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Very clean and gr8 work dude.

Thanks a lot, settysantu :)

Can a custom fullscreen background be added to this theme? I would like to use a wood background design that doesn’t scroll as the background.

Yes, this can be made very easily. You just need to overlap the theme default styles, putting some code and the bottom of the main stylesheet.

Great theme..good luck! :) My suggestion as a future enhancement…which many OpenCart themes do not have is an optional countdown clock on the product page for the items that have a “special” price …

Thank you for the kind words ashmetry! Thanks for the suggestion and look forward for our next opencart theme – we will definitely implement the feature you are asking for.

Do you have a plan on when this will be? :)

We have not defined time schedule for the next OC theme yet. Most likely we will release the countdown feature as free update to the current theme, within 2-3 weeks.

Any plans to make this compatible with v1.5 when it’s stable? RC1 was released today ;)

The work on opencart 1.5 RC1 compatability has already begun. Expect an updated Shoppica version, compatible with OC 1 .5 soon after the final OC 1 .5 release.

first of all great theme I’m going to buy this later tonight. Got a question though. Is there a limit or a setting you can have of products to be viewed on a page and also so the user can toggle between certain products listed per page also?


You can limit the ‘Bestsellers’, ‘Featured’, ‘Latest’ and ‘Special’ products on the home page from the corresponding modules settings in the admin area – Extensions->Modules. You can also change the ‘Items per Page’ setting (Determines how many catalog items are shown per page – products, categories, manufacturer) from System->Settings->Option.

I fear I can’t understand your question about the toggling between certain products listed per page. What exactly would you trying to achieve ?

thanks for the reply. scroll down to bottom where it says items per page.

I got it now. Such kind of functionality is not provided from the current OC releases. It is not included as an additional feature in Shoppica theme because of compatibility reasons – we have to modify some ‘system core’ files making it very hard to make an eventual upgrade thereafter. It’s not a problem to do it as an additional development for a specific customer (like you) though. We’ll see the situation in the next major OC release (1.5) and we’ll definitely think about this feature. Thanks for the suggestions!

thanks for the in-depth reply. much appreciated. Im going to purchase the theme once i get home tonight. Would be great to have this feature in the next OC release like you stated. cheers

You’re welcome! Thank you for buying our theme. If you have any questions or issues, do not hesitate to contact us.

I like this theme very much, do you port to other cart system?

The porting to other ecommerce systems is not on the schedule yet. We’ll keep you updated if there are any news about this. Which other cart system are you asking for ?

Do you have CS-Cart version on this?

Great template! I do get the following notice however.

Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Argument is not a string in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 36

And another one here:

Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Argument is not a string in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 69

Is this something to worry about or… ?

When I’m not signed in, I get the following notice on the store front:

Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Argument is not a string in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 7Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Argument is not a string in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 36

Hi, thanks you for your comment. It is not really an issue. The notice is showing because you have not set any payment or banner images. This is not affecting the theme’s functionality. These PHP notices are for development purposes only and they must be disabled on production server because they expose security vulnerabilities.

I offer you several solutions:

1. For the time being you can go to System->Settings->Server and set Display Errors: No

2. You can send me PM and I will send you the changed files that will prevent this notice from showing again

3.You can wait and download the updated version that we’ll release later today or early tomorrow. It will contain several other minor updates/fixes.

We have released a minor update – Shoppica 1.0.1 You can apply it and your notices should dissapear. If not, please contact us.

Works great with the new release! No more notices.

Really great theme! The design is awesome and there are plenty of unique features! Great work guys, keep going!

Thanks very much drZoidberg! We appreciate your comment!

Nice theme, thank you !

You’re welcome Leo! It’s great that you are happy with our work!

Love the theme… In the docs there is a statement that the PSD with all the elements should be in the zip.. I doesn’t.. :)

Could the PSD still be added ?



Thanks for the purchase first.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. We are now preparing a small update that will have the PSD file included. We are doing our best to submit it today.

Quick response! Thanks..

You are welcome!

I’d love to buy a simple HTML version of this theme, as I would like to use it for something unrelated to opencart. Would you be willing to sell a HTML only version?

We have planned to release Shoppica as html template, but we need a week or so to finish it. If you don’t have a problem to wait a bit, you will be able to have it :)

What an awesome design & theme!

Keep stuff like this coming!

And welcome to TF:)



Very kind words, Onur :)

Will this update contain the countdown? ;) Can the slider be linked to an item (or a collection of items)? and possibly display these items instead of just static pngs?

You can set as slideshow either static pictures (with or without link), or products from the store inventory.

You can see the products slideshow here:

We are planning to develop such a clock as update, but in two or three weeks at least.

Thanx ThemeBurn,

awesome design and functions!

Maybe a silly question:

after installing the theme and changing the colors how to lose the control panel?


Thank you very much for the kind words! This is not a silly question by no means.

If you log out from the admin panel, your color control panel will disappear. Sadly, it will appear again when you log in to the admin. We weren’t able to resolve this issue due to a limitation in the opencart architecture. A temporary solution is to erase your browser cookies. Then the color control panel will not appear even after you log into admin. Another solution is just to close the color panel from the close button in the upper right corner. It will remember its closed state through the site, but you will continue to see the small band on the left side.

In the next update we’ll try hard to figure out a better solution. Is this a major issue for you ?

Please, download and apply our latest version of Shoppica – 1.0.2

We’ve added a button in the admin CP – `Remove Color Schemer from Frontend’. It is placed next to the ‘Launch Color Schemer’ and appears only if your Color Schemer is visible on the site. After clicking ‘Remove’, the Color Schemer will dissapear until you ‘relaunch’ it through the green button.

Hope this resolves your issue.

Best wishes,

Thanx for your answers. I will download the update and test it.

I am brand new at this. I uploaded the folders from the Files to Upload section but when I go to my OpenCart Admin page, there is no Shoppica Module available. Please help.

Hi SigEpKleiner! Thank you for purchasing our theme!

Are you sure you are looking at the right place ? Did you check the Extensions->Modules men ? You coppied the files from the package and still no ‘Shoppica Theme CP’ module there ?

Very clean and awesome theme! I just purchased it but want to know if you have any “page templates” I had a page to display the newest products added to the site. Needless to say, if I try to access the page with this theme, the page is messed up, i.e “Notice: Undefined property: Document::$shoppica_layout_type in..” etc, etc, etc.

Can you assist me in the right direction to allow my custom pages to be viewable once again?

Thanks for the theme and the help!

Is everything else (all other pages) working fine ? As far as I understand your custom page is an additional functionality not present in the default opencart installation. Is this true ?

All other pages of the the theme run great! And yes, the “New Products” page is an additional functionality not present in the default opencart installation. You can view the demo site here. You can view the “New products” here.

The problem is not the theme, it runs great. My problem is implementing it to a custom page that I built.

Hi again, thanks for the information.

As stated in the docs – we can’t guarantee that the theme will work with custom opencart modifications.

Despite all, we tested the theme with several custom modules and everything worked fine. We can’t predict what your custom modifications are, so you could PM to us the changes you made (your latest products module) and we’ll see if there isn’t a bug in Shoppica or you made something wrong.

Kind regards, ThemeBurn Team.