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I’m looking for script like that all the time. Wish you would do a WP template like that!!! GLWS !

Thanks for your comment. Actually, we’re working on it and it should be out soon. Stay tuned!

Do you have an estimated release date on the Wordpress version of this theme?

We don’t have an exact date, but we’re thinking 2-3 weeks from now :)

just bought the item…just trying to understand. It’s not fully functional? Do we need to do more work with it for it to work? (e.g where someone actually uploads something etc) Thanks for letting me know

You can implement the HTML template to Wordpress, Drupal, or any other CMS of your choice on your own.

We’re actually working on the WP version of this template, so stay tuned.

Haha just bought this, thinking it was WP!! Dammit! hahaha!

Oh wells just saw that you are making one soon! Could you please inform me ASAP so I can get it :D

Really need your template it is PERFECT !!

(also do people that submit and people that give feedback both have to log in? cause that would be perfect)

Thank you for your comment and for your purchase.

We really appreciate it. Yes, the WP is on its way, we’re working on it right now.

That’s really a Beauty, Loved to see n buy WP version!

Please let us know as the WP version is out, we love to feature on our blog (Dzine Watch) aswell..

hanks for your comment and for your kind words. We’re working on the WP version and hoping to have it ready by Christmas. We’ll let you know once it’s out!

Hi. Are you still working on the WP of showcase? if yes, can you give a new release timeline?

Hi. Yes, we still are. We’re sorry about the delay, however, we’ve been overloaded with other projects. We will, most likely, release the theme in March.

There seem to be a problem with navigation on small screen. After selecting an option from select, ‘home’ option is shown and not the current page option!

We didn’t code this functionality in HTML, since it’s done in CMS. If you need the HTML template, we can do that for you.