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is it wordpress theme? Can I use custom links on pages, I want to change button “add to cart” to custom link to Amazon.

Hi John,

This is an OpenCart theme and it doesn’t work on WordPress. We are considering a WordPress though :)

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Its great theme i love it. I already purchased that but following all the steps and still doing something wrong as most of the images are not showing (styling images) and getting all those errors. Sorry I’m completely new to OC and your help will be appreciated here is my link

Hi meyson,

We suppose you have managed to activate the Shoppica theme (as we see no error on the page now). Maybe yo have forgotten to activate the Shoppica cp module after installation.

If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to ask.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Dear ThemeForest,

When the products are more expensive the ammount doesn’t fit the circle price tag. I’ve changed in screen.css the line with .s_price .s_currency (from 15px to 10px) but nothing happened in Firefox. When I open Chromium the prices are smaller and in the circle.

What maybe the solution for FF?


Can you PM us your website address.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Ok i did. Thanx.

Hi, I’ve already bought this theme and I think it’s amazing, but when I run Opencart with SSL enabled the browser complains about the security of pages (checkout, login pages…) because there are some links to external “js” plugins and some other links are using “http_server” instead “https_server” parameters in the php theme files. I was wondering if you could make some changes to make it possible to run that pages without SSL errors and include “js” plugins in inside the theme folder.

Thank you!

Hi Marcos,

We are now working on the next update and will consider your issues.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Is that possible to add link to Facebook page in Facebook like box? I mean there’s a text: “100 people like “shop”” I think “shop” should contain link to Facebook page

Hi Harrison,

It is a reasonable suggestion. We will think about it in the next update.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

im getting these errors:

notice undefined variable: shoppica_total_price in /home/........../common/header.tpl on line 180

what can i do??


Could you please PM us the website url and a ftp if possible.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Hi there

Firstly congrats on a very impressive Opencart theme, by far the best I’ve come across and a real testament to both your graphic design and web developing abilities!

I’ve been customising the template a fair bit for use on my website and my question was regarding the main product categories…is it possible to colour code individual categories as opposed to simply set the colour for all? By which I mean the primary colour setting in the control panel controls the colour of ALL the main categories, is it pheasable to overide these with the !important command…so that each of the categories is colour coded differently…one pink, one blue, one green etc.?

Many thanks


Hi Anna,

One of the main and most complex features of Shoppica theme is exactly the thing you ask. You can set to EVERY category (subcategory, sub subcategory etc.) different colors and different intro images.

You can make all first level categories to be different colors, and every subcategory to inherit its parent color.

In the documentation you can get a deeper explanation of the color themer possibilities.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Thanks ever so much for the extremely quick reply. I definately agree that the ability to do that when you visit each category is complex and a great addition!

What I was more specifically refering to (reading my other question back I was not clear at all!) was the main category navigation bar in the header that appears on every page...whilst I can customise the colour and detail on the category pages themselves…is it possible to also customise/colour code the catoegory’s title in the navigation bar (where upon hovering you see the submenu drop down box). Apologies if you were also refering to this in the previous reply but I couldn’t spot anything in the documentation about this.

As a seperate issue (well related to the ability to colour theme each page!)...the control panel/colour themer on the left has also stopped showing once I try and select anything other than the global option, meaning I’ve lost the ability to colour code each section. It was working before but has now stopped appearing…any ideas what I may have done to stop this working? It shows on the homepage but not on any others.

Many many thanks


Hi Anna,

If we have got your question right it is the secondary color value that controls the main (category) navigation color.

As for the problem with the control panel, could you PM us with your site URL , admin access and if possible ftp access.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Thaank you for all your help so far. I am just wondering if you would think of being able to include links in the footer. especally the email and the custom text

Thank you Daniel


For now you could only remove either copyright information or payment banners and place the links there.

We may include a more customizable footer in future updates.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team


First of all i want to congratulate you … great theme!

For some reason the search javascript does not work , can you please take a look? I can’t see any error in firebug , and the javascript and markup seem to be ok. My site is ” c a d o u r i e m m a . r o ” without the spaces.

Waiting for your opinion. Thanks!


It seems that you you are missing the shoppica.js file. It will be best for you if you reupload all the theme’s files.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

i can’t edit the color scheme, the menu doesn’t comes out, nor in Safari or Firefox….

Hi csilvad!

We have just released an update to Shoppica – 1.0.4. Please, be sure to apply it to your server as it should fix your problems with the color picker.

We would like to hear feedback from you!

Regards, ThemeBurn team

Shoppica developers team, please add function to exclude some categories from the main menu in the next release. It will be very useful. Thanks

Thanks for the suggestion Harrison. We may consider it in the next update.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Hi! I like your theme, but one detail is holding me back: It would be possible to hide the currency and language combos and have the search box visible at all times instead?


Hi! Great theme! I’m really loving it.

I did, however, notice that when someone uses the Guest Checkout they can’t proceed past the first step because First Name is a required field under “Create a Separate Shipping Address.”

Anything I can do to stop that from happening?

Sorry if you already answered this.. I browsed through the comments and didn’t see anything, but I could have missed it.



Hi Kelli,

There is a newer version, that you can download, that fixes this bug. However we are preparing a more newer version if you could wait a bit. We are doing our best to submit it today.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Dear ThemeBurn. Your template is awesome.

It’s just perfect and works good ( first version but any bugs detected ….at this time ). :)

I translate it in french.

I put one facebook like button for each product and custom one of your module for Google Map.

You do great Job !

Now, i hope i will sell a lot of Licence of your template with my customers !

Ben :winktongue:

sorry for my bad english.


Hi Ben,

Nice changes :) We also hope you will have a big success with your customers :)

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Any timeline for a pure HTML version? Thanks


The html version should be ready in 2-3 days most.

Thanks for your interest, ThemeBurn team

Hello, Could you please add Wufoo like contact forms on the Contact Page with customizable fields and, Twitter like AJAX buttons on all pages ?

Also, there seems to be an issue, when i add the currency Swedish krona on the admin page. The cart does not display the currency. Unable to checkout because of “Unknown error”.


We haven’t been considering an AJAX form with field builder, but we will definitely add a twitter and facebook like buttons.

About your problem with the currency, could you PM us your website details, so we can investigate the problem.

Best regards, ThemeBurn

Before i buy this i was wondering how can i add a custom background?

Regards, Aaron

Hi Aaron,

You can easily add a custom background. We could assist you if you experience any problems.

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Ok :), also, is there an easy way to add a right sidebar? as well as a left sidebar?


You need to rearrange all the listings to fit another column. Unfortunately, the grid system has also it disadvantages…

Best regards, ThemeBurn team

Hello, An AJAX field builder is not necessary, please add just a contact form like WUFOO . the source code is posted on their site. It works without refreshing the contact page.


A simple AJAX form we may consider :)

Best regards, ThemeBurn