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One other thing, when i try to view my products in list view, i get this: Error: Table ‘tablename_’ doesn’t exist Error No: 1146 SELECT product_id, description, meta_description FROM oc_ product_description WHERE product_id IN (1,2,3,4,5) AND language_id = 1

I changed my table name to tablename for this discussion.

Hi again, as we mentioned in previous mail, please PM to us your custom files and we’ll see if we can figure out the problem.

Thanks for the fast reply! Great theme and great support! I will pm you shortly with info. Keep up the great work guys!

Thanks AliA ! We value your opinion very much!

Great Template, is the HTML also available? – To migrate the template to another shop system?

Hi mdvaive! Thank you for your comment!

Currently we haven’t extracted the HTML files from the system.

We have planned to release Shoppica as html template, but we need a week or so to finish it. If you don’t have a problem to wait a bit, you will be able to have it :)

Perfect guys! Love to see the html version as well..

Thank you peterberkenbosch!

We are working hard on the HTML version!

Wow! This is definitely the most advanced Open Cart template that I’ve seen around. Looking forward to purchasing in the near future (when a stable v1.5 is released). Great work!

Thanks philbydevil!

We’ll try very hard to release an update as soon as possible after the 1.5 official. We are cooking other great things as well :) Stay tuned!

Best wishes by ThemeBurn team.

I couldn’t wait… I wanted to have a play around with this great theme so I thought I would use the current version for another project I’m working on. Nice and easy to install!

Just sent a support email guys, btw I would have rated this 10/10 if the option was there.

Keep up the great work! :smitten:

Hi cadunbar! Thanks for your kind words and for the high rating of our work :)

Just to confirm here, we have replied to your support request through PM.

Best wishes,

Hi how do I disable a product to show on the “latest products” extension on the homepage but the product can be seen in the products page.

I understand that this issue is not related to your theme but if you can advise, I would appreciate it. Thanks and I love your works.

I don’t think that at the moment you can remove something from latest products. The only workaround I can think of is to add this product first and then add enough products to push the first out of latest :)

The module just takes the latest entries in the catalog.

Did you encounter any issues with IE9 ?

Store is not working at all when viewed with IE9 and shoppica theme enabled…

Hi throdo, thank you for buying our theme. We have tested the theme with IE9 and we didn’t encounter any issues.

Do you see the same issues with IE9 here – ? Can you provide us the link to your shoppica installation (better by PM) ?

Great theme! I can’t wait to see the HTML version guys.

Thanks bsavas!

We are working hard on the HTML version!

Ive encountered a couple of problems so far when looking at in IE9

1.On the slider, the images in the circle are not appearing and the scroll buttons are not working

2. If I click on any item and then c lick on additional images, it takes me back to the home page

These two issues are OK on FF 4 .01 and on google chrom 10.0.648.204

It is strange, because we didn’t notice bugs like this, when were testing on IE9 …

I realized that my issue is not IE9 but rather the color picker.

Everything works fine until I click the color picker from the module settings.

The color picker never loads and the store is not accessible unless I restart my browser (session destroyed).

Thanks for your previous responce!

Did you put the latest version of Shoppica (1.0.2) We tested in all major browsers IE 7 +, FF 2 +, Safari, Chrome, Opera and we haven’t noticed bugs like that.

Could you, please, provide more details about installation, php version and the steps you did that provoked the error? Or website address on PM.


Can you add options to a product so i can see how they are displayed on the product page and in the cart. I also don’t see where coupon codes go on the cart page.

Hi cfranklin!

We have set up an product with options – A screenshot of the ‘apply coupon’ page –

Have a nice day!

The position of header navigation is misaligned when viewing in IE6 . I need to know if this is easy to fix cause parts of my target users still using IE6 :(

And BTW did you removed the ColourPicker/StyleChanger at the left?

Hi cacophony!

Sorry, but we do not support IE6 as you can see in the list of supported browsers. Yes, the StyleChanger has been removed temporarily, but we will enable it within a few hours.

Kind regards, ThemeBurn Team.

The StyleChanger is available now.

I am translating to Portuguese – Brazil. I created a folder “portuguese” I translated all the files located in FILES _TO_UPLOAD\catalog\language\english and copied them to portuguese.

Renamed english.php to portuguese.php.

But something happened that all my button’s captions are like this:

BUTTON _ADD_TO_CART or BUTTON _GO….not showing the caption, but the variable name.

What have I done? lol

Hi wagner_bts! Sorry for the delayed answer.

The shoppica theme ships its own language files only.

What you need to do: 1. Download the Portugese language pack- 2. Copy your translated language files from FILES _TO_UPLOAD over it

Hope this helps.

Regards, ThemeBurn Team

Very nice theme!

Is it also possible to disable the shopping cart? So you can only display the products and prices?

Nice work!

Thank you Grafischlab!

We will include an option to disable the shopping cart in the next minor update (it will be released today or tomorrow morning).

How to as “not hide” search bar? I do not want to have to click to show the search bar, I wanna keep it fixed!!

Hi Deny,

The current design of Shoppica theme is with interactive search and there is no option to show it. Maybe in the next updates we will redesign the header a little bit so you can choose you element positions.

Regards, ThemeBurn team

Hi, Is there a way to remove: © Copyright 2011. Powered by Open Cart. Shoppica theme made by ? Thanks


You need to edit footer.tpl.php on row 158. The file is located in /catalog/view/theme/shoppica/template/common

First of all congratulations, great work, hope more people buy that fine work of you and i also put you already 5 stars :)

I had the same problem with wagner_bts and i see in your last update you have fix it, but still you miss a tiny thing, in this 2 lines in catalog\view\theme\shoppica\template\common\header.tpl

in case you work with more that one language you must change also the strings for to be correct the buttons.

WRONG <div class="align_center clearfix"> <a href="&lt;?php echo HTTPS_SERVER; ?&gt;index.php?route=checkout/cart" class="s_button_1 s_secondary_color_bgr s_ml_0"><span class="s_text">View Cart</span></a> <a href="&lt;?php echo HTTPS_SERVER; ?&gt;index.php?route=checkout/shipping" class="s_button_1 s_secondary_color_bgr"><span class="s_text">Checkout</span></a> </div> CORRECT <div class="align_center clearfix"> <a href="<?php echo HTTPS_SERVER; ?>index.php?route=checkout/cart" class="s_button_1 s_secondary_color_bgr s_ml_0"><span class="s_text"><?php echo $text_cart; ?></span></a> <a href="<?php echo HTTPS_SERVER; ?>index.php?route=checkout/shipping" class="s_button_1 s_secondary_color_bgr"><span class="s_text"><?php echo $text_checkout; ?></span></a> </div>

Well, thank you very much Grphoto – both for buying our theme and for the important suggestion! We will include the fix in our next minor release which should happen within 24 hours.

We are preparing a major update also – with some new features to come.

Have a nice day!

Hi Themeburn, Just a quick question, I run Opencart with a custom theme running on it, I understand from what I’ve read that Shoppica theme quite rightly requires a clean install of How can I transfer my shop across to the Shoppica theme with the least of fuss and downtime?

Thanks in advance


Hi kdav19!

As far as I know, the uprgade from to should be painless (according to the release notes). The problem is with the custom functionality of your theme – I do not know if it overlaps some core files to guarantee you smooth upgrade.

The most reasonable way would be to enable your default theme, to upgrade opencart to and then to apply the Shoppica theme ontop. To make this happen without having downtime, this process should be tested on a 1:1 copy of your current shop (for example on subdomain or another server). If everything works fine, the copied directory should be exchanged with the source directory and you won’t have downtime.

If you need assistance, please send us a PM for custom modifications conditions.