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is there any way to display just post title in the “columns” element in the theme builder?

Thank you for your help!



I will like people to download pdf from my website, will this be posible with this template? . I will also like to know if this template can be made to become responsive ?


Hi is there any way to display a thumbnail for videos embedded from vimeo? Maybe there’s a plug-in for that?


Nevermind, I found the answer on your support message board :)

This is a very beautiful theme , but I can’t buy this :((

I regret paying $50 for this Theme. I though I would be able to easily remove the ugly HUGE text box area in the slider that blocks a big part of the featured image but there is no option to remove it or make it transparent. I asked in the support forum but had to wait for many hours for an answer with no detail explanation and the code I was provided didn’t even solve my problem. The documentation is very poor with many grammatical typos. Never again.

All the featured images are stretched!!

please make responsive layout, so i wanna purchase :)


I want to insert a baner on the BLOG element of the TEMPLATE BUILDER.

This baner must be between slider of featured post and the Full sized entries.

How can i do thath?

In my blog I created users with permission of “Author”. The same try to load the featured image but it doesn’t work. Usually on other blog authors can upload photos and featured images, I have to change some settings? Try it yourself if you want:


I can’t seem to find the option to change the theme color, at the minute its on the default blue but I would like to make it another color like in the demo. Can you please point me in the right direction….

Thank you.

nice theme. but out of time. NOT RESPONSIVE!!

Indeed, this theme should’ve been responsive. Awsome theme though!

thanks :)

Hey kriesi, I really love this theme among all the blog/magzine themes on TF. But why i hesitate to buy it :P because it is not responsive :( I really request you to make it responsive.


Unfortunately this is probably not gonna happen anytime soon because of other themes requiring most of our attention…


Hello, is these theme ever been translated to Hebrew (right to left)?

one more Q: in my site i have the Enfold theme of yours, does this theme similar to the Enfold?

hey! enfold recently got the rtl stylesheet added and will also get magazine elements with the next update ;)

Unfortunately shoutbox is not as easy to use or powerful as enfold…

Hey why is this theme not responsive?

Hey! Its a little older and was built before responsive mode was becoming a standard :)

Tthe template builder option, can I use that in another theme?

Hey! Our other themes support similar options but its not really easy to extract it and use it in a theme that is not optimized for it…

Hey Kriesi,

awesome theme, but WHY ON EARTH IS THERE NO SUPPORT FOR Google+, YouTube and Facebook links in the header bar?

Seriously, basic stuff. Get it sorted out.


I am sorry for the delay reply. You can add custom icons there, just contact our support and we will assist you out on that :)

Please make it RESPONSIVE come on it’s 2015! all your customers want a responsive design!



I am sorry but for now, that is not a priority on the development. Have you tried our enfold theme, you can create such a template with it!

Can I trade it with the Enfold theme ?

Thanks a lot!