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Loving this theme, but I’m trying to edit it from light to dark to match my color scheme and I’ve run into a few problems. I changed all the color settings under Queldorei -> Shopper -> Theme Settings -> Appearance but a few elements (product slider, newsletter signup, login, nav mouseover) don’t seem to have changed.

Is there somewhere in the admin to modify that or do I have to edit CSS ? Thanks!

Greetings kavalleri,

Could you post url to your site and add screenshot with problem elements?


Hello! The site URL is here:


The elements I’m trying to change are highlighted in blue on this screen shot. Thank you :)


How can we add a custom link to the navigation menu?

I want to add a link to show AheadWorks blog extension, the blog url is ‘news’. After searching and trying different files, I have failed miserably :(

Would you be able to tell me the code to add a menu item ‘NEWS’ with a href link of ‘news’. And tell us which file we need to edit.

Thanks, Mike

Error on product page

Images are not showing, just the message “Loading…”. Neither other informations of the product, like prices or description.

This is a fresh new installation, the only extension installed is the language pack.

This happens whenever cloud zoon is enaabled or disabled

link: http://www.erotix.com.br/women/swimwear/produto-teste.html

Greetings marcelenomura,

It is due to low memory limit. Magento recommend to have at least 256M

Please check our FAQ – http://shopper.queldorei.com/index.php/faq/view#install_2


Please ignore my above request, I have sorted it, trawled through all the questions on here and you had already answered my question. For anyone else wanting to add to the main Navigation menu, follow this guide:



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Hi Letsmodify

Always glad to help, stop installing crap modules on your Magento!

And i am not that great!

hi, i can’t find something, want to show another picture when i make a mouseover, what i have to do?

@think-creative69 …. read the instructions correctly …. “Magento products managed in Catalog -> Manage Products. Create or edit product, go to Images tab. Select image you want to use for listing pages ( small image ). After that select image for rolloever and type ** back * in product label”

I have a problem when I have a Simple product with Custom option File. Users cannot upload files. It seems that there is some problem in Shopper template as this normally works in default Magento template. Please help.

Greetings davidtavcar,

We do not override core magento functionality. Please check magento folders permissions.

You can also try enabling logs ( System > Advanced > Developer ), try to upload file and check var/log folder for logs with errors


Problem is in your ajax shopping cart. If I disable it, customers can apply images to simple products without problem.

Greeting davidtavcar,

Thanks for bugreport. We will fix it.


Hello, I am french, excuse my bad english. I have bought this theme and try to understand how it works. I have a little problem When i desactivate whishlist module, it stay in the ul “links” a li alone
  • You can see here : http://ligue.clubsaddict.com My question : how delete this li ?

    Is it possible to desactivate this div without use display: none ? - footer-banners - footer-info Maybe it could be nice to create custom block to manipulate there block easily.

    Thanks for your answer. Stéphane

    Greetings Coachy,

    I could not see neither wishlist link nor it’s li. Did you manage to handle the issue?



    Thanks for a fab theme – it’s excellent. Sorry to add to the list of issues that are being experienced, though. They are all related to iPad & iPhone running on a site using v1.2.3 of the template.

    1. On the Sign Up/Create Account page, the “Create Account” button is too narrow, so some of the text is not displayed.

    2. The Quick View function on the Featured Products homepage module does not work. When the Quick View button is clicked the page background goes grey, but no lightbox appears with the product details.

    3. My Account Dashboard: My Orders. There’s an odd graphic over previously ordered products. It looks like a tyre track.

    4. The sign-in page on the iPhone freezes when scrolling down the page (Chrome and Safari).

    5. There doesn’t seem to be any styles associated with Opera Mini on the iPhone. Basic dropdowns and clunky buttons are displayed.

    Thanks in advance.


    Greeting thewebworkshop,

    We will check your report. Thanks.


    Hey, first of all thanks for the great theme, I totally love it!

    I wanted to share a fix for the cyrillic fonts, I noticed other people had that same problem. Currently no Google font will support Cyrillic characters (even the ones that usually do), so in order to fix that:

    - edit this file: /app/design/frontend/default/shopper/template/page/html/head.phtml - on lines 51 and 53, see where it loads the fonts and replace this: :300,400,700 with this: :300,400,700&subset=latin,cyrillic

    This will load the Google font with Cyrillic support. And you can see which fonts have Cyrillic support from here: http://www.google.com/webfonts

    Open Sans for example has it.

    And again, thanks for the amazing theme!

    My FEATURED PRODUCTS have disappeared from the homepage today. This is my site: http://thechainery.com

    I have tried index management and clearing cache. Those did not help. All products are still shown in the proper categories. They just aren’t featured on the homepage anymore.

    Greetings thechainery,

    Please check our FAQ – http://shopper.queldorei.com/index.php/faq/view#frontpage_1


    Hi, can I change slider images by uploading them via admin? Thanks

    Greetings SampiDesign,

    Yes, you can edit slides in admin. ( Queldorei > Shopper > slideshow > manage items ).


    I am getting an error “Selected default display currency is not available in allowed currencies.” I am trying to change it to Canadian Dollar.

    Greetings raajbrar,

    You need to go to System > Configuration > Currency setup and check Allowed Currencies list.


    @thechainery …..

    go to ‘Catalog’ and ‘Manage Categories’ .. then find your category for ‘Featured’ and click on this .. that at the top of the Featured category page it way state something like “Featured (ID: 109)”.

    then go to ‘CMS’ and ‘Pages’ and then to ‘Shopper Home Page – Banners’ and enter your ID number in the following line …

    {{block type=”catalog/product_list” category_id=”109” template=”catalog/product/featured_products.phtml”}}

    ... my number is 109 but yours could be anything.

    @SampiDesign ….

    yes, just to admin and select ‘Queldorei’ then ‘Shopper’ then ‘Slideshow’ then ‘Manage Slides’ and simply updload your new images and activate as required.

    the goods news is that the text and button can be simply edited in the theme .. no need to spend hours in your photo editing software doing fancy banners.

    Hi, i have two issues: 1- Change storeview/language still doesn’t work on iPad. Doesn’t anyone else have this problem?? When i click on another language, i see the url for storeview change for a split second…but it doesn’t change! Tested on my site and your demo.

    2- Can i switch up-sell products with relates products on product view page? I want my related products to show next to the description.

    Thanks! Ronald

    Greetings rj8webdesign,

    1. What version of iPad and browser are you using?

    2. This changes will require changes in layout, product template and css. Basically you need to check layout file for block names, swap it in view template and update related/upsell templates ( swap css classes to not change a lot of css ) app\design\frontend\default\shopper\template\catalog\product\view.phtml skin\frontend\default\shopper\css\local.css


    Hi Queldorei,

    1. I tested on iPad 1, 2 and 3…all with default Safari browser. i made a (not so profi) video so you can see what i see: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0rqrdqrnijblgu3/2012-11-14%2015.45.11.mov This on on a iPad3. I hope you can see the movie, not sure if you have to be logged in (otherwise i’ll upload it somewhere else)

    2. Thanks, i will give it a try. At least the answer isn’t NO ;-)

    Ishnu-ala to you too!


    I´ll need some help from you in this project, i´m a novice in Magento. But i was sucessfull in install your Theme and everything looks fine. Now i need to make the localization from your theme for Brazillian Portuguese.

    Can you give me a hand to know where i can find the files i´ll need to modify to translate the Theme?

    Thank you very much.

    Greetings firerhuber ,

    1. Go to “System > Configuration > Developer”

    2. in the “Advanced” menu the select “Translate Inline” and set enable Frontend to “Yes”

    3. go to your website and a series of dotted boundaries will of appeared on the pages

    4.if you hover over and a small “book” icon appears, this means you can edit this…live … in the web browser and change it to whatever you wish, press Save and refesh to view changes.


    Greetings firerhuber ,

    1. Go to “System > Configuration > Developer”

    2. in the “Advanced” menu the select “Translate Inline” and set enable Frontend to “Yes”

    3. go to your website and a series of dotted boundaries will of appeared on the pages

    4.if you hover over and a small “book” icon appears, this means you can edit this…live … in the web browser and change it to whatever you wish, press Save and refesh to view changes.