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Kriesi I have a big problem with your great lookin theme…

I really need help with the problem of adapting my site, mainly templatebuilder.

Take a look at this: create new template for test site home template structure edit test side and change dynamic template in to created by me. This is the standard home site with frontpage template.

And here you see test page with different dynamic template – there are no differences between them. Thanks in advance for your help and Have a nice day.

HI, First of all, great theme. I was looking for a proper magazine theme for a while and every one seemed to have something missing. THis one is brilliant :) Can you tell me if it would be possible to include google+ twitter and fb button under each post rather than Add to any plugin? Cheers

Hi Kriesi,

Nice theme. I have a few questions: Is this operational with IE 9 ? I noticed everypage had a sidebar including the home page. Do you make it possible to do full pages on home page and other pages in the back end? Thanks

Sorry will go to the forum

great theme! Is there any way to easily modify the combo widget to only show popular posts? and not in tab format? i really like how the popular posts are set up, but i don’t want the other 3 categories :/



We just purchased the templates, We are repeat customer for you.

Fonts are missing in this template, Please assist urgently

Regards Peerbits

Looks really nice. One question, is this theme translation ready (.po/.mo)?


Feel free to ask me and my dedicated support team at my support forum at

The reasons I have chosen to use my own forum are quite simple: Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will make it possible that you dont even need to wait for my response, because its already there.

Second Reason: people can’t respond to each other at themeforest to help each other out, while I am busy with other tasks.

Hi Kriesi,

Do you know of any Plugins to enable the same feature you have on this template w/ that Tabbed sidebar widget on the blog that shows the “Popular” “Recent” “Comments” “Tags” all in one box? I’m looking for that in the plugins, can’t find it.

Hm, sorry I have coded my own version, dont know of any plugins that can do that…

Hi Kriezi,

I want to enable the slide show on the main page at the feature posts, also at the feature post (in the index page) in front of the image is a white tab that has the title of the post, can i make this transparent?


Hello Kriesi, 1/ I would want to create a website like ( It is possible with Shoutbox ? 2/ I want a interactive website. For example, I want my readers to post some pictures on my blog. Thanks

Unfortunately its not possible for users to post pictures. YOu would need to get a plugin for that functionality :)

Hi I want to install buddy Press, AWCP (a classified ads plugin) and a photo gallery plugin. It is possible with your theme ? Thanks

Possible yes, but none of these plugins is supported out of the box, so there are no styles, templates etc

You would need to modify the templates yourself if you want to embrace the full buddypress functionality for example

Hello and great theme,

I was hoping to create a left sidebar on some pages that displays the siblings pages along with the right sidebar.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Hello , A questions pre-sales :

I can remove ( disable sorry ) socials in the post or page ? . This theme don’t have sitemap template and internal links like map pages and posts like Corona, the question is : is all right same also without for SEO ? or is better I used plugins for page sitemap and internal links ? Thank so for any answer , and remember I still to waiting your new theme …

Hello, My last question was not answered but it is not near as important as this one.

How do I turn on comments for pages? It says they are turned on for each page but there is no comment box at the bottom.

Please help.

I found the solution at

Thank you.

Hi Kriesi, Just want to say that I love your theme and it was very easy to set up. Great work thanks!! :)

If you want to take a peak

The themes of Kriesi is the best themes of Themeforest and others Marketplace famous for themes , but the support is very very long time ! luky that don’t need so much support because the themes is perfect, but if sometime need to help for change samething , never answer at the question : here in the themeforest and also in the supportforum ! I post only a one request and nobody answer, but have see also customer that have ask support and is already more that one mont ) nobody have answer !!!

Please help! I just upgraded to the most reacent version of google chrome, and the site layout is no longer displayed correctly. I disabled all plugins to make sure there is no conflict. I also went to the live version of this theme and it also is not displayed correctly (view as boxed layout to see it clearly) can you help with this please? The site does display correctly in firefox, so it is apparently only a chrome issue at this point.