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Congratulations nice work. Good luck with your sales :)

Thanks alot Vicktstudio

Nice Design, GLWS :)

Thank you so much ThemeCafe :)

Awesome Design :D I Like it :D Good Luck With Sales !!!!

Thank you very much Brainart :)

very nice :) GLWS


1. Are wishlist feauture and compare feature included in the theme or are they just implemented and have to be purchased separately?

2. Can custom background images/patterns be added to each page separately or can be set globally?

Thank you!

Hi Kriszta and thanks for your interest in Shoppik.

  1. Those are separate plugins which come packed with theme archive
  2. It’s available globally only as of now, we can add a feature for per-page backgrounds in one of future updates, though.

Demo Site is not working Showing 500 Internal Error. Can u please fix it? Thanks.

hi Debasis and thanks for ur comment, plz check now

can multiple shops be added?

Could you please clarify what you mean by “multiple shops”?

I can not download the demo data.

Sorry the screenshot you sent is not from Shoppik theme at all. There must be some confusion here. Please recheck on your side to find the correct author/theme.

Great Theme! Clean Look! GLWS!

Thank u very much Defatch ;)

Hi I’m thinking about purchasing this theme but I’d like to know first if on the front page the two boxes on the right beside the slider can be changed to something else say for instance an intro to a page and a link there and in the cart is it possible to add a tick box for terms and conditions? Thanks

Yep, that’s possible. Just create a page, something like “Terms”, Fill your terms there. Once done, go to Woocommerce -> settings -> Pages -> Term Page ID and select the “Terms” page that you have created before.

if you need further help, please use our dedicated forum :


Excellent theme and FANTASTIC support. All your help getting me set up was much appreciated.

Thanks Again

Heyy stripedanemone, Thank you so much for your kind words :)
You are always welcome :)


I just purchased this theme, which I love very much! The only thing is that when I download it and install it, it doesn’t look the same as the screenshots. For example; the Top right on the navigation bar on the installation has the word Cart and Wishlist. On the screenshots it has the icons. Is there an updated version perhaps? Please, let me know. I keep trying to get a hold of the developer and can’t. I have also submitted my question via email and via the support forum.

Please advise.

Yes he has! We are working on it. Thank you very much.

Hello again! I just need a a little help with a few more things: 1. How to change the breadcrumb picture. I tried changing the background by adding my own background pic (PNG) via Shoppik->Settings->Title/Breadcrumb block background

2. How can I have the wish list and cart buttons remain highlighted when clicked, instead of the text that appears once clicked. I would like to remove the text and just keep it highlighted once clicked.


hey, please use our support forum : to get help from our devs

Can you add support for the ‘Product Vendors’ plugin for woocommerce.

Great theme overall.

hey imzeeshan, thank u so much for purchasing our work :)

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).

Hi there, In the shop, can you add Categories and have category pages in the Dropdown menu beneath “Shop” ? My client needs to search by categories, not just one big page of all his products together. Clare

Hi Clare, Yes you can have specific categories added to menu. As of searching by category, that can be achieved via third party plugin, check this one as example –

Hello I have a few questions:

1. Do I have to have the My account feature switched on. Most of my clients would like to just make a purchase without creating an account. and i dont want to manage users.

2. Can I list products as a list and not a photo grid?

3. will the product have to have a photo and if no photo is added then what will the listing look like?

4. Can I make multiple maps to show customers what trade shows i will be appering at?

5. Can I switch off the footer widgets?

Thanks Manish

hi Corner, please open a support ticket if u don’t mind to get the answer from our devs


Hello I have one further question that I forgot to ask earlier.

6. Can your theme cope with displaying information in woocommerce custom fields and where would that information be displayed?

hi Corner, please open a support ticket if u don’t mind to get the answer from our devs


Hi, Great theme !

But i’ve three problems :

- after i’ve add a sidebar, i try to display it on right on my page product category. If i try to diplay it on right, it display on bottom, under woocommerce products display content. If i try left display, it’s ok… - If i add any woocommerce widget in sidebar, they don’t display. Other widget seems worked ! - If i try to display differents woocommerce products with an order (example : [products ids=”12, 5, 24, 16”] ), products was display in page with an credential order (5, 12, 16, 24)...

Can u help me ?

hey Sttan, thank u so much for purchasing our work :)

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).

Hi. Is there a way to stack widgets in the footer? When I put more than one in a widget area, they displace the others?


hey Sarah, thank u so much for purchasing our work :)

Please submit a ticket in our support forums and assign it to “Levon Manucharian” (developer).

Hello, I have some questions about this theme..

1. Are any extra plugins required to make it work? Are they free or paid ones?

2. What kind of instruction format are they in ; PDF , online ; video?

3. How often do you plan to update this theme to keep it current and working correctly.

Thank you. I look forward to getting my answers soon.

Hi and thanks for your interest in Shoppik.

  1. There are 2 plugins integrated – Wishlist and Compare however those are optional and the theme can operate and without. The plugins are free and can be downloaded from Wordpress repository.
  2. The documentation is in html format and it also includes a setup video guide which will help set the theme as showcased in the demo.
  3. The updates are published as soon as a reasonable amount of bug fixes is collected or if there’s an important fix applied.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Is it working great with woocommerce?

Yes, that’s what it is. a woocommerce theme. it’s woocommerce ready.

Thanks for ur comment.