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I’ve been working with the banners directly under the slideshow. The default setting is the two banners; however, I would like to have 3 banners displayed. I understand from an earlier post that the template is based on the grid system and than I need to change the code from grid_6 to grid_4. I have made the change and the 3 banners are now displayed.

However, the problem comes when the site is minimized due to the responsiveness of the site. When the site is minimized to less than 1000 pixels wide or so, the 3rd banner drops down leaving 2 small banners on top and 1 on the bottom, which is justified to the left side. This would make sense if the site was minimized to such a level that the 3 banners could no longer fit on a single line, but the 3 banners have plenty of room to all be on the same level at 1000 pixels wide. Is there something that is making the 3rd banner drop? For instance, when I look at the site in landscape on an ipad the 3rd banner is dropped down. Again, there is plenty of room for them all to be displayed on one line.

Thanks a lot for the support.

And, another note, I also would greatly appreciate a better explanation on how to make the full slider image a link without the need for the button. Thanks.

Greetings jwcolli,

Please send a link to your website via form at our profile.


I’ve sent a message to you through your profile’s email function. Thanks.

@firerhuber … isn’t it in the standard theme … local.css?

(the full path to this file is in the threads/FAQ/etc.)

Great theme! Thanks alot Queldorei

love it

Thank you too nurulitong! Glad you like it :)



I have tried everything but it seems that beeing new to magento doesn’t help. Can you please tell me how I can get you services for an installation.

Best, Bogdan

I love this template and would considering buying it if following could be changed.

On the home page is is capable to have layout like this one – with the big images for each category instead of slide show? (choose category thumbnail option)


Greetings Globo_Logic,

Our frontpage is CMS page, so you can edit it content in editor and place you images with links to categories as you want.


*Search Box*

Is it possible to just add some “TEXT” to the left side to say “SEARCH” like on my picture as it would help with customers who cant find the search box ???? See visual picture here… http://www.kingcobradistribution.co.uk/uploads/searchbox.jpg

Greetings Rikgb,

It is possible, but not that easy, you need to change menu width, edit css, update styles to use options from admin for text, etc. It can be done as paid customization.


Hi there, I am thinking about purchasing this, but I have absolutely no idea how to install it. Would you able to install it for me via TeamViewer?

Greetings brunocrosier,

Installation service – $50 single fee. You can make a request for customization or installation via form at our profile or website. http://queldorei.com/


Hi, how can I upgrade an existing installation of the Shopper theme to the new version with Lightbox and keeping the current configuration of the theme?

Greetings etiennex,

FAQ : http://shopper.queldorei.com/index.php/faq/view#install_3

Also, if you just override files, configuration won’t be changed.


I Have a few problems

1. how do edit the contacts and information in the footer i cant find any links in the shopper back panel, 2. I cant get my full copyright tag to fit in the footer because the copyright section and info pages are in the same place 3 the EU cookie law popup has stopped working im using the magento default 4. the site does not fit in ie9 5 how do i remove the custom block

Does this theme not have unlimited static block positioning ? the default codes don’t seem to work, Im trying to add payment images in the footer and its not working I cant find a link to the custom block in the main menu how do i remove it?

Greetings AKGT ,

Please refer to documentation – List of theme Block. There you will see list of theme blocks and their titles – you can find them in CMS > Statis blocks.

Custom block in menu has “Custom block” title and id = “shopper_navigation_block”


I have just downloaded the new update 1.3 – and still shows 1.2.3 in admin and nothing in admin has changed – “Queldorei.com Shopper v1.2.3”

Where’s the 1.3 :(

Cache was flushed etc….

I dont think the updated files downloaded in the zip !!

The folder is called 1_3_1 – the changelog mentions 1.3.1 alt 13 November but when I look in admin all seems the same and shows 1.2.3 at the top in admin, theme setting…. ? Am I missing something…

@Rikgb .. my update was perfect & easy .. i just dropped the 1.7.XX folder into the root of my website to merge the folders of app & js & media & skin (obviously excluding the ‘patch’ folder) and the job was done.

@Rikgb … by the way, can you please re-read your post above. do you think you included sufficient information to enable people to help you? ie do you think it would help if you explained your process on how you installed the 1.3.1 upgrade?

sml12 I did just the same as you but nothing changed ! – will try again….

Have upgraded before along the way twice without an issue…:)

Got it working ok :) on new blank site but still need to apply it to an existing “Shopper” themed live site…

Greetings Rikgb,

Are you using “Compilation” feature? If yes, please, run compilation process again.


Hi! Does this template has a blog page? Thanks

Greetings briewest1,

No, but you can use blog extensions from http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/


@briewest1 …. this was answered a few pages back … the answer is no … Queldorei posted the link to that popular free Blog on Magento Connect.

I am using 1.3.1 and just set-up my category pages to have x4 products …. there is a problem in IE8 , that the aspect ratio of the product photos are now distorted :( .. they are stretched too tall.

Greetings sml12,

Thank you for bug report. We will fix it asap. And sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey Mate – I just figured out how to get this working with the Enterprise edition… email me if you want the details!