mean from our portfolio?

yes, from your portfolio…I don’t expect to get a recomandation from others..if you can do that, sure why not. But I need to be in at least Romanian and English.

Sadly we do not have any themes already translated in romanian language.

My site shows totally weird.. I will send you an e-mail… with my site details (have done nothing weird.. maybe a bug?)

Hello, we will take a look at your site and sent you an answer via email.

Can you please tell me to upgrade to newest theme release when using a child them? I created child theme initially when installing your theme, as I needed to add custom css and child theme was the only way to do this.

but now I’m not sure how to upgrade theme to newest version.

Thank you.

Hello, please contact us on, thank you for your understanding. Best regards

I’m being asked for the revo slider api key. I’ve entered my API credentials (the purchase number was already filled in) but It will not activate.

Any ideas how I can resolve this?

Many thanks


Hi, Thanks for the information, that worked perfectly. I’m having another issues with variable products though and I was wondering if you could assist me. Basically when I select an option for a variable product the “Add to Cart” button along with quantity selection does not appear at all. If you would like to check this out please visit I see on your demo it’s working fine so I’m not sure what’s happening on our end. I would appreciate your assistance with this when you have a moment. Thanks -V

Hi, Just reporting back to let you know that the problem is now resolved thanks to an update from woocommerce.

Fantastic, thank you

1 How can i create my contact page?

2. can i remove the itmes filter?

3. Is there a way to organize my products categories in the main menu with a drop sub-menú?


Hello sorry for the late replay please do contact us on

About item filter i can answer here yes you can remove it it is a widget which you remove in widgets area.

Best regards

Do you have a catalog only option where you can add to cart but request for quotation? If this is possible, I am considering buying your theme.

Hello, you will need to use a plugin ( to add the quotation functionality.

Hey there, I have a little problem with the translation. I already use the CodeStyling Localization Plugin. It all works well, but one single button not. But its an important one. The “Proceed to Checkout” Button. I don´t find it in WooCommerce and with the arrow inside, I belive its related to your theme. Can you tell me where I found that button, and I will translate it manually! Thanks for support. And thanks for your nice theme!! Cheers Lars

Hello, thank you for contacting us.Please contact us on

I’ve been sending emails to your support email since last Friday with no response other than that you have received only 2 of the emails. It’s been almost a complete week since I’ve heard anything from you. This is taking WAY longer than it should.

Please provide support for your theme.

Thanks! CDS

Hello, we apologize for not responding sooner. We are now going thought our mailbox and responding to the support tickets. We also just responded to your last email.

Hi, where is the child theme?

Thank you

Hello, we apologize for not getting back to you sooner. We did not provide a child theme, as the setup is the same as for all WordPress child themes.

The CSS inside custom.css should get applied. Make sure your styling specificity is greater than the theme default styling.

Hi thanks for getting back to me – still having trouble with custom.css even with using !important; are you able to take a look for me?

I have emailed you my custom.css, thank you

How do I display 3 products per row as appose to 4? thank you

Hello, unfortunately Shopifiq only supports 4 products per row and displays 3 columns only if a sidebar is active.

If you still want 3 columns, then please contact us on, so we can send you the CSS that will change the product layout styling.

How do I change the text of Cart (0) at the top?

Are you using a translation plugin to translate our theme or do you only want to change that specific text?

If you only want to edit that text, then go to shopifiq/functions.php and search for “woocommerce_header_add_to_cart_fragment”. Inside the functions you should find text.

Hello Anps,

Your theme is nice and works great! There is 1 downside to this theme and thats the translation. I’m translating this theme to dutch and I ran into a lot of mistakes which cause a lot of extra work.

A few examples: - “Lost Password?” should be “Lost your password?” - “View Cart” in mini-cart.php:64 should be <?php _e(‘View Cart’, ‘woocommerce’); ?>

And a lot of words arn’t translated like the validation of the contactform.

Asides of the translation it’s a nice theme. I hope you guys fix this with the next update.

Greetings, Ferhat

Thank you, we will update this asap. Best regards

Hi, thank you for your support so far. Is there a way to add a tab after Additional Information to read Features?

You can either add the tabs yourself in the WooCommerce tabs files or you can use a plugin like:

Hello Anps Team, I send a support request on Monday and have yet to receive a response back. Usually I’ve had great and timely support but as of late I’ve received responses weeks after they have been sent.

Please see it this. Ofer

Hello, we will contact you asap, one of our devs that handled your ticket got sick. Thank you for your patient and understanding.

Best regards

Seven days go by and I have still not received a single response from your team. Your support has been great up until the last few weeks. What is going on.

Hello, one of our developers is already responding to your inquiry’s. Again sorry for the latest delays.