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beautiful work guys.. good luck!

beautiful tenmplate :) GLWS

A few pre-purchase questions -

Since the homepage is built with page builder, I could essentially have multiple product pages that resemble the homepage?

Any easy way to make a grid instead of Pinterest style product layout?

These are about the only things holding me back!


You can add the shop block anywhere and the ‘product sorting bar’ is optional. I’m working on an option to only load one category if required. You can make it into a grid instead of masonry with a simple css change.

- Cheers

Awesome. I’ll definitely need category specific loading. But just to clarify, I CAN have different pages with different sliders like you have the homepage set up?

This is in version 1.1 – Cheers

When you have a product with multiple images, at the moment the main image displays large which is great, the other images however one can only see once ‘next’ has been clicked. Is it possible to have these other images as thumbnails as with some other themes? Thanks in advance.

Hi. In the current version it only shows the product slider. I’ll look at adding a thumbnail option in the next release. – Cheers

Thanks Eggbit, I’ll buy as soon as this is in buddy, its a clients requirement.

The thumbnail option is available now. – Cheers

Another smoking theme, great work. I need to find a client so i can try this :-)


may I please ask a couple of questions.

(1) when using sidebar on the single product page = can product categories be displayed? – I see you have the sidebar there, but no evidence of category navigation from the sidebar.

(2) regarding the cart – are there any option to move around the `cart total’ information. - I ideally I would have it moved up and placed in the main form along with the product list.

(3) ...any idea when next release will be coming out? I’m also very interested to know when product thumbnails might be added.

Thanks for your time – great looking theme.

1. Yes and you can have different sidebars for different products. http://goo.gl/Ke2hjV

2. This would require a code modification.

3. I’ll work on that this week.

- Cheers


thanks for the reply. I’ve some themes in the past that don’t allow categories on product pages (without paid upgrade) – so best to check before purchase.

Thanks for your time and definitely bookmark you next week. :)

Dear Eggbit,

Awesome looking theme, and very much considering a purchase. Only a couple of pre-purchase questions.

How customisable is the products page? The default image size that you have in your demo is a bit too large for what I want. Also i would like to be able to also embed a product video below the main description area? Is this possible?

Secondly, reading your reply to chainbreakr above, you say that you make display “grid instead of masonry with a simple css change”. I would very much like to do this, but my CSS knowledge is non-existent.

If I do purchase the theme, would it be possible to get a walkthrough from you on how to implement this?


Cheers mate, definitely gonna purchase your theme then! Saw you just did an update – what are the changes? Does this one have the product thumbnails yet? Thanks for your time.

It adds options for header sliders and a page-builder option for single category shop blocks. http://goo.gl/H9ywJa -Ill work on the thumbnail option this week. – Cheers

The thumbnails option is available now. – Cheers

Hi Eggbit, I just purchased the Shopsy theme, great one ! I would like to put all my products on the homepage, just like it is on the demo, how do I do this ? Thanks

Hi. Go to appearance/page-builder and create a new template. Drag the ‘shop’ block over to it and hit save. Then go into your homepage and click the ‘template’ button at the top to insert the template you just created. – That’s it. There is more about it in the theme documentation. – Cheers

Thanks a lot !

I can see a full screenshot and full mobile screenshot?

I haven’t uploaded any screenshots. – I will add some. – Cheers

Hi, I just bought you Themes, can you teach me how to put the slider on the top of your homepage like demo and how to put a backgound in header?

Hi. In appearance/customizer under the ‘pages’ tab you can upload a header image and set the slider alias for the homepage. The easiest way to get setup is to import the demo content. There is also documentation with illustrations included in the ‘main_files’ download. If you have an issue getting it setup you can open a support request here: http://support.pixelgrapes.com – Cheers

I tried to load the demo.xml to the my site, but i think it’s only few pages, and i got an error demo homepage, i don’t see any picture or slider, only few content with black picture. And one more thing when i install revolution slider it gave me warning:unexpected error in wp.

If you send me a private message with your login I can give you a hand. – Cheers

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

How to install this them at Dashboard? I got an error message.

Download the ‘main_files’ option from themeforest, open it on your local computer. Inside the ‘theme’ folder there is a file called shopsy.zip – That’s the one you want.

lol I LOVE how the cart drop down tilts and falls off! SO COOL! Design is in the details ;-)

Funny animation! :) when playing around with the resized window, i see this layout problem https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/105017109/screenshot_1960.jpg
Is it possible to change the width layout to port into facebook? Thanks

I will upload a fix for that and update it for Facebook this week. – thanks

Nice! please have a test when ported using iframe on Facebook too :) the homepage looks nice

Hi Am i the only one where the demo crashes safari in the latest ios on a 4s?

appears to crash chrome too.

Beautiful theme! Is there some nice way to integrate WPML? I mean if the theme has some nice way to switch language instead of the standard WPML menu? Thanks!

Thanks. The theme comes with the translation files, but the way you switch between languages is up to the language plugin. – Cheers

Great!!Good luck with sales :)

I just purchased this theme and really love it. I’m having trouble with the Category button on the main products page. when I click a category that I have added products to, I get this:

:( No products were found. Please try a different search.

I am trying to find a fix in the code, but thought I’d ask here to see if it’s a known error. Thanks!

I opened a ticket, and the email I received told me to reply to the email, so I did. I will send a message here.

I am getting really nervous about this, as I was supposed to have the site live by the 15th and it’s now the 20th. I have PM’ed through here, opened a ticket, etc. I REALLY MUST get this fixed right away, please.

Thanks, Liz

I tried to check it out a few days ago but the server was so slow I couldn’t test it. I will try again today.

Hi Eggbit, Awesome looking theme!! I really love it!! I have some questions: 1. Is this theme support Traditional Chinese Language? 2. Is this suitable for a online bookstore? 3. Is it possible to link up our existing POS system with API connecting? We want to update the information instantly. Thanks! Gary

Hi Gary. The characters will depend on your WordPress settings and charset. The theme should be fine. I think it could work well for a simple bookstore. Probably not ideal for a large library of books. The POS question I can’t answer – that it more dependent on the API than the theme. – Cheers

Working on a womens underwear shop in this great theme. loking at girls in underwear and this theme at the same time is win win in words i can’t describe :-D THX mate

Hi, I have the same problem with new categories in home page (like


:( No products were found. Please try a different search.

The interesting part is that it works using demo categories, like “Just awesome” or “New”. Thanks!.

Perfect. Thank you so much!.

Update is available now. – Cheers

It works perfectly. Thanks