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How do I add more social media icons to the nav bar?

In header.php and admin/customize/customizer.php – which icons would you like to see added?

thanks. my client wants linkedin added and to create a custom link to the shop page.

Noticed that on the product description page if I don’t add a linked product the right nav items stay under the descriptions.

Not all products will have up-sells on them. Is there a fix for this?

Sorry for all the questions I’m working on this for a client who purchased. I’ve added a custom field under Product Attributes and when I refresh is shows for a second then disappears. Is there a reason that this is happening?

Hi. I’ve upload a fix for these as you can see here: http://goo.gl/z29Dio As soon as it is approved you will get an email. Should be in a day or 2. – Cheers

If I create a page and use the blog template I get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home2/freedom9/public_html/dontplaysmall.com/wp-content/themes/shopsy/page-blog.php on line 107

If I go to settings > reading and set that page to my posts page – that goes away. Is it possible to have multiple pages with blog feeds that are set to different categories?

Also.. can you help me to center the main menu?

Yes, in appearance/menus you can create links. Just link directly to the blog categories. To setup the menu you first need to assign it – is that what you’re asking?

Have you noticed any issues with latest version of WooCommerce? It seems to have broken my Shop page and the product page Main Image and Description areas are now wider than the allotted area.

Theme version 1.3.1 is compatible with the newest version of WooCommerce 2.1

hello, how do I import the file demo.xml from the directory “demo content”?

You need to go to appearance/menus and assign the main menu. Also go to appearance/customize and set the static homepage. Please see the documentation for some illustrations.

I set the static homepage. but now the site does not work anymore.

if imposed on other pages work, but not the home page.

Hi when I view my website zeittech.com on a mobile device the slider is hidden by the gear symbol?

Sounds like a file never got deleted in the update. In your shopsy theme folder delete the file woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php

Is there a way to remove the responsiveness option as it’s giving me too much trouble on android and can only display one product at a time before you need to scroll down?

The main thing is to remove the ’<meta name=”viewport”...’ line in header-homepage.php and header.php Other than that, it involves making css changes.

how do you put the slider in the header? http://www.makeupinusa.com/paolovendor/

From the theme html use: <?php putRevSlider( “alias” ) ?> example: <?php putRevSlider(“homeslider”) ?>

where is the theme html ?

Hi. No need to change any code. On your page admin in the right column there is a field ‘slider alias’. You can enter any slider you need.

Or, if you are using the homepage template, you can set the slider in appearance/customize under the pages tab.

Since the update, my site doesn’t work anymore. I just see the preloaded wheel…

Did you delete and install the theme to update it? If you PM me a link/login I’ll take a look.

Your lightbox plugin was throwing an error. I disabled it. – Cheers

Thanks very much!

Can you help me center the navigation menu so that it keeps centered when the screen is resized?

And how do I keep the social icons showing on iPad portrait view?

It involves changing @grid-float-breakpoint – PM me and I will give you a hand.

For product images I have both portrait and landscape of the same product…however when entering into the product description it cuts all of the images to landscape even if the main image is portrait. Any way to not auto-crop the images in this way? I de-selected “hard crop” in the woo commerce settings but there was no change…

Is this on the single product page? Images shouldn’t be cropped – can you PM me a link?

Yep…sent you a message from your profile page (so I’m assuming it will send you an email). Let me know if you don’t get it…

hi~ I’m beginner ~ I want to make social youtube icon. How can I get youtube social setting?

I will update the theme to add youtube and trip advisor icon options.

Thanks :) I hope to finish it soon

Within the page builder the module “Team” has social links. I’ve tried http, no http, just the username and none of these link to the page on those social networks.

I double checked the documentation and there’s no instructions on the format that needs to be entered.

What is the format?

A little bit more info. The linkedin URL will not work unless Twitter link is also used. If I put in a link for twitter it works. The problem is this client doesn’t use twitter.

Can you PM me a link to the page you’re using it on. – Thanks

I created a portfolio page in the page builder because I can’t figure out how to active the portfolio item in the left nav. I can’t use the permalink /portfolio/ to call the page that was created. It appears that this theme doesn’t include any portfolio template. This is for an artist selling prints.

Any suggestion on best practices?

You can use the ‘shop’ block in page builder if you want a portfolio of products and want to use the cart. If you just want a regular gallery of images I would suggest a plugin – I personally like this one: http://goo.gl/I8oJ23

Hello, I would like to purchase this theme but I would like to know if can support multilingual website. Please inform me as soon as possible!

I can support a multilingual website using a plugin like WPML.

Hey there I am trying to integrate Gavity forms into a page however when the shortcode is added the page hangs on the loading symbol/animation and wont load the page. Any ideas?

Sounds like a script conflict. Are you getting any error message?

Hi, I love your theme! Just one question. It is important for me to have the search option more visible on the pages. Is it possible to place the field on the top of the page, next to the menu or next to the filters? Thanks, Sasha

Hi. The search field is a widget. Currently it can only be placed in the footer or in a sidebar. It would require a customization to add it to the header. – Cheers

Too bad. That’s the only thing keeping me from buying it. A visible search bar is very important for many sites. Please let me know if/when it will placed on the top of the page!

Another question on your theme I don’t see anyplace to enter in paypal details for the shopping cart.

Where is that?

Go to woocommerce/settings and select the checkout tab. Then right under the tabs you can select paypal and enter your details. – Cheers

Hello there,

i love the template. But i really have two issues. I can not translate the files i tried with the plugin and downloaded the editor for the language files. Also i have a problem with the “Add to Cart” button it is not working i have tried everything.

Can you please provide me support?


Also after removing the theme it’s still not working please take a look: http://dalilashoekje.nl

Single products on “Product page” are not working. When i add product in cart with “Color selection” it will add to cart.. i guess a issue with theme?

It’s working now. – Cheers

Check out page loading from the cart page or from the button at the top. Any suggestions?

If you’ve updated WooCommerce to 2.1, you’ll need to update the Shopsy theme to v1.3.2


I cannot get pages working well.

For example my account page where a user should be able to view orders, change passwords, edit address is not linking well. I was trying to fix this and have learnt about endpoints. I deleted the pages which are not in use any more (since the woocommerce update) so my endpoints could be unique. However “my account page” doesn’t link anywhere, only urls changes to /?address=shipping&order=309 /?address=billing etc.

I have shopsy version 1.3.1 and woocommerce version 2.1.2

Your help will be appreciated, Thanks!


Delete the theme and install Shopsy 1.3.2