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I have purchased this theme and I must say you have made an extraordinary job. Although I have one question. How can I allocate my products on home page into 2 rows with 4 products? This layout was used by default before I accidentally broke it.

Hi dekanu,

Please post a topic with your issue at our help forum and our support staff will do its best to help you. http://help.queldorei.com

I purchased this theme and installed it yesterday but “add to cart” does not work on install. I checked your help forum website and it looks like this issue happens with a lot of people on but there is no solution posted on your forums. I emailed yesterday but haven’t heard back and would appreciate some help.

thank you very much.

Hi seahorse402,

We will check your issue asap.

Thanks, I just installed the new updated version hoping that would help, now when I add to cart a message shows up saying, “Requested JSON parse failed.” AJAX error

thank you for your help, the AJAX error was a result of a previous theme we had installed. Support helped me locate the file and all I had to do was delete it and the cart worked, Queldorei has great support so far, thank you

Hi, Seems very nice theme. I would like to purchase this theme but before i want know if we have an option of order tracking or order status for customers…

Hi starsolution,

There is no such functionality by default. You can try to develop a custom extension or search on magento connect. For example – http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/order-tracking.html


I wonder if it is possible to change the payment method for the Brazilian currency, you have the option to include forms of payment in installments.

Hi togecc,

Magento has a wide range of supported currencies. Check this article – http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/managing-currency

Installed 1.5.4 on 1.5.2 with Magento 1.8.0 error – Requested JSON parse failed when adding to cart

Hi mr_raven,

Please use our help forum http://help.queldorei.com

Does this theme support payment through visa and mastercard? Thanks?

Hi maoniu

Please check our FAQ – http://queldorei.com/faq.html#payment_1

How can I set different sizes for different images in products ? For example, in Product 1, I want the images to have dimension of 400×466, but in product 2, I want them to have dimension of 450×300.

How to do that as I cant see the option for it ?

I can only see the settings under “Product Images” but these settings apply globally to all images. I dont want a white space box in my product page and then images scaled in it. The box should be the same size as the image dimensions.


Also how can I adjust the image size in category page ?

Bug question – When a product has custom options, the “Add to Cart” button position is not correct and goes below the product image.

Hi batmannavneet

1. Shopper does not support variable image size for different products. It’s require custom work.

2. Image size in category pages depends on theme settings. It can be square ( default values ) or it can have same aspect ratio as main product image ( width will stay the same, height will be recalculated. ) You can also change number of products per row in theme settings ( “Catalog” section )

3. Product with custom options – This is controlled on product edit page.

Go to Catalog > Manage product, select product Switch to Design tab and check that Display Product Options In = Product info column

For further assistance, please, use our help forum – http://help.queldorei.com

hello, i am using this theme in magento platform. it is working fine in local server but gives error in live domain. i have configurable products and i cant view any page related to product. it gives error as Fatal error: Call to a member function getProductAttributes() on a non-object in /home/draft/public_html/babydino/app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Model/Layer.php on line 119. i dont know what is happening. please help.

Hi magnuseggers

Please use our help forum http://help.queldorei.com

I have problem after the installation, I posted in your help forum but no answers till now.


Hi mustafakilou,

Sorry for delay, just back from holidays. We will check it asap.

Kind regards

Hi guys,

I have been using shopper theme for a while and after upgrate to Magento 1.8.1 from 1.7.1 my customers could not log in in the frontend anymore.

The issue seems to be related to a missing “form_key” in the theme files.

Here is an explanation and the way I fixed it http://blueclawecommerce.co.uk/blog/fix-customer-cannot-login-to-magento-1-8-1/

Hope it helps

Hi diazwatson,

We’ve already released new version with patches for 1.8 and 1.8.1 You can download it from your account.

Please use our help forum for further assistance – http://help.queldorei.com

Kind regards

Thinking about purchasing this template, but i am wondering if it is possible to change template name?

I mean change folder names like this:




Hope you understand :)

Hi puntable,

Yes, of course it’s possible. You can change template name and skin folder.

If you want to completely change branding – you’ll need to rename queldorei folders, classes, check the code for class references, check the scripts and slideshow, cause it saves slides to media/queldorei.

Please use our help forum for further assistance – http://help.queldorei.com

Kind regards

Firstly, a great theme!

Question is

I turned the site from right to left (Hebrew), and now, I can’t turn the menu in the header. for now, i did it from local.css ( 2nd Level queldoreiNav ul) but menu is still not correct, as I understand it, the values should be set in the javascript, were i can find this script ?

Hi ikakey

Search for
    $('#queldoreiNav li').hover( 
in skin\frontend\shopper\default\js\script.js

Please use our help forum for further assistance – http://help.queldorei.com

Kind regards

Since you don’t seem to be answering me on the support forum, perhaps you’ll grace a paying customer with an answer here…

How does one access the new “sample CMS pages” that are including with the V 1.5.4 upgrade? Is there an online sample of the pages?

Hi System6ix,

Sorry for delay, just back from holidays. We will check it asap.


Dear customers! If you encounter any problems or have questions once you purchased our theme feel free to drop us a notice at http://help.queldorei.com/

Work time: 10:00 – 18:00 GMT+1 Working days only (Mon – Fri)


Presale questions can be asked in Presale section of our forum. You don’t need to register to post in presale section! http://help.queldorei.com/categories/presale-questions


hi there, awesome theme! one question do you provide shortcodes for normal cms Content pages? best regards

and can I make as much slideshows as I want and can I Change the layout of the start page (only the slideshow and the footer) or the category page in backend (screenshot of backend?/visual designer or something)?

and when I Change the page size to watch the responsive site, the menu entry “Custom” isn´t shown in the responsive menu?

and how many different product sliders (for example staff picks) can I make?

best regards

and are category images possible in the mega menu? best regards!

Hi walter_sihga,

1. We provide shortcodes for product list block and product slider block. You can check them in theme documentation.

2. There is only one slideshow. Addind more slideshows require customization.

3. It is possible to change home page layout (only the slideshow and the footer). Regarding categories page – you can change page layout ( 1,2,3 columns ), you can add cms block instead of products, you can have cms blocks and products below it. Unfortunately there is no visual designer.

4. Custom block is hidden in responsive mode.

5. You can have as much product sliders as you want to.

6. Cloudzoom is disabled in responsive mode.

7. Related scroller support swipe. It was fixed in 1.5.3 version

8. Currently menu does not support category images.

Please use our help forum for further assistance – http://help.queldorei.com


hi there thanks a lot your your answer!

Hi Guys!

First of all, a very nice theme!! I am wondering, I only need to sell 9 products in 5 variations. Is there a possibility to have the homepage as shop and no other “shop”pages?

So my shop structure looks like this:

Product 1 – Variation 1 Color Black – Variation 2 Color White – etc. etc.

Product 2 – Variation 1 Color Black – Variation 2 Color White – etc. etc.

Product 3. etc etc.

If yes, is this also included in the tutorial how to do this or is this really easy?

Looking forward hearing from you,

Best Regards, Michiel

Hi PipiRoffa,

You can setup home page to display 9 products. It is pretty easy. But you will also have product details page, shopping cart, checkout etc.

Please use our help forum for further assistance – http://help.queldorei.com

Kind regards

Hi there,

The theme looks nice and I might be interested in purchasing it. However, I would have one preliminary question: on a category page, when mousing over a product image, the “add to cart” icon appears. When I click on it, a small window pops up saying the item was successfully added to the cart, which is perfect.

But here is my question: when mousing over a product image (and without going to the product specific page), is it possible to chose the quantity before clicking on “add to cart”, and, if so, how easy is it to add this feature to your template?

Thanks a lot for your answer.



It is possible but require custom work.

I have a question. I want to buy this template and have already seen this package with someone else but the quickstart there was version 1.7. When I now buy this template, does this include a quickstart using the new 1.8 or 1.8.1 version?

Thank you very much for your reply.

Best regards, Daniël

Hi DNC0101,

We do provide quickstart package with 1.7 It will be updated to latest version ( 1.8.1 ) in upcoming release

Hi, Seen people saying that Shopper theme doesn’t work with One Step Checkout Extensions like one of these: http://codecanyon.net/item/smartcheckout-magento-responsive-onepage-checkout/5600612

Do you think it works? Have you tested it with SmartCheckout or maybe similar onestepcheckout plugins?


Hi pickodesigns,

Our theme (and any other custom theme) isn’t compatible with all third-party extensions by default. You often (not always) need to customize the extension to make it work properly with your theme. It’s impossible for theme author to make the theme compatible with all existing extensions. Only default Magento theme is compatible with all third-party extensions, because all extensions are designed to work with default Magento theme.

Most common case is a conflict, if the extension and the theme override the same Magento template file. In such cases you need to customize conflict template and merge extension into theme template


Hello where do i change the title for Featured products and staff pick on homepage?

Hi ontwerphoek,

You need to edit Home page ( CMS > Pages ). Title can be changed in shortcode parameters.

Please check our FAQ for more info – http://queldorei.com/faq.html#frontpage_1