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does theme come with psd?

hi i want to use in header.php .

your manual said <?php putRevSlider(“blablabla”) ?> put in header-homepage.php

but it isn’t working

how can i get it works

The manual says that? You can use the ‘homepage’ template which will use the slider you define in appearance/customize under the ‘pages’ tab. For other pages you can enter the ‘slider alias’ in the field (right margin) for any slider you’ve setup. – Hope that helps

looks like you are one closing div short on single.php ?

I’ll update that. – thanks

Beautiful template The home banner in the Theme Preview’s not fully rendering on my Chrome at the moment. But all good on Firefox. Maybe a problem at my end, Just letting you know in case.

Ok thanks – I’ll look into it. Cheers

few days ago I see thumbnails of product gallery, now it’s just “previous” and “next button” below the slide (single product view). how do I get it back with the with thumbnails?

appearance/customize under the ‘products’ tab.

Sent you my comments through support so you should get them this time.

It appears what’s breaking the product pages is not the lack of tags/categories, but when there’s no related product. If a related product isn’t displaying, the page is broken.

Does the theme support multiple languages or language files? Thanks

Yes it includes language files. Cheers

Why does it take so long to load the pages?

on single product, if there is no featured product, the sidebar shows on the bottom. but if there is a featured product, it shows correctly on the side. how do I keep sidebar on the side, even there’s no featured product?

I will upload a fix for this.

For your demo, how does the shop work if you have say over 200 items? Pagination? Ajax loading? I also notice (using firefox), that there are some alignment issues when resizing the browser – is there an update on the way? Thanks!

Is there any way to make the pages load faster? Besides that I’m loving it so far!

There are several things – use a caching plugin, use a CDN and optimize the image files. – Cheers


First of all, congratulations of your work, it’s a very nice theme. I have a question, the accordion on my iPad or iPhone is not working, when I click on another section, not expanding. What can be happening?


Thanks! How long might that aproximately take? Best Regards!

I will try to work it into a theme update I have planned for next week. – Cheers

Thank you very much!! I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Is that possible to have a sidebar on product categiry pages ?

Hi. The shop page with ajax category sorting is full width – like the demo. The product pages and any additional pages added can use sidebars. – Cheers

Hi. Love the theme. Can’t for the life of me figure out how to have the Variations of Size and Color show up in the same box as Quantity and Price (as it does in demo). Despite creating Size and Color attributes and selecting Variable product in Product Post and checking the boxes to make the attribute visible and use variables…nothing shows up in the posted product page. The only thing i’ve been able to do is have those attributes appear beneath the price box under the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION button, which is useless b/c you can’t select any of the options. Please help.

Hi. So under variations you have ‘enabled’ checked and a price set for each variation correct? Maybe send me a private message with a login and I’ll check it out of you. – Cheers

the masonry on Category View is not as smooth as on Homepage. Sometime there are view products out of group.

Hi. Sorry I don’t see the PM. Can you please send it again.- Thanks

I have sent the PM again

Sorry, didn’t see the email reply. Please ignore the repeated email.

hello, I have not been able to install your template. He tells me:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Yes, you need to install only the theme zip.

I solved alone thanks. Now, however, it asks me to install “Woocommerce,” but I have already installed “MarketPress” and I want to continue to use that. I have a problem with your template?

Yes, it’s a WooCommerce theme. WooCommerce is required. – cheers

hi it can’t use IE 7, 8? Could you update it? Please help me I want to use this theme in IE 7,8 and every internet version.

Hi. The theme uses advanced effects that require modern browsers. It supports IE9 + Cheers

Any word on the update release? I’d really like to get this site live already.

I’ve upload the next version. You will get an email from TF when it is approved. Should be in the next day or 2. – Cheers

Changing permalinks to postname breaks the URLs – any advice on how to fix? Thanks!

Also make sure rewrite module is enabled in apache.

rewrite is enabled – AllowOveride All. ID is not working either. Any other thoughts? Postname permalink goes to 404.

Can you PM me a login and I can take a close look for you.