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WordPress theme coming anytime in the near future?

probably not within the next month, but maybe later.

Hi, given that the contact form or request no captcha field empty. This can be added? greetings and good job.

Yes the contact forms can be modified with any new fields and a captcha if you would like it.

Hi DT, how detailed would it be to add the captcha? I already have my key? Really like the flexibility and simplicity of this template…purchasing now; hopefully you can respond ASAP !


: O )

Hi en_joyit.

If you email me once purchased I can send back the captcha files for you to use.

Thanks, dtbaker


I want to purchase. Just wondered how hard it would be to not use a scroll box for the content?


Hi there, it is really really easy, this is the exact process:

To turn off the scrolling and let the website grow:

1. Open css/styles.css and go to #right_column.
2. Now delete these 3 styles:
3. Save and reupload styles.css

I am having trouble getting the Contact form to work. I have made the changes to the formsubmit.php that were needed as far as I could see. It just does not do anything, and will not even give the error message if I leave out something.

The Newsletter Subscribe form works.

Do you have a link to your site I can check out?

Great template. I love it. Great style and care to detail. I just couldn’t get the contact script to work. The one worked for Newsletter Sign up. I just put in another script and went on.


How hard would it be to make the left sidebar, on the right? I wanted to start messing with it but though you might have a clean/easy answer!

Cheers :)



Change the left column from float left to right #left_column { float:right; padding:10px 20px 20px; width:250px; }

change right column to float left

#right_column { float:left; height:300px; margin-right:20px; overflow-x:hidden; overflow-y:auto; padding:10px 20px 20px; width:577px; } and move the content seperator line over #content_seperator { background:url("../images/main_dot.png") repeat-y scroll 650px 0 transparent; }


Any help?

Hi DT!

Love the template, but having mjuch trouble getting the Contact form to work. Can you take a look at it: www.margaretwalkernow.com

while you’re looking, let me know where to place the captcha without messing up anything else.


Hi, the contact form needs php to work, does the hosting account have PHP enabled? If not most providers will enable it for free.

Hi there,

I’m having problems with the tiled background on Short & Simple 8 Page HTML Site (there seems to be a bug out of the box?).

Can you please tell me why the background goes grey half way down the page? I’ve followed the instructions and simply changed: background:url(../images/bg_blue_squares.jpg) top repeat-x;

However, the cool background image still doesn’t go from top to bottom.

Anyone have any ideas??

Many thanks!

Thanks DTBAKER , Unfortunately that does not work though.

Just tried it:

bg_top { /the transparent image that overlays all background images/

background:url(../images/bg_blue_squares.jpg) top repeat; width:100%;

The background still only goes halfway down the page. Just like it was when I first unzipped the files and opened index.html.

What can I do to make the background fill the whole window?

Thanks, J

see the edit above (just got your email with the link to check)

Perfect, thanks so much!! :) Appreciate it.

Perhaps you could make the labelling in the CSS file a little clearer :D

Hi There,

I’m a total newbie and wanting to create a website for a friend, very basic and think this may do the job.

Is it easy to work with, does it have a detailed help file?

Can I add as many pictures/tabs as I want?

Can I add a logo at the top?

I’ve purchased templates in the past and the support was not there afterwards, so it was a waste of dollars for me. :(

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Johan

Can I insert my own background easily? I like what you have but feel another background would suit my purposes. Thanks

If you have your own background you can save it over the top of the provided background.

eg: replace this background image with your own http://tf.dtbaker.com.au/template/short_simple/images/bg_gold_squares.jpg

Hi Hayley I love this template! But am having a technical glitch. I have a logo that I sized the same as what you use for ‘Short & Simple’ text logo at the top. Mine is a simple text logo that flows over a grungy dirty white / grey background, transitioning through the black header (bg_top_gradient.png) that you have placed at the top in css. I would like to make my text a png so that it is transparent, but no matter the setting in photoshop upon saving (png 8/24 or gif with transparency, I get edging around my logo and it looks rough and yucky. How did you make ‘bg_top_gradient.png’ flow so nicely with no fragments with all your backgrounds? Any suggestions? I want to keep the black bg_top_gradient.png over the white background because it looks less harsh. Your thoughts on what I can do to make it a sharp and clean logo in this template. My logo is the same size as yours.

Thank you!

Please send a support ticket in with your website address and (if you want) FTP login details so we can jump in and resolve this for you.

Our support website is here: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html – we do not check these item comments often.

hi, the search engine its internal? i mean can iu search for a section or element inside the page?



The theme does not work. When trying to install it I receive the following message:

Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Any idea to solve this? Thanks

Sorry this is a HTML template, it is not compatible with Wordpress.

Please purchase a theme from the Wordpress category for the ability to install it inside Wordpress.


Keep getting an error message …..missing css files…........!!!!!

This is not a WordPress theme.

I got the Contact Form page did not function properly. After check inside contact.html, I made some correction (only 3 words..).

1. name=”name”

2. name=”email”

3. type=”submit”

Please have a check line and replace from line 106 to 125 with this code:

<!--end left_column--> <div id="right_column"> <h1>Contact </h1> <p>To contact us via email please complete the form below.</p> <form action="formsubmit.php" method="post"> <fieldset id="contact"> <label for="your_name">Name:</label> <input name="name" type="text" class="forms" id="your_name" size="35" /> <label for="your_email">Email:</label> <input name="email" type="text" class="forms" id="your_email" size="35" /> <label for="phone">Phone:</label> <input name="phone" type="text" class="forms" id="phone" size="35" /> <label for="message">Message:</label> <textarea name="message" cols="30" rows="4" class="forms" id="message"></textarea> <br /> <input name="submit_message" type="submit" id="submit_message" class="submit_button" value="Submit" /> </fieldset> </form> </div> <!--end right_column-->

And voila,... enjoy your nice script :)

I want the second level of the menu to scroll. My second level menu is too long and it hides part of it. Please help.