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Hi I am enjoying using your theme..it is great on all accounts and I have given it five stars after trying other themes.

Just one question in regards to one of the pluggins – Visual Composer – it doesn’t seem to work.

Basically it looks ok on the dashboard view however once I save – there appears to be no formatting at ll.

I have tried putting in the API key – the same one as your product and the same purchase key as your product as there isn’t a separate one.

I have used visual composer before so am aware of how to use it.Can you help with this?



Philomena! I use my own gt3 page builder for my themes, not sure about visual composer.

Yes I have been using your page builder. Realise now it covers the same thing. Thanks!

You are welcome and thanks for choosing my product.

hi i’ve got it setup so users can choose different colours and sizes but its not showing on the product page?


can you also tell me what settings we need to put into infinite-scroll to work with the theme?

Did you send your wp-admin details so that I can check it? I’m getting a lot of requests, maybe missed yours.

yes check your email, you logged in yesterday changed domain to racememeclothing.com though same details


Great so far!

Just one issue. When the home page loads, it shows the “home page” title of the page as it loads and then it loads the slider and the title page goes. Is this meant to be happening?



Sorry for all the questions. but I cant seem to find which one of the GT3 components I use to show products on my homepage?


It is very easy, please choose HTML module and add woocommerce shortcode, for example “[best_selling_products per_page=”4” columns=”4” orderby=”date” order=”desc”]”

Having more questions, please post them to my support forum. Thanks

Is this theme as per WooCommerce 2.1 standards ?

Secondly is it possible to deactivate Lightbox and instead image changes on page itself ?


Hello! When the theme was release, the 2.1 version was not available yet. The theme will be updated to 2.1 soon.

Whats about, is it possible to deactivate Lightbox and instead image changes on page itself ?

What do you mean to change on the page itself

In reply to ‘aprobert’ you say ecomm can easily be removed, this is what I want too at the moment, so that people click through to another site if they want to purchase. Three questions I’d like ask:

1. Just to confirm – a no-ecomm / no shopping cart option is easy?, so site works like a catalogue.

2. I also want to introduce a multi-vendor marketplace in a few months so a shopping cart works. Is this going to be possible using the woocommerce Product Vendors extension?: http://www.woothemes.com/products/product-vendors/

3. In both the no ecomm and ecomm versions is it possible to have a ‘send enquiry’ form on product pages which goes to the product vendor (eg 25 products from same vendor each have same recipient address). If this has to be done manually that’s ok.


1. Yes, you can build a regular site without woocommerce 2. If it is a woocommerce addon, then it will work. 3. If this option is available in woocommerce, then it will work.

Great theme! Two things I’m concerned about. On mobile/responsive version, when an item is added to the cart, there should be a link to the cart near the success message or one that is permanently accessible by the logo. Right now, you can only see the cart via the menu or by scrolling all the way down. That’s a bit inconvenient for the shopper.

Second, the formatting of the cart doesn’t look that great on mobile/responsive. Is that just my browser?

Just looking for a cleaner version of the cart before purchase. Thanks.

Hello! What phone do you test it on?

It looks the same on Chrome and IE when you collapse it down to mobile size. I also checked on an iPhone using Chrome and Safari.

Ok, there will be a fix in the next update.

Hi! Just bought & downloaded the zip file and trying to install it into WordPress. All other themes can be uploaded there easily and it works, however this zip is rejected with a non-defined error message.

I then tried to find the style.css but there is only one file like this in the plugin subfolder, that probable is not the theme folder?

How can I install the theme?

Thanks, NAthan

Just found a little explanation:

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description Shopper_Main Stylesheet is missing.

I just took the theme…zip which I downloaded after purchase, assuming that it contains all what is needed?!

Yes, please use the installable zip file + read the documentation


this theme is very fantastic cheer up for creat it

do you have any rtl.css file ?

Hello! I did not create it for this theme.

Can I change the size of your slide? like making it taller in height?

How do we update to the latest version of the slider? Thanks!

Hello! Please post all tech related questions to my support forum

Would anyone happen to have a link to a live site using Variable procs? the live one does not have this in use.

Hi i need to know if this theme don’t use ajax navigation and also if friendly SEO, and if support WMPL and also if easy to translate the cart payment in other languages

I can’t do that, because I do not have the entire wmpl pack with all the required extensions :(http://wpml.org/documentation/related-projects/woocommerce-multilingual/

If i give you all the extensions ? and you try thanks

It is not theme related issue, you have to check it woocommerce works with wmpl. You can install those plugins and check it, to make sure that everything works fine and that’s what you need :)

Hi! Thank you for your great Theme! :)

But i have a bug report to commit: If i activate the “WooCommerce german-market” http://marketpress.de/product/woocommerce-german-market/#nutzen i cannot save any settings in the “shopper” tab.

Maybe you could check this ;)

Thank you! Greets, Maggy

Hello Maggy! It is a 3rd party plugin which can affect the work of the theme.

oki doki. thank you!

Another question ;) How can i add the subline in the menu?


PAGES what we do

Hi i have instal the theme in my localhost and is not the same from with one i see in the demo is missing the banner1.jpg banner2.jpg banner3.jpg and testimonias and logo partner ?

also i can’t possible to put this banner1.jpg banner2.jpg banner3.jpg and also the slider pleases tell me

You should work fine, but some images can’t be imported, like in the galleries, others should be imported fine.

thank you for your wonderful themes .. i like it .. but i have a problem with menu .. how can i make 2 or 3 column in the drop down menu … is it ready with my themes or i have to purchase or using external plugin ??

Thanks for the plugin.

u welcome … hope to hear good news about integration

How can i add the subline in the menu? The part below the navi title.

Thank you!

You can do that via Menus section. It is a standard wordpress option.

I installed and imported the data but because it looks so my page: http://recibelo.pe/

Hello! Did not get what you mean.

As the texts are put down the menu Home home layouts

Because the slider from home (where the video out) appears to the right

Please do not duplicate the comments. It can be considered as a spam.

How hard would it be to make the navigation into a megamenu? I have a plugin from Codecanyon

If you are talking about UberMenu, I’m working on its support at the moment.

How long until it is ready. That is the one I am talking about. :)

The update will be available next week.

Hey mad_dog,

very beautiful Theme. Do you think about integrate an Mega Menu?

This will be very nice. I will buy your Theme and i´m hoping that you integrate a Mega Menu in the future :)!


Yes, the update with the Mega Menu will be available next week.

Hey Mad Dog, i purchased your theme! It is really awesome! When does release the update with the mega menu. I still waiting for this until i can get my work done.


Hello! The update will be submitted to tf today

Will you have any updates for WooCommerce 2.1..soon? Very interested in getting this theme but not willing to take a risk ;)

Hello! That version is not stable and buggy, that’s why we do not update the theme http://wordpress.org/support/topic/woocommerce-21-broken It does not work properly even on the default wp themes