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Awesome work Kriesi! Love the featured post slider :)

as usual, awesome work :)

Another winner – congrats!

Great theme! congratulations

is it translation ready?


Very nice!

How did you know I was looking for this template? ;)

hehe, lucky guess ;D Glad you like it

Thanks everyone, glad you like the theme :)

None of the sliders work in my Chrome … works fine in FF though.

which version are you using? works perfectly fine for me, and obviously also for the reviewer, otherwise the item wouldnt be online ;D

I’m using Google Chrome 12.0.742.122 …

Hmm… on my computer at work there are no problems… only on my home computer.

Nevermind then… must be something funky on my side! ;-)

Hm, checked it on 12 & 13 and it works fine for me…

Great Theme… i like it!!!

Only one question i didn´t see… What about image galleries & portfolio pages?

Thanks in advance

good suggestion, will add a gallery demo page soon

In your thumbnail, the shoutbox icon is on the left, but in your live preview it’s on the right..

yes. thumbnail looked nicer that way ;D

nice one, will have to pick this one up ;)

Thanks Chris!

One day you have to tell me what you do with all those templates that you purchase ;D

Great template again Kriesi, great style.


Is it possible to have a look at the documentation before buying?

It would help me decide if I can use this theme for a site I’m redoing.

The post slider is amazing!! :)

Thanks a lot :)

Definitely like this new minimal look. Good luck with sales man.

Thanks a lot! :)

hi kriesi! great theme! it could be what i was looking for. i have a question. would it be difficult to show the category above the boxes in the home page? and is it possible to use different colors for different categories? i’m thinking to a style close to the one of


Not sure what you mean by showing the category above the boxes, but if I am correct its just a few changes (rearraning) to the html output.

You can easily create multiple colors for categories, since the body tag for each category gets different classnames applied :) You just need some basic css skills :)

thank you! by showing categories i mean that i want to show the name of the category to which the post belongs.

Yea, you need to move the output within the php template files, but that aint that hard. If you are not up to the task me and my support staff will gladly guide you through the process :)

Hi Kriesi – just bought the theme due to your 200% guarantee that it will be the very best looking site out there in the web-iverse.

Great theme. Is there any kind of dummy content file we can use to get it up and running faster? Thanks, Artistman

Of course. In your wordpress backend at the Shoutbox options page just hit the “import dumy content” button :)

Thanks for the documentation link. :) I’ll have a good look at it these next days.