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OH WOW !!!! This is a game changer. This theme is absolutely outstanding. The static menu is a very smart idea.

Thank you neo_one!

Anu belore dela’na.

Thank you louiejie,


Awesome template!!! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you olechka!

Quel marth.

Really impressive design and attention to details! Good luck with sales!


Diola lle fireform!

Good luck with sales to you too!

Really nice. Would it be possible to change the “add to cart” process flow? Rather than going to the checkout page, could you just update the “cart/bag” icon and display the amount of items?



Greetings my friend!

It will be possible when Elune bless our upcoming update.


Welcome to the Forest , good luck with sales. :)

Good fortune to you Bedros,

Saesa omentien lle.

I really like the theme but I wonder can I add another language, to make En/Fr?

Of course you can Crispdesign, it is standard magento feature.

Let the sun guides you.

Opening with excellent work..Good Luck….

Elune-Adore Winsim,

Good luck to you too.

Is there a support site for this theme?

We will establish our help forum soon, for now please use comments section.

Elune-Adore leKane.

I’m getting a 404 accessing Theme Settings

Greetings leKane,

As vmpro said, you just need to logout and login again.


Hi leKane you will probably need to logout, and login again to see the admin page, this is normal procedure in magento

Shan’do vmpro!

Was preparing the company new style for 2013 and when my boss saw this template she said…. “I want like this one….” :inlove: yuppiiiii Will have easy job for the next month….. 90% of the job is done. Thx awesome theme.

Glad to hear that bgaiteiro,

Good fortune to you Ishnu-ala.

Really great theme … Clean work :-) 100% Bestseller

Thank you R_GENESIS,


Good job man, love it.

My pleasure to hear that Dany.


Lovely theme!

Does it have the option to flip the product image when mouseover? Excellent work!

Greetings otachies,

We will add this option in our next update.


Wow! I was just days away to release a new webshop with another theme but then i saw this one. Now I don´t know what do do. This was almost the perfect theme.. I´m going crazy now..

How does this theme handle product images in different sizes? Can i make the category images higher?

Thank you for such a nice words BertelsenWeb,

1. For product page you change/adjust width and height, for other pages width is fixed and height is calculated proportionally.

2. What do you mean by category images? If you want to change product images height, you can set it in Theme Options -> Product images section.

Let the sun guides you.

I didn´t manage to wait for the answer, so I bought the theme and figured that it worked out great. What I ment was product images in category view and if the height of them would be different, but now I know that they don´t :)

wow!! amazing design and features

Thank you GGal.

Good fortune to you.

Hi, great looking theme, I just had a few questions before I buy it.

1. Does the theme support price alerts/back in stock notifications links? Do you have any examples?

2. If my shop has many root categories, will this break the theme since they will go beyond 1 row on the top menu. Or is it possible to move the menu below the logo?


Greetings tropnevad,

1. Yes, it is included as default functionality You can manage it in System > Configuration > Catalog. Products Alert section

2. No, it won’t break theme. If you have many root categories menu will goes in two rows.

Yes it is possible to move it below logo, but will require some customization.


@tropnevad 1. Yes 2. Just finished to do the same. We have too many categories too. Change the level1 in navigation to be displayed in full width, always centered.

@Queldorei Bug in product page, due to zoom cloud. Didnt waste too much time inspecting why price slider dont show. Have layered and non-layered categories, the xml block is being created…the attribute price is present, etc. Any insight?

Greetings bgaiteiro,

What kind of bug do you have in product page? Could you please describe in more details.


If cloudzoom is enabled, the product page dont load. We must fill all the options of the theme, because default values are not working. In quickstart package and upgraded site.

This pretty strange, we tested it again and it works well with cloudzoom.

If you still have this issue could you please provide a link to your website at least or maybe access to admin panel so we can take a look and investigate what cause the problem?

Let balance be restored!

@Queldorei Sorry for bumping your product feed. You made the priceslider conditional statment by name when it should be by code because we have “Price” in portuguese. So statment was FALSE for us. I corrected. Other problem was that cookie.js was corrupted but downloaded from your store. Regards

Shan’do bgaiteiro!

Thank you for bug report, we will fix it in our next update. And sorry for the inconvenience.

Elune be with you.