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I still don t understand why no image (logo, slider image etc) is showing on my website. the .htaccess file has not been change.

I did follow the same steps to upload expl the logo: img src=”{{media url=”queldorei/shopper/[your_logo].png”}}” alt=”” />


check it out please and thank you. -> www.millideal.ca

Hello, I like this theme and the fact that you support people with problems they encounter. I will buy this theme tommorrow :)

Greetings lilac_dropz,

Thanks, Glad you like it :)

Elune be with you.

If this was asked before, sorry that I am asking again!

How do I edit the links in the footer of the Shopper theme, such as:

‘About Us | Delivery & Returns | Terms & Conditions | Contact Us”

Also how do I edit the footer widgets above; Facebook, Twitter, Information, Contacts. Especially “Information” as I would like to replace that dummy content with real content.

Lastly how can I remove, or add sidebar blocks on category view and product view pages: For example, if I wanted to remove or replace another static block “Community Poll”, how do I do that?

Thank you so much for your help on this.

Greetings raajbrar,

Footer links is located in static block “Shopper Footer Links ” Facebook and Twitter is not edited, but you can replace them with your own static block ( Theme Options > Social )

Other 2 blocks can be edited from admin. Check documentation for blocks location and names.

You can enable/disable and update order of sidebar blocks in Theme options. If you want to replace it with your block you need to update layout file (app\design\frontend\default\shopper\layout\local.xml). Please check this article to get the idea – http://www.hostknox.com/tutorials/magento/remove-default-blocks/manual-removal


Thanks Elune, I worked out most of the stuff. I will read up on the blocks post.

I have another question: How do I disable or remove “As low as:” option under certain product items?

Link: http://www.fashionstylemag.com/shop/women/shoes.html

Hi raajbrar

Usually “As low as” price appear for products with tier pricing. If you remove it and still see this price – try to reindex data ( System > Index management ) and clear cache ( System > Cache management )

Great theme. Just bought it a few days ago. One question.

I have 2 stores setup. How do I make sure that logo and footer are different. I can change the home page but header and footer remain the same

Thanks in advance

Greetings drkimv,

Logo and footer blocks are static blocks. To have different blocks for different stores you need to:
  • select first store view for existing block
  • create another static block with same identifier but different content and assign it to 2nd store


thanks so much

First at all, great theme. Really happy with it.

I have a couple of questions regarding changing text. I am using a translate.csv version to modify some text strings on the website but I am not able to change the main call to action or buttons text.

It is possible to change this text via the translate file or I will need to modify the individual files.

I would like to change the text for: product grid buttons: Add to cart Add to wishlist Add to compare

On product view I would like to change “Add to cart” to “Add to basket”

I would like to be able to make the changes on the translate.csv file rather than have to modify multiple files and avoid update problems in future updates.

Thanks in advance and continue with the superb work.

Greetings raimundo,

Letter case is important. Please check if you have correct letter case in translate file.

“Add to Cart”

“Add to Wishlist”

“Add to Compare”


Is there a chance we might see iosslider included in the theme? It really is an amazing feature for touch screen devices.

Greetings neo_one,

Unfortunately iosslider is not free. It require license for commercial projects.


When persistent shopper is enabled login link disappears from the header.

Thank you for your response. If its working on your end, it must be something I must have done. I have only one extension loaded. I will try to find where the link problem generates and post it here so nobody else makes the same mistake.

Hi coskunbesler

Try to check extension layout files for lines like
<action method="removeLinkByUrl">

Thank you for responding and the the tip. The problem is gone. I disabled the persistent shopper, logged in the frontend and while logeed in I enabled the persistent shooper. I looged out from the frontend and the login link was there. I don’t know if its a bug in Magento or something. Anyway I updated to your latest version and everything is fine.

Hi I would like to know how can I choose the sideblocks whem making a new page with “2 coluns with right bar”, by default you have the my wish list and past order side blocks ana I would like to choose other blocks. thank you Ricardo Espada

Greetings RicardoEspada,

Since we using left column layout we move almost all blocks in left column. You need to update layout ( app\design\frontend\default\shopper\layout\local.xml ) to move / copy blocks to right column.



How do I change the color of the buttons in hover? Searched trough css but no luck.


Greetings SampiDesign,

Check skin/frontend/default/shopper/css/local.css

Look for

button.button:hover span


Hi buddy…

Nice theme........my friend....In this theme i want to SEO navigation plus extension in left side.I purchase from this site(http://www.manadev.com/). but it won`t worked in this theme.please guide me....i need immediate reply from you....

Thank…......my friend

Hey, just a quick shout to say we absolutely love you theme but we are new to Magento and usually develop in ASP .NET.

The problem we are having is that some items don’t appear to change even though we have cleared all cache through the CMS , as well as this we have tried clearing all the files stored in var/cache.

We have changed the main theme color and it has picked this up on the homepage but none of the internals. Yet if I change the colour of the toolbar text and background color it is picked up across all pages!

I have to let you know we are working locally on a windows machine.

Thanks in advance,

Greetings nialmcshane,

Color options do not work on all internal pages? Or only categories? Could it be that you setup color schemes for categories?



You have 2 layout options – 2 banners above and the other is a banner on the right (like a column). Is it possible to merge these layouts so we have a layout with a right column and the 2 banners directly underneath the slider?

Also, does the logo have to be fixed in size to 194×33 for the menu to remain aligned vertically in the middle or can we have a custom height without affecting the layout of the menu?

I am on the verge of buying this, just wanted these questions answered first.

Greetings tal1481,

1. Yes, it is possible but require some custom work.

2. Right now it is not aligned vertically. It will be fixed in upcoming update.


Hello again,

Could you help me with the custom work? Is it is as simple as a new CMS block?

When will the update be ready for the vertically aligned menu to logo?

Hello Queldorei, i’m back with a 2 questions. I did some customizations to CSS : http://site.ilcucchiaiodilegno.it/ I have a problem with the pages of a certain height such as the home page, if I scroll down with the mouse, the page is flickering. The other issue is the disappearance of the text next to the slider when i resize the window to simulate a mobile device many thanks Maurizio

Greetings moforiborere,

I’ve checked your site and do not see any flickering.

What browser and OS are you using?


Hello, I’m using Windows & Mac: Windows XP Pro, 1280×1024: - Google Chrome 23.0.1271.64 m - Safari 5.0.5 (7533.21.1) - Firefox 16.0.2 - IE 8 .0.6001 (works, that’s incredible!)

Mac Book Pro, 10.6.8, 1280×1024 - Google Chrome 23 - Safari 5.1 - Firefox

I think the problem is in js function “header_transform” that add fixed to the class “header” The other problem is the text in the “content” that disappears (display: none) as you resize the window

thanks Moforiborere


Can you disable fixed header ( Theme settings > Design – Enable fixed header = No ) and check if problem still exist? Clear cache if it is enabled.


Color option in theme settings are not getting updated. Everything else in theme setting is working perfectly.

I had to change permissions (to 766) to folders/file in magento root directory. Could that have done it?

Greetings drkimv,

1. Please check that you do not override theme colors on another scope level like Website or store view ( more about scopes – http://shopper.queldorei.com/index.php/faq/view#basic_6 )

2. Please check FAQ – http://shopper.queldorei.com/index.php/faq/view#features_7


@jwcolli Thank you for the advice :)

This is by far the best theme for magento. The theme looks great on all devices. The support is incredible. The author always responds to all emails and comments and is open to feedback. They try their best to help out where possible. We have instantly received lots of great feedback after using this theme. This theme makes all aspects of the front end look great. Custom fonts, colours and lots of settings that can be changed.

Queldorei thank you for all the work and effort gone into this theme. Hope it hits the number 1 spot on theme forest. I highly recommend this theme to everyone. For those of you hesitating to purchase, you are silly not to. Great support, great theme, lots of settings.

To view our final version of the site see Discount Perfume – Fragrance Fanatic


Is there any way to disable the theme’s custom checkout pages? I am having some trouble getting it to work with another extension. It would much easier if I were able to use magento’s default onepage checkout instead.

Greetings wrseward,

We do not use custom checkout pages. It is just reskin of existing pages. To remove it please remove - skin\frontend\default\shopper\js\opcheckout.js - app\design\frontend\default\shopper\template\persistent\checkout\ - app\design\frontend\default\shopper\template\checkout\onepage\ - app\design\frontend\default\shopper\template\checkout\onepage.phtml


Top job. Loving this theme!


Excellent theme! I have a slight problem. When I change the appearance settings in Admin, the changes do not show up in the front end. I want to change this colour pale blue colour to some redish colour.

Also the big image in the slicer does not resize if you shrink the browser. So it won’t work properly in iPad, iPhone.

Your example on ThemeForest does resixe properly, si I guess something is not configured correctly.

This is the url – http://www.zelas.co.uk/shopper/

Hi plamenski,

Regarding theme color – please check our faq – http://shopper.queldorei.com/index.php/faq/view#features_7

Regarding slider resize – i do not see any bugs on your site. What browser are you use?

Hi buddy….......

Excellent theme man.......
I need quick login in toplink icon..........how to fix it...........please help me.......

Hi viveksaran,

I do not understand your question. Can you explain in details what are you trying to do?