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hi there fab theme, can a zoom magnify be added to the product page? also how customizable is the front page? and do u have any plans to add a mega menu with images and icons? this would be a great addition ;]

great do you have to install the zoom and mega menu? if so can you recommend before purchase thanks, also how do you customise the homepage? and can video be full screen on the slider? thanks

woops can banners be added to shop and category pages above product?

http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/shopper/product/aenean-laoreet-quam/ The zoom is available, you can click the image. The home page is created with the help of page builder http://awesomescreenshot.com/0cf2qsc7f5 It does not support fullscreen video, I mean the slider.


Is it possible to use the “shop page” without the buying features, I’d like to use it as a portfolio page with the left-sided menu to filter the elements.

Thanks :)

Hello! Sure, you can do that with woocommerce, but it requires some changes to hide the elements like shopping cart and buy button.

How come my products image is pixelated on my front end shopping page? how can I fix it?

Please make sure that you set the right image settings in the woocommerce settings panel. You can post this request to my support forum and you will be guided.

Hello, I have a few questions regarding the theme before purchase. 1. Would this be suitable for selling affiliate products? I would like to have a product page which only offers the option to buy or add an item to a wish list, and also sharing. 2. Can I have a buy it now button open a new page which will then transfer to the affiliate store? 3. I would also like to have a Pinterest Pin It button on the images, is this possible? 4. Is there an option for an email subscription pop up when arriving at the site? Thank you!

Hello! Thanks for you interest in my theme. 1. I use the standard woocommerce plugin for the online store. You can get the detailed info about this plugin and its functionality on their official website. 2. What affiliate store do you mean? 3.What images, please be more specific? 4. It is some kind of the plugin that you have to use. The theme does not have such functionality.


Facebook Like button No works in galleries page

Not shared on my wall

It can’t be shared, because the facebook shares only the pages, though it is a lightbox, not a page. That’s how the prettyphoto script works.

Then that button for it is there? if not useless. The twitter if it works


My web page can’t scroll down, on chrome navigator. I was trying in a different computers but the result is the same, cant scroll down. How can I fix it? My webpage is www.outfits.com.mx

Thanks for your help.

Hello! Just tested your site on different browsers, do not see any scrolling issue.

Hi I don’t know why but the problem it’s gone… and i just update an xml sitemap plugin.. but thanks for your support.

Nice to hearing that. Thanks for choosing my product.

im having a strange problem, im using contact form 7 and the fields placeholders are not showing, ive noticed that it actually shows for a split sec and then removed, im guessing by js…
how do i disable this and make my placeholders show?

Hello! Please put the link to your site and we will take a look.

hello , i have couple problems with this theme. add to cart button is missing unless you select a variable, and i want to change that, I could not find the php code to always display the add to cart button . Secondly, fancy box is not working for some reason, i have installed different plugins but none of them worked. Can anybody help me?

support forum does not accept my licence number , i have put every number that i have on the invoice. prettyphoto script is not working thats why i tried to integrate others but they didnt work either. can you help me?

no body buys anything because they cant find the add the cart button. i have to fix it asap.

Please make sure that you enter the correct code http://monosnap.com/image/0kGXO6MIPYj0MuwHvcVuRiI0FUiwnR.png

your template support Wordpress Version 3.9?

Hello! Yes, it is compatible with 3.9

help me pls.

1. Visual Editor – Edit Page or Post not work? 2. tinyCont – not wrok?

my site : http://kvollthailand.com/ wordpress 3.8.1 woocommerce Version 2.1.10

capture error Visual Editor – Add New Page/Post => Work http://oi58.tinypic.com/w7cx04.jpg Visual Editor – Edit Page/Post => Not Work http://oi60.tinypic.com/71l35v.jpg tinyCont – Not Work http://oi61.tinypic.com/zkj3b8.jpg

thank :( get (customer have Purchase Code)

i update wordpess version 3.9.1 it work

Thank you

Hello! Nice to hearing that.

I have a problem with the template from the GT3 Page Builder want to edit an HTML but the window is blank, when I insert a new object can enter the code you wish, but when I edit it goes blank. they should?

Hello! Please provide us with your wp-admin details and we will check it. Also, please make sure that you have the latest WordPress and theme versions.

In that email I can send?

You can send the contact form on the TF profile page. Thanks

Hello, I am trying to edit the home page. When I go to the GT3 Builder and click on the “Edit” icon, the area that needs to be edited is blank. Please advise…


Hello! Please update wordpress and theme to the latest versions.

I updated to latest versions, but still having problems…Please advise. Thank you.

Please send your site credentials and we will check it. You can send them using the contact form on the tf profile page

Hello, I’m probably totally missing something here but i’ve got blog posts running and have the feeds showing in the footer and on the home page but i cannot find anywhere to change the summary text for the post, they’re not reflecting the actual content of the post itself?

http://www.digibug.co.uk/screengrabs/Screen%20Shot%202014-07-28%20at%2010.08.36.png http://limitlesssportsnutrition.digibug-dev.co.uk/

Any ideas? Thanks

Hello! That’s the excerpt text. You can replace it to your own one.

Hi there, thanks for your reply, sorry for my delay in getting back to you. I’ve looked on the posts again and oddly there is no excerpt box for us to put any information in?

If you can’t see it, please check it in the Screen Options on the right top corner of the page.

Hi, liking the theme so far. My logo is 120px high and this makes my header HUGE. There is a ton of white space above and below my logo, can you advise how to reduce this? Thanks!

Hello! What is the link to your site?

i found it, it was in theme css

Hi, I purchased the theme and set everything up, but the gt3 page builder does not save any changes. No matter how many times I tried it does not save to the page. Same goes for the Title hide option. I am running the latest version of wordpress and also downloaded the latest version of the theme.

Please advise.

Hello! Please make sure that you have the latest theme version and wordpress and do not use any 3rd party plugins that can affect the work of the theme.

Hi, the template don’t work with wordpress 4.0 and woocommerce 2.2.2, i don’t see the list of products in admin !

If you check the theme requirements, it has not been updated to the latest wp and woo. We have a lot of themes to update, please wait till official update.

ok ty for answer = )

Done, the update has been released.

Hello, Is there such currency as the ruble? Thanks

Hello! You mean if the WooCommerce supports this currency?

I guess it is not included in the base list, but you can add it. http://docs.woothemes.com/document/add-a-custom-currency-symbol/

Is the Portfolio custom post designed differently from the others [Team etc]. I have 2 plugins installed, one to show a featured image column and the other to allow re-ordering by drag and drop. They work perfectly on all post types except Portfolio.

Hello! I do not support 3rd party plugins. You may contact the developers of the plugins.

Hi. I have spoken to the plugin developers and they say the problem is that the Portfolio slug name (port) is different from the post type name (portfolio). Can I change the slug name to portfolio? Is this something that can be easily achieved? Thanks,

Sure, you can any changes if you wish, its up to you.

Hello, some prepurchase cuestions. Is it posible kill the popup window for more views of the selected product? and that just change the main image (without popup because in mobile version it is too small, almost microscopic)

One more thing, in home page, when I click over “Zara new colecction” or “Total liquitacion” nothing happens.

Very nice template, good work here. Simple and direct. Love it!

Manuel Thanks

Hello Manuel! Thanks for your interest in my theme. 1. Do you mean this one http://prntscr.com/4ti5cy ? 2. You can link those banners to any page that you wish, just put your link.

Hi Maddog, 1.yes 2.ok

1. Yes, it is possible to disable popup in the woocommerce settings.