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Shit for 15$ U Can’t work with because the psd file isnt sliced already. When u open it in an editor like dreamweaver uve just grey screen in the preview window so u can only work with code without to see what is happening now.

This is a generic HTML code, it is supposed to look good in e-mail clients. Lack of preview in your editor is not the issue with my template. Try another application.

I have tried everything to erase the ‘blue squares’ around the buttons that are hyperlinks to my website and cannot seem to do so without all the rest of the page becoming totally unaligned??? Can you please help me with this?

Sure, I’ll be happy to help you :) In which email client do you get those blue squares around your buttons? Could you provide me a little bit more information? You can write me directly on: mr.marcinwolski@gmail.com

We would like to know which font is used in the image “featured product”. please we need to edit the text and fireworks/photoshop are not finding it. Thanks

It is Open Sans Condensed Bold. You can find it here:


@ bahrain I get the same error making it nearly impossible to edit it the most popular webdesign program.

@ the publisher which program do you suggest?

Wondering if I can get the PSD for the green layout from you. Specifically I need to modify the button that says “Visit Our Shop” to read “Donate Today!”


Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi- niice template. Can i use this template in SendBlaster ?



Hi – why is some section of the original Templ looking distorted on Prevew ?



Cool work! Good luck!;