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How can i check RTL version of pages other than homepage? Does RTL version support all LTR version?

Where is SignUp form or any thing like that?

i now this is HTML version but i am looking for a html template for signup page

Hi, see. Open Element page. You can find all element like buttons, forms, etc. Apply this styles to your signup page on your cms. That’s all

How can I remove loader to remove it

<script src="js/queryloader2.min.js"></script>

Quick View also depart Can you help ??

Hi, open a ticket please

hello. waiting 1 year for see magento version. wtf?

Hi, mate. I guess you don’t need to wait for Magento version

why no? magebay down project? is easy port the HTML version to magento??

I don’t know. You can contact to magebay

Hi, I have 2 questions: is there any demo content, which could be installed together with the template and what is about russian language pack for it?

Hi, do you mean Wordpress version, because you see HTML?

Write to opencart product your comment please

Hi. i have purchased this item. how to decrease slider height for following home page. Where it is restricted.

Hi, open a ticket please. Comments is not support area;)

Why not Turkish language?

I know how to translate . Would not it be better if the language file ready ?

I don’t know Turkish language:))

Hi,I have a question.When I operate by smartphones at product page,can’t scroll this page at the product you have any advice?

Hi, I’m not sure what you meant. Make some video please and open a ticket. I will show to developer

There is an overlay on the home page (every time) that says “Error”

- and -

Navigation is slow.

Hi, I guess you checked locally. We use ajax loading and browsers block scripts. You have to upload to the real server

Thanks, that was it.

The documentation is not clear on how to switch headers and footers

It says: “The template has 6 footers and 6 headers.

If you want to use any header you have to go, for example, to html\inc\header4.html

and replace code on your page with below”

(followed by a whole lot of HTML)

What exactly are you replacing with what ? Please explain.

Hi, each file has <!-markup header-> <!-markup header-> </header>

and footer. At the folder html\inc\ you can find all codes for each header and footer. Fot example you want to use header 4 for all pages. You open html\inc\header4.html copy code and replace header code at the each of page.

Hello, I want to change menu drop down animation. Is it possible to change animation?

Hi, sure. If you want to remove rotation contact me via our ticket system please

its support affiliate program?

Hi mate. Wordpress theme supports affiliate program if you have a such plugin

i saw this theme, i want to buy it but unlike other theme versions it has no search bar autocomplete could be better if you help us out

Hi mate. For wordpress version we will add auto-complete search in next update

HI Team,

IN the demo pages. while refreshing the web page. it loading double the time. how can i stop it ? is that possible ?


Hi there. You can try to move loading script into header or switch loadingoff