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I am having problems with the banner dimensions. Banner has been inserted at correct dimensions but images are not fitting as they should.


Could you please open a support ticket in our forum to get the answer from our developer then :)

Thank you so much!

Hi there I have problems with the template and does not let me update to version 1.2 My website does not look good in certain browsers and I need to know if the latest version solved. In smartphones do not work the dropdown menu. And IE does not fit the screen size. I await your response. Thank you

plz open a support ticket here: to get help from our developer.

Is it possible to use this theme for a catalog to view products only? I want customers to be able to view products and item #, but not be able to place an ecommerce order.

Also, can I change price to US dollar?



Hi Kevin, you can do that with the help of this plugin – As of currency, you can easily change it via Woocommerce settings. I’d recommend to check the Woocommerce plugin’s offcial documentation to get familiar with the features it provides.

Hi, can I download the latest version of theme from themeforest? At the moment the archive is only for the 1.2 version and not for the 1.2.1.

Thanks, Angelo

hi Angelo, that’s the latest version actually, we just forgot to mention that in the theme itself.

Thank you so much.

I’ve just downloaded latest zip from themeforest and installed it on WP 4.0 but the theme does not support it (all the panels of the admin section are visible in one window). Moreover has 2014-05-04 as last edit date. What can I do?

Please email me at with the same request, I’ll send you the latest one.

hi, Where can I download the version 1.2.1? Current does not work with wp 4.0


hi, I sent you an email (

Email sent!

Thank you!!!!

Does the theme support Woocomerce 2.2 and WP v4?

Could you please open a support ticket in our forum to get the answer from our developer at

Thank you so much!

okay, doing that now. but why no publicly state support here too? for others who might want to buy the theme. Seems odd.

Well, answer is yes, however you might have the older version and we have to send instructions on how to update correctly that’s why we ask to open a support ticket.

Ive opened a support ticket and i haven’t received a response and its been 2 days. How long does it take for someone to get back to me?

You are on the queue, we will get back to you in a few hours. Thanks.

Answer sent. Btw, it’s 18 hours and not 2 days as you claimed. In any case, I appreciate your patience.

Hi, i’m getting a Moved Temporarily error as soon as i save any of the themes settings?

Could you please open a support ticket in our forum to get the answer from our developer then :)

Thank you so much!

Thanks! Excellent support :)

Thank you! :)

Hi, We’ve a problem with your admin theme, all tabs are on one page…. Wooommerce theme files are obsolete…

Can we receive an update ? Or solution for admin problem

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Hi, that definitely means that you have the old version of the theme installed. Please redownload it from your account and reupload, it will fix the issue (Also make sure that you don’t have any caching plugins installed or if you do, flush the cache after updating the theme).

Hi there, can you please tell me where to change the time delay for the sliders to auto rotate? i can seem to find it

Hi, it has to be done manually, please edit the file YOUR_THEME_FOLDER/js/jquery.slitslider.js You have to change the line 85 from autoplay : false, to autoplay : true, and the line 85 is the interval in milliseconds (currently set to 4 seconds).

hi i have questions if you would be so kind. this allows a custom background yes? Also i can swap out the orange for my own color yes? I have quite a bit of experience with wordpress custom themes, i have done about 5 websites so far but the last theme i purchased was incredibly difficult, had a massive learning curve and then didn’t work with the newest version of wooCommerce.. so i need to know for sure that it works with the Woocommerce version 2.3.0?

also when i install this theme, will it overwrite all my content or just some of it? should i save all my blog entries? or will those be okay but just need minor adjustments with the new style and colors? will it overwrite my products already on the site?

can i install this theme myself or is it a theme that requires the author to have access to my admin for installation?

is the slider a revolution slider? (heard thats a major learning curve).

I think thats all ;) thanks for taking the time to answer.. i like this theme so hope it can work for my needs.

Hi, thanks for your interest in Shoppik. Let’s go through all questions:

  1. Custom backgrounds are supported
  2. You can choose any color via admin panel
  3. Yes, the latest version of Woocommerce is supported
  4. The theme will not overwrite any of your content. Just note that as any theme has its own structure, some adjustments might be needed to make it look nice after switching
  5. The theme comes with a video guide on quick setup as in the demo
  6. The theme uses a native custom slider, it’s not the Revolution slider.

One important thing – the theme does not come with a page builder (e.g. Visual composer). Instead it uses its native shortcode generator. As it doesn’t have a visual drag&drop interface, some people find it harder to work with (while the others have the overbloat of page builders).

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi thanks for the info.. i do have another question.. for someone that knows very little coding or tech speak ;) what does it mean when you say that it doesn’t come with visual composer, and uses native short code generator? Thanks.

Can you please email me at with the same request? Thanks.