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How can I make the main menu be only 2 levels?


The main menu level depth depends on the category level depth. If you have a structure of “Category -> Subcategory” only you will main menu with 2 levels.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Great template, just bought it! Any idea where I can find a colour swatch/switcher module or extensions for Opencart? I sell products in various colours and would like the image to change when a user chooses a particular colour.

Many thanks


We haven’t seen such a module; you could try to search in the official OpenCart marketplace or

If you are still not able to find we could create a custom modification for you.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

I am from Turkey Hi, health is a really cool theme on your hands. you would only request is for a few.

When added to product discount or ikon gelebilirmi our campaign.

Thank you in advance


We are not very sure, we understood your question.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team


the Facebook feed on the website, i cannot get it to look like the one on your site its pulling the website but layout not same

i have PM you also


We have noticed that problem on a few Shoppica installations, and we are trying to find out where is the problem. As soon as we fix it, we will add the fix in a update.

P.S. The facebook styling doesn’t work on a localhost.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

HI, I just purchased the theme. I really like it, however how can I make pages from information eg, Privacy, About Us show? It might be something really simple, but I just can’t see it

Thank you for your quick response. I guess I was very clear. I do know where you create the pages, but how you enable then to show on this theme. I can’t get to se how yo do that.


Informational pages appear in the information module (at the side column here e.g.

We hope we have got your question right :)

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Thank you. I found it. Great theme…

Just purchased this and installed on my fresh OpenCart install. Runs OK so far, but the Colour Picker will not work on the front page.

I have tried with IE9 , FF3, Opera 11 – but it simply will not show on the frontend.

Can you help please as this is a feature that made me decide to buy the template.

Hi Vivid_Web!

Please, check the PHP version installed on the server. If the version is 5.1.x, ask your administrators to upgrade it to 5.2+ as this is the minimum requirement for opencart. If the version is 5.2+ already, send us PM with more details (site url, ftp)

Regards, ThemeBurn team

Hi. I want to buy this theme because

- it looks awsome

- Magento is so overhelming :)

But before I but it let me ask you something. Is it possible to customize this theme so when you open category lets say :

Supplements – Trec – HMB

There is a general discription of what is listed in this category on the bottom of the page . I hope I made myself clear with my rusty english

Best Regards


OpenCart has a category description by default. In Shoppica theme it goes before products listing, but you can easily put it under products listing.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

There are few text in the code, instead of using language files. For example “Contact Us” in the footer (\catalog\view\theme\shoppica\template\common\footer.tpl), or the cart’s name in the cart menu (\catalog\view\theme\shoppica\template\common\header.tpl) Even so, I like this theme!

Thank you for your response! I’ll download the next version. :)

I’m so sorry but I have a nother localisation problem… In \catalog\view\theme\shoppica\template\account\login.tpl you’re useing jquery to validate if the email adress is valid or not… so the error message will come from jquery. There’s no way to translate those messages.



We will add this too. You can temporally localize it. Open catalog/view/theme/shoppica/template/account/login.tpl. On row 75 and 79 add a title attribute with the localization text.

<input name="email" size="35" title="error" class="required email" type="text" />

Dear ThemeBurn,

i just send you a message for some questions about language in the top corner and the slider.

Please reply.



Hi funti!

Thanks for your message, we have replied to it.

Have a nice day, ThemeBurn team

Hi ThemesBurn,

This is a really professional piece of work. Thanks.

I want to change the default currency in the admin and on the website both.

Please help.

Thanks, Ishaan

Hi Ishaan,

To change your default currency you need to:

1) Go to System -> Localization -> Currencies and set the value of the currency you want to be default to 1.0000. Recalculate the other currencies taking the value you have changed as base.

2) Go to System -> Settings -> Local -> 5th row and change your default currency.

That is it :)

Hope we have helped, ThemeBurn team

Hello Themeburn,

I have brought your theme and thin k it is great i have a minor problem that my company dosnt use the word brand. How would i change this in the menu i have changed it on the product pages. Thank you Daniel


This is one of the things we need to put in the language file. We will correct this flaw in the next update. You could change this by yourself though. Just open and edit catalog/controller/module/shoppica.php – row 544.

Note that in the next update this will be overwritten and you will need to change the language files.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Hello, The theme does not function properly with the OpenCart 1.5.0 beta release. There seems to be a lot of issues.

It loads very slowly and the currencies default to USD .

When will you announce the update for the 1.5 beta release ?

Hi Sharad!

We are not going to release an update of Shoppica for OC 1 .5 until the final official version is released. Please, do not use the current version of Shoppica with OpenCart beta/RC.

Currently we have no information about the official release date of OC 1 .5 but we guess it will be within this month.

Regards, ThemeBurn team


I’ve bought this theme and it looks awsome , i just need to fix one minor thing.

I have a lot of categories listed under Product category – what I want is to have a description of products listed within one category so lets say I open

poducts – fruit – apples

I need to have a decription of all the products listed within “apples’ category – Opencart lets you to have this description above all the products in this category – is there any way to move it below the products ?

Thank You


You can easily change the place of the description. Just open catalog/view/theme/shoppica/template/product/category.tpl, cut line 34,35,36 and paste it on row 163 (this is the row number before you cut the 3 lines)

Best regards, ThemeBurn


One more thing. Sometimes my price labels display as squares and sometimes as circles, I m not sure why is this happening , but I prefer circles :) Is there any way to fix it

Price labels use a fix for IE versions 7 & 8 to render properly price circles. If they stay squares, then there is some problem with this fix. Could you send us the site address?

Something just come up – how can you remove “model” from either store front or admin panel or both ?

Please try to answer my 3 last posts. Thanks a bunch

The model of the product appears on the default opencart installation and is not Shoppica addition. You must edit several templates to remove it from the front. Search the contents of the files in the catalog/view/theme/shoppica/ directory for the following string:

<p class="s_model"

Then remove this paragraph from the templates.

The admin modification is not easy and I can’t explain it with a few simple instructions. Either post your question in the opencart community support forums or send a PM to us for a custom development quote.

Regards, ThemeBurn team

Great theme! Really love it :)

I just have a question, that probably isn’t tottally related to your theme…

How can I add the “about page” to the top menu and the privacy policy to the footer, for example?

I think this is more of an OpenCart question that directly envovled with your theme, but if you can help me, I would apreciate it.

Forget my previous post. Just whent trhough the comments and saw how to do it…

I’m now reading them all, regarding translations.

So, I’ve checked all the posts, but didn’t found a solution, so…

How can I change the “Inside” and “brands” text from the main menu?

I think I was able to translate everything else.

Also, regarding the update, how can I make it without loosing all the changes I’ve made?

FYI , the website:


This is one of the things we need to put in the language file. We will correct this flaw in the next update. You could change this by yourself though. Just open and edit catalog/controller/module/shoppica.php – row 544.

Note that in the next update this will be overwritten and you will need to change the language files.

About the update – if you have modified template files, then you should compare your changed files with the new ones and transfer your changes to the new files or vice versa – transfer your changes (as they are not many) to your templates.

You could use an automatic comparison tool like WinMerge to compare the whole folders (new and old /catalog/view/theme/shoppica). It will highilight you the changed files only and will outline the changed lines.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Tnx!! Worked great!

FYI , I’m going to add you to my favs. loved the template.

Hello again :)

This theme is truly awsome. :)

Thanks for helping me so far I have another question – is there any way I can display Brands on the homepage ? I know I can put them on product pages – left or right column but I would like to have it displayed on homepage.


Hi again!

We have not included the functionality you are asking for. We might consider it for the next major update (1.1), but such a decision is not taken yet.

Regards, ThemeBurn tean

Hi Theme burn Thank you for helping me change the word brands in the menu. I am just wondering how i would change the colour of the text in the menu where it says the catorgy name and brands. As it is a light gray and hard to read on computers with bad graphic cards. Thank you Daniel

Hi i have tried to change that colour and couldnt find what it has changed. I also need to change the colour of the copyright text at the bottom and all the really light grays i think. Thank You Daniel

I would also like to know if you can add the dimensions onto the product page Thank You Daniel


1) In the example above, you have to put the color you like. You can take the value from the Photoshop color picker.

2) The css rule for the footer copyright text is in screen.css, line 2450

3) The dimensions of the product are only for delivery information. Unfortunately you have to put them manually in the product description.

Hope, we have helped, ThemeBurn team