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tws5083 Purchased


May i know if any possible I can achieve the top menu shown but havent make any categories show in navagation? Because I like to make the navigation fully customize at Additional Menu Links block

Thanks for helping me

Hi tws5083,

Yes, if you don’t want to show categories in main navigation simply choose “Include in Navigation Menu *” as “no” for your category (Catalog->Manage Categories).

You can make custom menu by adding your html content in “additional_shopper_menu_links” static block (CMS->Static Block).

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hi this is my site http://monsterledlites.ca i want show fronted multiple currency and language i am done it backend but he is not show on fronted can u help me http://inchoo.net/magento/how-to-add-currency-selector-to-magentos-header/

thank you

Hi jaymaru66 ,

You don’t need to edit code in order to show currency!

How to show currency is described in our documentation:

Currency Setup > Currency Options
Allowed currencies = USD, GBP, EUR

You can set currencies automatically during theme activation 
OR you can set them manually. Go to System -> configuration. Choose Currency Setup tab. Set Allowed currencies = USD, GBP, EUR

Go to System -> Manage Currency Rates. press import. Wait for message "All rates were fetched..." and press save. Now you should be able to see currencies in the top right corner. If you are not, please refresh cache.
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1) Can we move from version 1.4.1 to version 2.1.1 without problems?

2) What should we do for this step ” Login to admin, navigate to Queldorei > Shopper > Theme settings and press save . This step is required to regenerate css files based on theme options “

I do not understand how is the upgrade ?

Thank you

Hi there,

Does this theme now support the latest version of Magento?


Hi. The contact page with the form formonly.phtml redirects to the magento default page after submitting. How can i fix this without touching the core files?

Where can we see step by step how to use an icon box, the ones you have in the footer banners and in the page “icon box” under “pages” in your sample site?

your documentation is not updated well and not enough explanation for whatever in it.

Hi yossefelbaz,

Icon box is a predefined html code, you can find it in static block called “Icon Box”.

Our documentation contains everything you need to know about our theme. We do not explain html or Magento basics in theme documentation. If you are having troubles finding something you can always ask a question on our help forum.


TOETOE Purchased

hi : are you going to update this theme for magento 2+ anytime soon?


TOETOE Purchased

sorry I saw the answer for same question down. thanks

Hello there. Do you have support for lookbook ? Thank you

Hi totalmetrica,

What do you mean by support for lookbook? You can make lookbook using slideshow or a simple page with images.

Hi, I will like to ask a few pre sale questions. New in Magento. Mi client is a big chemical company. Need only catalogue mode. .apart from products we need a few additional internal search engine for vendors list and for product brochures (diferent for main products). Need plugins for that or special customization? I presume that will need diferent data base.

Hi, I removed the newsletter block from the “Shopper Home page – right column_q” but the products on “fatured products” are still 3 per row.

How can i make 4 images per row in the “Shopper Home page – right column_q” Please see screenshot: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0e05yahh20

Which .xml file shell i modify to make it full page products?


knjhair Purchased

have problem with magento blog not work ! in the last version because not work …. i said depend module not exit

Hi knjhair,

I don’t see any problems with blog in the latest Magento nor in the latest blog version. Maybe you have corrupted installation of your blog extensions. Try to reinstall it.

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Hi, i need to add the block (list categories) in my home page.

My site is http://lojadasrevendedoras.com/loja/ I need this http://www.angelacristina.com.br

can you help me?

Hi webgoias,

Your question has been answered on help forum: http://help.queldorei.com/discussion/6237/categories-navigation-in-home-page#Item_2

gbogdan Purchased

Hi, when we’ll have compatibility with Magento 2.1 CE?

Hello gbogdan,

We do not have plans to make this theme for Magento 2+.


how can i cross swatch of out of stock products

The live demo of the theme is not loading. Please let me know once its available for our review please.

Hello 41dreams,

Can you check it now? There were some technical works on our server.

Kind Regards

Hi ! The Live Demo not working for me !

Hello, Im beginer in magento, but i was asked to buy and install this theme on existing site (with free template) so i did. I copied the template files in the root of the site (cleared cache before,logged out etc.) and nothing happened. I followed the instructions carefilly. For testing purposes i installed the theme on fresh magento installation, it worked flawlessly. I just cant seem to find that queldorai menu item that created itself in the first (clean) magento installation, and on that youtube video tutorial…


41dreams Purchased

Hello, first I’m wondering wondering if there is a store locator built into this theme? Also, I tried looking through the preview of the theme to see what the internal account page looks like, but it only would bring me to the login screen. I even tried to register but can’t go any further then that. I looked through the PSD files after I purchased the theme but only saw the login page. Thank you!

Hi 41dreams,

No, there is not built-in store locator. We have changed the configuration so you need to delete old Shopper cookies or simply check from another browser.

Hello! Is it possible to include a link to open an image in a pop up lightbox window? I see the theme use facybox scripts, but i dont know how the link format should be. Thanks.