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As the texts are put down the menu Home home layouts

Because the slider from home (where the video out) appears to the right

Credentials means your site details, like wp-admin and ftp.

ok, please poinok, please tell me the email I sentt me to mail that information costs

The email is mentioned in the previous comment.

I bought and installed your product and see that it has many flaws.

1. The title of the menu is not set as subtitle. 2. The Sticky menu does not work, the menu stays fixed 3. Top of full width slider appears a space, not as remove 4. The Background and Background Start End does not work, get them a picture or color and always goes blank 5. In view of the products do not appear in the category, below the icon cart 6. In view of the products, the images are not changed by placing the mouse

All this works in your demo, but not on my website, it must be if I followed all the installation instructions

I will appreciate to help me, because I am several days with this problem and do not give me answers

a view: www.recibelo.pe/img/view.jpg

Hello! Yes, I noticed your review with 1 star. It looks like you either did not install the theme properly or you missed something while reading the documentation. Also, you maybe use the buggy latest version of the woocommerce. There can be a lot of reason. The thing I can confirm that the things you mentioned above are working properly.

These are the steps that follow to install the template, if these are not the steps, which are not understand

If you choose to use ftp, please do the following: please unzip the installable zip file that you downloaded from ThemeForest (shopper.zip); upload “Shopper” theme folder to the theme directory of your WordPress via ftp; log into your WordPress admin dashboard and activate “Shopper” theme in the Appearance => Themes section; once the theme is activated, you have to install the page builder plugin, please read the next step on how to install the pugin.

If you choose to use ftp, please do the following: please unzip the main zip file that you downloaded from ThemeForest and open “Plugins” folder; there you can find GT3_Page_Builder folder; you will get 2 folders inside (Documenation and gt3-pagebuilder), the plugin is located in gt3-pagebuilder one; upload “gt3-pagebuilder” to Plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory online via FTP.; log into your WordPress admin dashboard and activate “GT3 Page Builder” plugin in the Plugins => Installed Plugins section; once the plugin is activated, you can import the theme demo content.

To import the demo content, please go to Shopper theme options panel => General section and at the very bottom there is “Import demo content” button, please click it. It may take several minutes to import the entire demo content.

If you choose to use ftp, please do the following: please unzip the main zip file that you downloaded from ThemeForest and open “Plugins” folder; there you can find LayerSlider folder; please find layersliderwp-4.6.3.installable.zip file there; unzip it and upload to Plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory online via FTP.; log into your WordPress admin dashboard and activate “LayerSlider WP” plugin in the Plugins => Installed Plugins section; once the plugin is activated, you can start creating the slides. do not forget to read the slider documentation for obtatining information.

That’s correct, but it does not mean that only these steps are required to setup the theme completely like on the demo. Everything is explained in the documentation. If you provide your site credential will prove that the theme works properly.

Is there filter by size, by color feature for this theme? thanks

It is possible to do with the help of external plugins. Some of them are free and others are paid ones.

How do i add attributes to show up on the product page, such as SIZE etc…

Hello! It is a standard woocommerce functionality, please review this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qOmOIxpjDw

No one can help me to run the stars of the rating?

are not clickable http://www.tastealuxury.com/product/stephanie-vazquez-trucco3/

The theme will be updated this week.

great, thanks

Hi, Why in the demo theme pictures look good but in my look bad?

Sorry I resolve it… thanks.

Nice to hearing that.

I see in the comments, it makes note of an updated version coming soon. When will that be? If I were to purchase the current version, will I be able to download the newer version when it comes out?

The update will be available at this end of this week or the very beginning of the next one. Sure, you will get lifetime updates.

The Shopper theme for MAGENTO looks a lot different than WORDPRESS version. I like Magento one better but have WP—can I customize it to look more like the Magento one? I really like the colors, circle text areas.

Hello! Frankly speaking we do not have Magento version of this design.

Yikes! Sorry—someone else is selling it then. It’s called Shopper and looks very similar to yours :(

Hi, Does this team have a mega menu capability?

Hello! The mega menu support will be available next week. Almost finished with the integration.

Hey! I have problems with the sidebar. I have configured everything like in the Documentation and the sidebar does not appear – empty <aside class=”sidebar”> </aside> ... But my sidebar is configured and filled.

Do you know the problem? Is there a solution?

thnak you! :)

... this happens only on the shop page.

Hello! Please send your site credentials to help at gt3themes dot com and we will check it. Thanks


I just purchase it. Noticing that woocommerce version available is 2.1x, is it compatible?

Hello! The update will be available this week, it will be compatible with the latest woocommerce version.

Have uploaded the demo content and entered in our own content yet the thumbnails show as much lower quality than they should be. Is there a setting somewhere that needs changing as the images are very high quality but they are all looking pixelated, even the demo ones on the homepage etc.

Hello! Can you please put the link to your site?


Please make sure that you set the product image size. We recommend these settings http://prntscr.com/31x0th Once you set the size, you have to upload the images once again. Also, please note that theme is not compatible with the latest version of woocommerce. The update will be submitted to TF today.

I’ll ask you please fix my page template I purchased earlier this month and can not have her up and running.

First it was because it was not complatible to woo 2.1.x, after several days I sent the woo 2.0 was installed but just did not work well, came out an error message in js, then they sent me the updated template and working with woo 2.1 . x, install the template, but I am going to have problems from the beginning.

Operational need to have my web.

This hosting provider answer


Thank you for contacting us.

We suggest please check this error with your programmer.

Do let us know, if you need any further assistance.

It gives 404 Network error, though the file is right there. As I mentioned before it is not my theme related issue, if you see, the path is to the woocommerce file.

Moreover, we activated the default theme and it give the same error for woocommerce

I dont fount Demo Content. Where is?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. You have to use import demo content option in the theme options panel. Please read the documentation.


I bought this template and works pretty awsome! Thanks! Now i have a little “problem” adding multiple gallery items with the GT3 page builder.

Adding them is not a problem, but they all get the same rel: rel=”prettyPhoto[gallery1]” this way all the galleries are combined into 1 lightbox.

Is there an option to split these galleries?

Can you please put the link to the page with your galleries?

it is on a local dev server, so at this point i can not.

Its about this page: http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/shopper/custom-gallery/ only then with 2 galleries added instead of 1, lightbox will pick up photo’s from both galleries instead of just 1.

I will try to replicate this issue. In the mean time, can you please post this issue on my forum so, to keep you informed.

Hi, there is some way to hide sidebar in the product page? I want to keep showing sidebar in search results, category page and any page else.

You can’t do that, because there are no such pages, that’s placeholders.

Well, you should think about that, because in any ecommerce those pages have different sidebars.

I will submit this request to woothemes

How can I add the catalog of products with the hover image effect on my custom page? The manual not explains this. I want put a content like the “best sellers” of demo used by you.

Sorry mad_dog, is my opinion. You has a good theme here, but me like a developer think the how much easy is the life of user, much better is the theme. Remember the lot of users not has big experiences and knowledges about functionalities. Think on user first.

Understand me, you has a good theme, a basic design, a lot of cool functions, but somethings are hard and needs time to do. I rated like a user, not like a developer.

About the woocommerce module on page builder. You can insert a conditional “if the plugin has installed and activated, show this module”. If not is necessary think in other solutions.

OK, I see. I will take it into consideration.

yo mad_dog great theme, can we make the top bar sticky too with the menu

Hi! You mean the tag line with the search, phone etc?

Hi, I have a problem with your theme, the Review don’t work, I can’t see the labels near the input fields and the rating stars not are clickable.

Hello! Please send your site credentials via our contact form http://www.gt3themes.com/contact/ with the link to this comment and the support staff will assist you. Thanks

Hi, I see that this has been raised many times but I am still unable to find a suitable resolution. It is in relation to the Product images and the poor quality. I have reset image settings, uploaded the images and now even imported the sample data to see if that resolved my issue. Can you please outline the exact steps required to fix this problem.

I did not get what problem you have with the images, but you can drop us a line with your site credentials and we will check it http://www.gt3themes.com/contact/

solved it thanks anyway

OK, Nice to hearing that.