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Very nice template! Only thing I suggest is to do an outline:none on the menu links to get rid of the border surrounding them when clicking.

Keep up the good work! :)

Thanks for the comment, excellent tip, i’ll add it to the next version ;)

This is an awesome item!

Thanks, glad you like it :D

I’m Sorry but i bought this template… and i don’t know how to edited Please HELP !!!! I do video production and this is my first time with html…..Please HELP ! I NEED HELP !!!!!! I know how to use Photoshop & Illustrator. But what software i need to customized and how i can uploaded????

Please HElp me out!!! ANYONE my email is

Hi david, i’ve sent you and email :)

wow your names not SolidStudio for nothing!!! very well organised files, clean code and some nice features. Looking forward to seeing more of your work on here.

Thanks for the great feedback and rating, really appreciated :D

Great file – really easy to customise and well documented. I’ve purchased a few files from Themeforest so far and this was one of the easiest to get up and running and it is amazing how a little tinkering can produce some great results.

Thanks for the incredible feedback and rating it’s really great to here that you like the template!

hi, this is a briiliant theme, and it was worth my money. :D, but how do you comment on the blog?

This is a html template, comment functionality would need to be built

Hi, sorry, I’m not 100% about coding and everything. How is the blog updated and how can I update the website on my own without having to go into dreamweaver and doing it manually? What is the blog powered by? Also is it possible to use a flash player with the light box? How can you set up the newsletter and contact form?

Thanks so much! I am really interested in buying the theme so I just want to make sure I know what I am getting!

Hi there, this is a html website which would require a cms to update, if you need this functionality out of the box i would suggest you purchase a wordpress template which allows you to edit content through the worpress admin panel.

Any plans to build a wordpress version?

How do I slow the image slider down? and can i make each slide switch at a certain time?

Thanks in advance.

C’mon man i need the answer to my question.

‘How do I slow the image slider down? and can i make each slide switch at a certain time?’




How do I slow the image slider down? and can i make each slide switch at a certain time?

Thanks in advance.



Nice tempate. But I noticed that when we open Your website in 800×600px (or smaller) resolution, the “stage” isn’t fully visible. I mean – we should slide the browser to show the right side of the stage. The problem is that after it there is an white column despite of an continuation of website graphic, and it doesen’t disapear. Could You please tell me how to solve the problem?

Thank You in advance.


Great template, I just have two questions for the jQuery slider. I would like to use three .png files with transparency – showing products / services. But the 3rd slide has a built in pop over with addtional slides or video. How do it or where in the code can I remove the pop over – so it doesn’t show up under the other slides as a grey box? 2nd part – I would also like to make another page that has 5 slides on it. How do I get the bottom nav bar to show 5 slider_nav -png /.gifs that goes with slide 1-5 ? When I modify it – it starts to break apart in the browser.

Thanks, JV