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never mind, my bad. sorted it.

Glad you sorted it out karlgibbs!

Thank you for buying our theme and for supporting our work!

Best Wishes, ThemeBurn Team.

firstly Thank you so much to meet this awesome theme! but i couldn’t find to change the “Cart” name? and the cart items? , want to change it to us national names.Could you help me pls then?

note : it’s not open cart module , just theme cart.Thank you so much..

Hi unsound,

You need to change header.tpl.php – row 180 – the file is located in /catalog/view/theme/shoppica/template/common.

P.S. Thanks for the purchase :)

Regards, ThemeBurn team

hi man thanks again for reply my question. but i have problem too , i installed to the this but i thought something mistake for IE. i can’t see the effects and other css. my IE version 8.0 am i made something wrong? Thank you so much brother.

Hi again unsound!

Sorry, but some this is advanced css effect which is not supprted from IE versions below 9. IE9 , FF and Chrome should have no problems.

Regards, ThemeBurn Team

Hi all,

Man this is a great theme and super easy to use. since Open Cart has not options to A/B split test product pages. And also doen’t have the option to make landing pages. Isn’t this a great feature for you guys to implement?

Hi intecept,

Landing pages are truly a great functionality, worth doing. There will be such option in future updates, eventually :)


Yes that would be great to have. You already have pages you can add of course but landing pages would be great without any side bars. just the full page to be used indeed.

Just bought this theme and very happy with it! I have a question.

The question is I tried the guest checkout. I filled out the info and noticed that you can not click continue until you check the box “Check here if you have a separate shipping address. ” and fill out the info.

How can I change this so that they don’t have to click that box of they dont have a sperate shipping address to continue. Thanks so much.

the site is here.

I tried the demo and it worked fine on the demo. So definitely something specific to my site. Thanks


I just downloaded latest version and reuploaded files via ftp. My home page is now displaying this message

Please, update your Shoppica version to 1.0.2 –

What could be the problem? Thanks

ok. did a fresh install again and found that i forgot to rewrite the index.php to home directory. Amazing theme and thanks for you help. :)

We are happy you figured it out jcavin!

Best Luck, ThemeBurn Team

Will this work for selling stocks? I love the design, and i want to sell stock images with this.

Hi I purchased and installed the template but there are a number of errors showing and it does not look like it should can you please help and advise directbu/index.php?route=common/home”>

great template by the way.

Hi bobby187,

thanks for buyng Shoppica!

I am not able to open the link you posted here. Can you please send us a PM ?

Regards, ThemeBurn Team

Hi I just purchased it today, and when I go to the website it says: Please, update your Shoppica version to 1.0.2 –

But the version is: “Shoppica v1.0.3; Documentation by “”

“Shoppica” OpenCart Premium Theme

Any ideas?

Hi mangoideas!

Please, re-download the files from your themeforest account and re-upload them to your server. This message will disappear then.

Reagards, ThemeBurn Team.

Hi there,

I just wanted to say 5* Store, I have uploaded the theme and it works no problems.

I am currently want to bulk upload my products using:

I wanted to make sure that this will work with the store?

Hi donthidethem!

I think this tool should be working with Shoppica. As far as I understood it imports/exports products. We didn’t make any modifications to the opencart product functionality, so I expect no problems.

Have a nice day!

Thanks, do you offer a service where you install this for me?


Please PM us for more details.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

I would be nice if you could comment my question if this could be used to sell images (like it emails the image or something like that).

If it works without modification, i might just purchase it – but i need an answer.

Hi pastebin,

Sorry for the late answer; we were checking the options for your requirements.

There are downloadable products in OpenCart and we think you can use it for selling photos. The only problem is that there isn’t a build in option to automatically put watermarks over image thumbnails. You could use tagging for better image description and product options for different license prices.

It is better for you however, to install the OpenCart software and check by yourself if it truly fits all your needs.

Hope we’ve helped a bit.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Hi I’m facing problem with the product slider.

1. when I choose the product slider the page just when haywire, error message: “Notice: Undefined index: intro_banner_product_id in /home/realspot/domains/ on line 144.”

2. when also the add image don’t seem to work.

This problem happen in V1.0.2 & v1.0.3

Please advise and thanks.


Hi Jeffnkg,

This notice will be fixed in our next minor release, but this is not really a bug. The notice appears because there are no chosen products for the selected category (or global).

When you choose ‘Product slideshow’ you should choose the products to rotate thereafter. Click on the green button ‘Choose Products’, then add the desired products, then click ‘Save’. Now the products slider should appear and you will se no notices. This process is described in the documentation.

Regards, ThemeBurn Team

I understand what you mean, but when I click on the green button to add product, I noticed that a list of products are already added. I even click on the add product button and nothing seem to happen, I then close the add product window, and save.

On another not, I notice the add images or upload images pop up window is different from v1.0.2 ( current I’m using v1.0.3)



Sorry, I got lost. Could you PM to us your site details, so we can login in the admin area and see what’s happening ?

Hi i bought this great template but i think it doesnt support testimonials module

actually it works but does not load shoppica module. is there any way to make this module load shoppica module?


Sir, Your theme is awesome. Landphone symbol, facebook styling is not working for me

Hi, I’m going to buy your great theme and just wondering will it be free update there after ver. 1.5 release? Thanks.

Hi umniks!

As we have written in the theme’s description:

“The theme will be updated to OpenCart 1.5 soon after the final official release. “

Greetigns, ThemeBurn Team

Hi there,

I have sent you PM about adding mods for me. I also need a graphic on the site changed. Can you please let me know if you have my PM?


Hi donthidethem!

We have received your PM and we are sending the answer right now!

Greetings from Themeburn Team

Hi ThemeBurn, thanks for the supports, I really appreciate it. looking forward to your future themes.


I just purchased this Theme and i love it! It’s just perfect and works good. No errors, that’s what I like!

Really motivating!

Thanks man!

Hello, greeting from holland we are in love with your template! atm we are working on it.

we did a clean install of opencart and after that we did upload the template.

now we noticed that our cart is spelled carttt , any idea where i can change that?

check it out at


We will fix the Carttt problem in the next update. You can easily correct it from the header.tpl.php – row 180, located in folder: catalog/view/theme/shoppica/template/common

Best regards, ThemeBurn team