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Hello, we are using this theme our developer has purchased and added this theme in magento but we are facing issue.. like we cant add coupon code field to onepage checkout page please help…

Hello efuzone,

Please, register and post more details regarding the issue on our help forum: https://help.queldorei.com/categories/shopper-magento-theme-responsive-retina-ready



vicdias Purchased

Hi, it is compatible with magento 2.0.10?

Hello vicdias,

The latest Magento version our theme supports is You can check this info in a “Software Version” block on the right.

Best Regards

Hi, when will be compatible with 2.1.0 or the major 2.0 versions?

Hello h4ergo,

We don’t have plans to make this theme for Magento 2+ in the nearest future. Magento 2+ is too different and it will require of designing a new theme to support this version.

Kind Regards

After updating Shopper to version

1) products in homepage and in categories disappeared, 2) footer disappeared in all pages 3) loading nothing (except slider) in home page.

If i set back the default theme RWD it doesn’t work until i disable Queldorei_ShopperSettings.xml module. Then it works with RWD theme.

I also authorized blocks, but didn’t change anything

How can i make theme work?

any idea?

Hello 2messeservice,

Our staff has replied you via the forum. Please, check the response: https://help.queldorei.com/discussion/6291/issue-after-installing-after-updating-shopper-to-version-2-1-3-2#Item_6

Best Regards

Can’t remove the /index.php/ from our NGINX installation. This only happens after we import this theme with the demo data (the default theme works fine.). Because this only happens on sql import, that tells me it’s on the Magento backend and not the server. Do you have any additional insight on this? Search engine friendly URLs are enabled.

Hello 41dreams,

You need to add rewrite rules to achieve this. This topic should be helpful: Best way to remove index.php from URLs.

For further assistance please, register and post your requests or issues on our help forum, so our staff will be able to assist: https://help.queldorei.com/categories/shopper-magento-theme-responsive-retina-ready

Kind Regards

We have posted a support ticket: https://help.queldorei.com/discussion/6296/blog-page-doesn039t-work-with-ssl#Item_1 with a bug in your template but after two days we haven’t heared something. Please can you update us?


nessun Purchased

Hi! It is compatible with Magento

Hello nessun,

Our staff has replied on your request via our forum. Please, check the response: https://help.queldorei.com/discussion/6300/it-is-compatible-with-magento-1-9-3-1#Item_2



ebdj Purchased

Pre-Sales Question

is your theme compatible with Magento

Kind regards – Ian

Hello ebdj,

Yes, it’s compatible. If you have any issues after install please, drop us a notice via the forum and our staff will put its best to assist: https://help.queldorei.com/categories/shopper-magento-theme-responsive-retina-ready


Do you already have this theme for Magento 2? If yes, please give the link where I can buy it. Thanks

Hi valerasdemo,

No, we do not have this theme for Magento 2.


Theme includes HTML files, PHP files…, doesn’t it? I mean that I can reach and control all files’s codes. I mean that I will not face a suprise, as .liquid files or other type files, won’t I?

Hi zafercelik,

Yes, it is fully editable. Liquid files are for Shopify not Magento.


How to change the text “COMMUNITY POLL” to Rams Poll ? http://ramfootballshop.com/index.php/men/men-s-shirts.html

Please give your valuable suggestions. Thanks Blake

Hello AccessConnects,

You can change the words or strings using translate.csv file. Please, check our FAQ section about translation: https://queldorei.com/faq.html#translation

For further assistance please, register and post your issues or requests on our help forum: https://help.queldorei.com/categories/shopper-magento-theme-responsive-retina-ready


Hi – is this theme php 7 compatible?


Magento CMS v.1+ itself is not compatible with PHP7. You can check the system requirements here: http://docs.magento.com/m1/ce/user_guide/magento/system-requirements.html

Kind Regards

Hello, I’m thinking of upgrading this theme. Also a friend of mine is looking into it. However, there are some missing features that I would like. Would these customizations be possible and will be provided after purchase?

Does the theme have something like the quick buttons that I came across here: https://overhemden.com/ – I don’t think the links are themed or custom made but it would be nice to have something like this.

Also another question: It seems the theme was updated a while back. What is your roadmap? And when is the next release?

Hi, After installed this theme, I am not getting order email notification and Customer also not receiving mail when order completed. I tried all the ways. I dont know what should I do.


Hey I bought this theme thinking it was for version 2 of magento but I see that it does not support it, is there anything I can do with the code to work on magento 2? Or have another similar theme available for magento 2

Thank you

Hello memopalomas,

The latest Magento version the theme supports is 1.9.3+ Unfortunately there is not an easy way to adapt it for Magento 2+ and we don’t have the theme that supports this version of Magento.


After installing the shopper, the new menu as Queldorei is not appearing in admin site. How can I resolve it?

Hello smadani1,

Please, register and post more details regarding the issue on our help forum, so our staff will be able to assist: https://help.queldorei.com/categories/shopper-magento-theme-responsive-retina-ready

Kind Regards

Hi, when I am going to login it does not work with my password

Please, send your purchase code to stan@queldorei.com, so we can check the issue with login.

Hello Is this plugin with the theme? https://prnt.sc/fa8pxy if not please can you give link to it

Hello Abdelaziz1,

Chat extensions are not included in the theme. You may search Magento Connect for such extensions: https://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/

On Templateinvaders we use Intercom customer messaging platform integrated into our website: https://www.intercom.com/


Hello Queldorei

thank you for link.

I changed my default home from system,config,web then I changed CMS Home page to shoper home page left coloumn….but I didnt see any changes despite clearing all cache

Having changed the slider to shoper home page Right coloumn. The slider dosent change. I want to use the slider assigned to fr. Secondly when users are created and role is set. The non admin user can still change the team despite the restriction because of the Queldorei and NWDThemes tab you added to the admin dashboard. How do I create a user roles that can only upload items and work on the catalog and the customer and nothing else.

Hello jackport,

Make sure you’re making the changes for the correct website/store view. Also check if cache is disabled while you make changes on your website.

Also please, register and post your issues on our help forum, so our staff will be able to investigate the issue and provide any solution: https://help.queldorei.com/categories/shopper-magento-theme-responsive-retina-ready

Best Regards