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i’m trying to use this theme on a website that uses a rather old theme now. but when i set the template in admin to shoppers-key and i go to cache management after that i get the following error

Fatal error: Class ‘Webdziner_All_Helper_Data’ not found in /home/users/kevesftp/ on line 516

Please mail me via profile so that i can check it,

Hello, Lovely Theme. Few Question before we go-ahead and buy.

1. Can the “Advanced ajax search” Search Though Category Names? as well as Product Names? 2. Can we change the “jQuery Superfish Menu” Drop down background colour? 3. Can the Shopping cart auto open when hover over the basked at the top of the page? 4. Remove £ $ € From the Top rite of the website?

Looking forward for your reply.

Best Regards,

1. Ajaxsearch use product title and description. 2. Yup you can do it from css or also we can help you. 3. No 4. Yes | For any Qs. you can mail me

I am planning to purchase this item. But I need the sql file plus all the Magento files as well so I can setup the website similar to the demo that you have shown. Their is no need to pay you extra or any installation service required.

Please let me know if you can provide the sql file and Magento files.

Thank you

Please contact me via mail so that we can discuss about it,

There is an issue with the Fancybox pop up on product page. It isn’t working on my website.

This seems to be a bug. Can you please solve this?

How could be a bug, if it is working on demo, please contact via profile so that i can check it,

It seems that i can’t use Flat catalog Product. Can you probably test those settings on your demo? I’m getting te following error when trying to view a product: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Mage_Catalog_Model_Resource_Product_Flat::getEntityTablePrefix() in /home/users/kevesftp/ on line 41682

We are already communicating on mail so please send me this via mail so that i can check it, because there is no issue with Flat catalog Product…

How do you get the related products to show up? I’ve set related products to some items but they don’t show up on the productpage….

It should be display after tabs, we have already some mail communication please reply on that mail so i can check it.

Hello – Thanks for a great theme.

I have a question – I really dont need the responsiveness, is there a way to shut is down???

Thanks :)

I replied you on mail which you sent me from themeforest profile.

hI, I am planning to buy your theme since i like yours so much better than others, but i want to find out if your theme can be used with onestop check out modules, log into view price modules etc.

or if conflict happen, would you help us to they work together smoothly?

We are not providing this module with theme, Theme is compatible with 1.6 and 1.7 so if your module is compatible with these versions that it would work, if not then you have to contact your module developer.

hi, in my case, the Navigation does not show. It is all ok, but only the Navigation is not visible – in Sourcecode it comes only, there is no Output:

  • Categories

in your documentation.html is no point for Navigation, is it right?

thx for an answer

Please send me mail via my themeforest profile so that i can check it.

oh – i found it by myself – thx for an answer

I received an email stated that the theme was updated. Can you please list what was updated so I can determine if it’s worth using the new files since it’ll wipe out my custom edits.


Dont know why you have got the mail because we have last updated minor style changes only, 1st November 2012.

okay thanks.

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I’m having problems with mobile view. The slideshow height is not getting proportional. Take a look at


Test it on iphone and android tab, its working fine, may be there was loading problem.

when using more then 1 picture for a product there is a little bug. When you click on the thumbnail of the second picture, the image switches, but when you mouseover to zoom-in, it sooms in on tehe first photo. See

Looks like you have made changes on product page or somewhere which is giving problem because theme has not problem like this, please mail your side detail where we are communicating so that i can try ti check it,

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Mage_Catalog_Model_Resource_Product_Flat::getEntityTablePrefix() in getting this message on product detail page after installing your theme. Any ideas?

where can i see the live preview of the theme ??

Is there still a demo site for this theme? What happened to the demo site? I need to see the demo site, can someone help? Thanks

will check and update you soon.

Does it work with 1.9

We have not tested it, but it will work.


Hello! In Cart the groupbased tier-price does not work correctly. It work only with the Basic-Group. With Custom Groups it fall back to Basic-Group-Prices. Can anybody help?