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Nice work! ;)

Is it possible to configure the theme so that there is no slider (just one post showing) on the home page?

Thanks in advance, Lily

Phenomenal theme. I would absolutely recommend this, great for magazine/blog sites with a focus on decent images.

Hello. Great theme! I have one question before I purchase. How many levels can the navgation go? The site I would like to build has tertiary levels…does the mega-menu or dropdown menu support this?


Is there a list of the shortcodes anywhere that I can use to type into the html editor? The little magic wand doesn’t seem to work for me in visual mode.

Overall the documentation for the theme seems to be lacking.

I just bought your flashlight.

before i buy this one, question please: can it be set to just show 1 column instead?

can the slider news header be disable/delete?

thank you

Can i change the height of the medium sized images on the front page?

not sure if this is getting answered…

But on the main slider, when playing videos the slider dosent stop. It just keeps rotating through even though you’ve hit play.

Any fix for this? Thanks.

Unfortunately not, at least for the moment. the problem is that the click event on the video cant be captured by javascript and therefore I cant tell the slider to stop automatically. it needs to be done manually…


Feel free to ask me and my dedicated support team at my support forum at

The reasons I have chosen to use my own forum are quite simple: Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will make it possible that you dont even need to wait for my response, because its already there.

Second Reason: people can’t respond to each other at themeforest to help each other out, while I am busy with other tasks.

For the areas that says “More Recent Posts” in the demo (right above the footer widgets), is it possible to customize it so that it displays posts from a certain category instead?

And is it possible to show two or more of these sections?

yep, all of that can easily be done with the template builder ;)

Another question:

On the demo homepage is it possible to put the title/text next to the image instead of below it?

For example, moving the text that goes with the bunny photo so it’s next to the photo, and having the balloon photo under the bunny photo.

Can this be done?

Can be done with a few CSS changes, yes. But not out of the box. Probably 20 minutes of work for someone who knows what he is doing :)

Thanks for your quick answer – would you be able to provide guidance on how to that CSS change?

of course, if you have problems pulling it off yourself feel free to use my support forums were either me or my team will help ;)


Is there a way to include an e-shop to my theme? and how? Thanks, Alca.

Does this nice theme work with WP3 .3?

yes it does ;)

One more question :)

Is it possible to not have a sidebar on the home page?

if you want to display a blog thats not possible. if you want to show a single page its of course possible :)

Hello, is there a way to include an E-shop to my Shoutbox theme? and how? Thanks Al;ca.

Hey ALca!

You can of course use a shop plugin and try to get it to work but the theme is not optimized for any E-SHop , therefore it would definitely need some work from a developer to pull that off

Is there localization feature in this theme?

Regards, Tom

The theme comes with po/mo files fore easier translation, but there are no backend options for localization features if thats what you need…


First, I’m sorry but I don’t have a URL to post because this theme is for the redesign and the only way to view it is if you’re logged in as admin.

I’m on a deadline to get a site live (by tomorrrow!) and the Kriesi boards are closed for the holidays (ack! freakout time!) so I really hope someone here can help.

I got instructions from the Kriesi support for removing the slider altogether. The instructions were to remove this code in loop-index.php:

<?php if($img_size) { $slider = new avia_slideshow(get_the_ID()); echo $slider?>display_small($img_size); } ?>

However, when I use the insert feature that comes w/the theme, the image shows up in the slider area at the top of the post and it’s all distorted because the image of course is quite a bit smaller than the slider dimensions.

I also need to bring the first post image into the home page excerpts which are “the most recent posts” for the home page. No image at all is showing up in the home page excerpts. Not even a “blank space” where the image should be.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Would you consider upgrading this theme to use wp-e-commerce? I have your other themes with WooCommerce, but that commerce solution just isn’t close to being as good as wp-e-commerce.



I completed the file default.po How do I activate my language now?