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You’ve created something special here. Can’t wait to use it as the interface of my store!

Is there a easy way to do the missing translation of cart and Sort Bar in shop tab ?

I’m working on an update in the next few days. I’ll include that. Thanks

Updated. – Cheers

Is there a easy way to do the missing translation of cart and Sort Bar in shop tab ? :(

There was an update for this today.

On Chrome, when adding to cart, the page simple refreshes (with nothing in the cart). My products use variations.


It simply adds the ”?added-to-cart=6325” to the URL.

Is this just a Chrome or Chromebook issue, and is there anything I can do fix it?

just popped up – thanks

Oh! Just opened the ticket. Ha. Either way! Thanks again.

For future readers – problem solved! The issue was with an old importer plugin I used that had messed up my variations. Thanks Pix!

Hi, Demo looks amazing!

One small pre purchase question, when using the ‘shop’ section is there a way to limit the amount of product showing on page? So that there will be less scrolling. I would like to have 12 or so products per page and then maybe a load more button or pagination.


Hi. It’s designed around the scrolling effect. It would require a customization. – Cheers

OK. thanks. Any chance you can add a pagination option on shop sections as an update any time soon? If so I will wait till the next update to buy the theme. Thanks again ?

Hi PixelGrapes, we are interested by your template, it’s a really nice job. Is it possible to disable “add to cart” button on some products in order to provide a catalog with only the wishlist feature? Thank you.

Hi. It would require customization if you want to hide the button only on certain product pages.

Thank you. You can disable the button for all products or all products of a category?

You can hide the button for all products. Only for certain categories would require customization. – Cheers

HI , great theme ! i am planning to buy it for my next project ! i just need to confirm one thing ! The home page looks cool.

but on the inner page (where we see the details of products) can we have the smaller image ( like default woocommerce inner page) ? and details side by side with the image ?


It’s possible with a minor code change.

Hi I would like my logo to appear bigger, how can I do this?

Also Can you add a pagination modification/update for this theme please?

Other than that its a perfect theme.

Great stuff

Not sure I understand. It expands the area to allow for a bigger logo. Is your logo not filling the space? Or you want the logo to overflow outside the navigation bar? Can you private message me a link to the site so I can better understand. – Thanks

I pm you yesterday. The color thing isnt working. keeps reverting back to the default

Try it with the jetpack plugin disabled.

Cant see half of the pages because it says its waiting on Flickr. I would host all of your images on your own server.

But what I can see… is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Great work.

Thanks for letting me know. I was using Envato flickr feed ..might need to change that up. – Cheers

Pre-sales question: I read another comment stating the thumbnail feature has been added to the theme. Do you have a sample page with multiple product images?

Thank you!

Hi. You can set it as thumbnails like this http://goo.gl/ysEfTp or as a slider with navigation. – Cheers

Is it possible to set first image as icon of entry? i don`t have this option set for all my entries at blog.

If I understand your question correctly, you should take a look at a plugin like this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/auto-post-thumbnail/ -Cheers

Hi, how to setup slider on home page to looks like at demo?

Hi. If you downloaded the ‘main files’ option from ThemeForest there is a folder included called ‘slider’. You can import the demo slider content file inside. There is an illustration in the documentation. If you have anys problem, open a support ticket here: http://support.pixelgrapes.com – Cheers

This looks very nice.

Some presale questions:

1) Can the preloader be deactivated?

2) Is the code multilanguage-ready? Can I add my own translations via po/mo-files?

3) Are the colors fully customizable via theme options?


Hi. Yes you can deactivate the preloader. Yes the theme is multi-language ready. And the main highlight colour and page background colour are fully customizable. – Cheer

Sent you an email today about some bugs we’ve been discussing. I always get a response from you quickly via support but any time I respond to those emails I don’t hear from you. Not sure if you’re not getting them, but I don’t want to keep harassing you through your support page unnecessarily! Take care.

To those shopping this theme, support has been very prompt for me. Something critically important when working with themes!

Got the email today. Make sure when you type your response in the tickets it is above the ‘reply line’. If I don’t see a reply to the tickets answers today I’ll let you know here. Cheers


Purchased and uploaded today. Looks good on the desktop, but on both ipad and ipod, it loads, loads, then crashes… Never shows up. Any ideas?

All plugins are installed. To make sure it wasn’t on my end, I tried to visit the demo site with both an ipod and an ipad. Both crashed as well.

I just checked it on iPhone and iPad and it loaded ok. I will look into today to see if there is an issue. Are you seeing the preloader spinning image?

I would see spinning image on ipad not on ipods. As for the spinning image, is there a way to reduce that even on desktop?


I would need a Quick View feature – how is that possible?

will you be improving the responsive menu at some stage? What is the changelog of the latest update?

.and how in the heck do I get a picture in below the menu like you have on the contact page in the demo?

Before I purchase, is anyone else experiencing issues wirh the live demo in Android (specifically Motorola Droid here)? It shows the spinning wheel thing for a while, goes black and freezes completely, often crashing my browser. Same action confirmed on the stock browser, Dolphin, Chrome and Next Browser.

On my PC, it’s gorgeous ..I’d really like to purchase, if this can be fixed.

Can you try it now. The demo didn’t have the latest version uploaded. – Thanks

Sorry, still no change.

You must be viewing a cached version. The preloader was removed from mobile.

How do I switch the currency symbol from pounds to dollars?

Hi. You can change in in woocommerce/settings

on android: loading, loading, loading wheel….. loooooooooooaaaaadiiiiiiiiiiiing,.. would this be what my customers would see? I don’t think they would be that patient.

Hello PixelGrapes, I want to give an update. As add a pagebuilder template, with “Shop” in it, on my homepage, it now loads. The home page finally shows on my android device.

But if no template are there, it is “loading” forever. That would be a problem for those doesn’t use pagebuilder templates, I suppose.

Since I do use it, it’s not a problem anymore for me.

It means, I’ll keep this beautiful template. Haha…

Thank you.


PROBLEM SOLVED [at least for me]

Hi. I can see the update is still pending approval by Themeforest. Should be available later today. Although sounds like you’re okay without it. – Cheers