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PixelGrapes: “Yes you can deactivate the preloader.” Could you please tell me how? Thank you.

This is a beautiful theme, I want to keep it. But really I hope it wouldn’t take so much time for the page to load.

Hi PixelGrapes, on Product view, why are my sidebars widget showing below the posts? while on the live preview, it’s on the right.

can you help me please? I want a custom taxonomy filter.

how do i get the tag page display like this: http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/shopsy/product-tag/cool/ ? I can’t get this masonry look on tag page.

If just only it is written on the theme documentation, I wouldn’t have ask this much.

I dont even need this theme, its just so dang pretty I couldn’t help but buy it – can’t wait to play with it wooo!

How do i remove preloader?

If you go to appearance/editor near the bottom of style.css there is a section called ‘Preloader’. You can delete or comment out that section. – Cheers

Hello … I like your theme and have purchased it today. Is it compatible with hebrew Wordpress (RTL) ?

Thank you

Send me a PM with a login and I’ll take a look for you. – Thanks

How and where to send?

Click on my profile and send a message.

I am not sure why I am getting this error : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in C:\xampp\htdocs\ramai\wp-content\themes\shopsy\page-blog.php on line 106

I get this when I click on the “Blog” page on the main menu.

Please advise and great theme btw!! Very good quality theme.

Hi. Can you try downloading the theme again and replacing page-blog.php

that fixes the issues. Thanks!

how do i get the tag page display like this: http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/shopsy/product-tag/cool/ ? I can’t get this masonry look on tag page.

Here the tags & category page displays like a ordinary posts page. not masonry.

how do I unlike? clicking the heart again doesn’t “un-pink” it.

Only the user that clicked the heart sees it in red. You can only like products, there is no way to unlike them.

what if the user clicked it by mistake, wouldn’t be reasonable that there is a way to unlike it?

I love your theme, works beautifully in desktop browsers. My issue is when I view it from my Samsung Note2 mobile browser. The main product listing page comes up fine but as I scroll down weird things started happening. It’s hard to explain in words so I thought I would include some screenshots (of your demo site).

Issue #1 – looks like a bunch of rectangle boxes show up and they are hiding some of the contents http://www21.speedyshare.com/shpVS/download/Screenshot-2013-12-28-15-54-38.png Issue #2 – the header (where the logo and the menu icon are) seems to move around http://www21.speedyshare.com/T7FKR/download/Screenshot-2013-12-28-15-54-29.png

Can this be fixed?

Looks okay on my iPhone. Is it crashing with the spinning preloaded showing?

It looks like it’s crashing immediately after the spinner disappears and I am able to see some of the web page contents before it crashes. It’s a brand new phone w/ no other 3rd party apps installed. If it’s only happening on my phone I’m less concerned about it than the galaxy note 2.

Does it happen on the demo? There was an update to remove the preloader on mobile.

Hi! Pre-buy question: when re-sizing to less than 750 px in width the theme aligns all of the content to the left and some other elements break down. Is this issue being addressed and will the fix be available in update?

Other than this, great theme!

Grid items are aligning left. I’ll update that this week. – Thanks

Hi Great theme! but… couldn’t pin (pinterest) on product page. got this error.. “You need to upload an image or provide the ‘image_url’ parameter” Any suggestion?

I’ll upload a fix so it uses the product image. – Cheers


I found a bug. The header doesn’t keep fixed on Ipad & Iphone when I fill a form [ex.: billing address, name, etc]. can you fix this?

Hi. That is native iPhone behaviour so you have more screen room for the form fields. The form ‘zooms’ in. When you click ‘done’ the header should reappear.

on small screens, cart gets inside the menu button. how do I get it next to the menu button? and how do I keep the menu button even on large screens? Thanks.

thanks alot. I’ve been putting the “orderby’ => ‘rand ” on the wrong place before. Just a thought: It would be really great if you can keep featured posts on top of the post list or other place in the post list.

u meant: “Email PixelGrapes” here http://themeforest.net/user/PixelGrapes ? I have already sent messages.

“It would be really great if you can keep featured posts on top of the post list or other place in the post list.” => I have done mine.

btw, even without my ‘featured post’ on top, some of the latter post are overlapped.

Awesome theme. Want to buy, but I have one question before doing so. Is there any way to disable purchasing products altogether? Still have the product pages and what not, but instead of add to cart, can it just be “add to wishlist” or CALL 000-000-0000 for details? We want to have shoppers call us to order.


Yes it’s a very simple code change. If you email my profile after you’ve purchase I can help you with the change. – Cheers

Hello there!

Is version 1.2 up for download somewhere? I’m waiting fro it but on the product description it says it’s on version 1.1

Hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,


Hi. Yes, the version available for download now on ThemeForest is version 1.2. You can download the theme again to get the latest updates. – Cheers

I want to disable the “boxes crawling up” animation that. How do I do it?

In js/plugins.js near the bottom, you can delete everything from this line down:

jQuery.fn.visible = function(partial)

It is beautiful and works in chrome. Althought I doesn’t seem to work in other browsers. I think It has something to do with the preloader. At first that was te only thing I saw in other browsers. I commented out the css for it and now I can see the site, but can’t click anything. I think because the preloader is still there but only colorless, so everytime I want to click on something I click on the invisible preloader. Any suggestions?

It does sound like the preloader overlay is still present. There is also a small preloader section in js/plugins which can be commented out.

Sent in a support ticket last week but haven’t heard anything yet. Still fighting quite a few bugs.

Sent you a response inline with the old ticket. Not sure if you’re getting those. Let me know if you need me to resubmit through your support portal. I’ve updated and most issues are still there and even present in the demo.

I’ve sent you a few responses to the last ticket and I’m not getting anything back. If you could open a new ticket it would help me – thanks.

Bummer. Okay. I’ll submit new responses through the ticket system.

hi PixelGrapes. thanks for your continuous support all this time. now I’ve got 3 problems: 1. the view cart/check out is empty on ipad if I shop without login. 2. on the homepage, some products are overlapping 3. on ipad, the left margin is not the same as the right.

thank you

It is smaller by design because variable products add the word ‘from’. So to fit it in, the price width needed to be smaller.

yes, but when in the case like mine, where I use same price, there is now “from”. well, it actually is not a matter. I already add a CSS fix on mine.

Oh I see what you mean. I will look into adding an extra setting. – Cheers

Hi, How do you put a background image in the header ? for now, it is just black a showing the page title. Also, it is possible to remove this long header strip ? Tx David

Tx for the answer. What you said works for the slider but not for the header image either to change it (http://snag.gy/Mw2ZO.jpg) or remove it (http://snag.gy/zn8oP.jpg). Any thing that i’ve missed ? tx

Sometimes if the image is large, it can take a minute for the preview to update. If you upload the image and hit save, does it appear on the actual site? If you private message me a login I can take a look. – Cheers

I used the same header image than the demo. I m sending you a private message now

The category view is broken, even in your demo- http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/shopsy/product-category/exclusive/. Looks like archive-product.php could use some work. It is just echoing out stranded list items (no ol/ul wrapper) and doesn’t setup up wrapper for use with masony/animation.

Can you fix this?

Yes, fixed ;) – thanks