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Hello, I have one question: is it possible to change the colors of the letters and the background color of the menu? Thanks! Felix

Yes. There is a custom CSS section of the theme options panel where you can easily customize these sections. We can help you out in the forums if needed. :)

another question: is it possible to put an image as background?

Same answer here.

Great theme…one question. How do I rearrange the order of the images on a Portfolio gallery page? Seems I should be able to drag them around, but cannot and don’t see any other way to rearrange. Thanks.

Thanks for the quick response. It’s not the order of the portfolio posts I am trying to change. It’s the order of the images in one portfolio post that is set up as a gallery. Here is the page I am referring to:

Ah. Click on the “Upload Images” button and from the pop up go to “Insert Media” and select “Uploaded to this post” from the dropdown. See here

You will be able to drag around the images to change the order. When you have it in the order you want just close the pop up and click the “Update” post button.

That did it…thanks tons!!

Hi, Nice work! Can I add share buttons to the gallery items? Or is that what widget ready means? Cheers, Rebecca

Yes, you can easily add share buttons to the gallery/portfolio items. :)

Amazing customer service. Great theme. Great buy.

Thanks Kevan, we’re happy you’re happy. :)

Hi, I am considering this for a client, and was wondering does the portfolio support Vimeo videos and do I have to manually add thumbnails?

Secondly, have you integrated lightbox pop-ups for portfolio items yet? What I mean is in a grid portfolio of videos, when I click on the thumbnail, will it play the video in a lightbox window, or just take me to the single portfolio item page.

Otherwise it looks good, and I am very pleased to see such good support – a bit rare in some cases.

Hello. Yes the portfolio supports Vimeo videos but the thumbnails are not automatically pulled. There are plugins that will do that though.

When you click on a portfolio thumb you will be taken to the single portfolio page. To change that it would require some mods to the code.

Hi, What about pagination or Load more ? Thank You, for your time.

Those would need to be added via a plugin.

Hello! I love this theme; it’s simple and shows off the work being displayed very well. My question is this: how can I link the the images in the homepage slideshow to the portfolio piece they’re referring to?

There is a slide link option where you can set a url for the slide to link to.

Hi, am interested in buying theme and was wondering if you supply demo content?

Hi, Just downloaded, were can I find the xml file?

Great! Happy to have you with us. You can download the demo content xml file here…

If you need any help getting setup just head over to our support forum and submit a ticket.

Thank you for the link but things are not going well. I keep getting a 500 (Internal Server) Error…


one question:

Is it possible to implement our own font into this template? And also an own backround…maybe a picture?


Hey, it’s me again… I’m trying to remove the timestamp beneath the postings… Second point: the link on your comment doesn’t work, maybe you can give me another? Where can I find the Slider that’s shown in your demo? I can only see Slideshows? But the Slider you use looks different from mine. I took the link you gave to MatthewStiller ( and try to get this .xml running… but doesn’t work. I followed all the steps in the file.

Would be great hearing from you.


This is the link for xml file…

Please post your support questions in our dedicated support forum and we’ll help you out there.

We prefer to answer all customer support questions in our searchable support forum so that other users can also benefit from our answers. – DT Team

Ok, sorry!

thank you

Hello, I’ve been trying to find the setting that allows you to link the homepage slides to the portfolio piece but I can’t seem to find where that setting is. I looked in the Theme Options, as well as the individual slides, and the Slideshow settings. Where can I find this?

You must have an older version of the theme installed.

You can download the latest version from your ThemeForest account here…

Here’s info on how to update your theme…

I updated the theme, still nothing.

It’s in there I promise. Make sure you have version 1.4. Can you send me a link or create a forum ticket and I’ll look into it more for you.


I just purchased the theme and have a question. How do I make the footer have three columns like your live preview instead of the four columns that it’s defaulting to?

Great Theme! Thanks!

Nevermind. I found it. Thanks!

Hi, I like the theme only I would like the portfolio/masonry to link to a lightbox the same way as you did with the CONSTRUCT theme. Will this be possible?

Not without some modifications to the template file.

Hi can you do this for me (with the option of being able to update the theme) what will it cost?

Sorry, we are not taking on any custom work right now. We’re focusing 100% on designing and building new totally awesome WordPress themes!

Although we do not provide theme customizations ourselves, I’m sure you can find someone inexpensive at to tweak the theme for you.

Pre-sale question: does the theme support multiple portfolios?

Yes, you can create unlimited portfolio pages.

Hi, for some reason the Flickr and Instagram tabs on my homepage don’t work any more. I’ve filled in the necessary usernames on the Theme Options but nothing is appearing. Is this an issue with the theme itself or the aforementioned websites?


I like this Theme and I have some prebuying questions.

1. Is it comparable with Wordpress 4.1?

2. Images what is the recommended sizes?

3. Could I use Revolution slider, Smart content protector plugin?

4. Can I get help with the theme installation or other?



Gentlemen, I need help. As I said in another call sent Saturday, yet did not have a support you. The home page I created following the documentation, it is not like in the template that has the You would have a “zip” or “xml” with example content to send? This would facilitate the testing and creation of areas depending on the model. Please access my website and check the difference … The slider is not taking the entire length of the screen appears and the sidebar, when in fact it should not appear.


I look!

My site is:

Hello guys, I need urgent help this. My site is stopped and so far I could not put on the air. I received no response from you. Please help me !!!

Sucks! I asked for my money back, since they do not respond and do not support any. What is promised in this topic in the online example of view, not from the zip file and has no xml file example content. Anyway, do not buy, because you will not receive any response or support …

Total disappointment !!! I wasted my time and had to renegotiate with my client another theme with new deadlines !!!