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Hi, really love the template but am having an issue with the contact form which is not sending emails. If you try to send an email through the form you just get ‘Email could not be sent’ but I can run /contact.php?test=test and it says that the testing email has been sent.

It does not look like its even trying to send any emails as i have run a packet sniffer on the web server and cannot see any outbound connections for port 25.

My server is running II7 with PHP5 and so far as i can see all of the configuration is in place for php. I have removed the file from my site now but to do a quick test of the php I created a file titled info.php with the contents of:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

and then browsed to it in a web browser and the full php information for the server was shown. Can you think of anything else to try to find out why this is not emailing? The only thing that i have changed in the contact.php is my email address in the settings section.


Another thing that i was wondering if its possible to do is insert a different description for each of the images on the portfolio pages – either just underneath the image or ideally above the image inside the following section for the title bar that is already there: <!-- Title --> <div class="portfolio-title black"> In an old website template that I was using I used to be able to add a 'title' value for each image and it would then show on the webpage just below the image. The code for that on the old site was: <code> <li class="hidden"><a href="images/portfolio/IMG_1911.jpg" title="Diving on House Reef"></a></li> <li class="hidden"><a href="images/portfolio/IMG_1912.jpg" title="Diving at site 123"></a></li> </code> Is there an easy way to get short descriptions like these for each image to show in your template? Thanks</div>

nice work:);

Hi there, amazing work! Congratulations!

Please, a question for you: how I can remove the 2 side black stripe on “youtube video” page and make the youtube video really fullscreen?


Hi, if you don’t have support for it, where i can get support if I buy this template? Why it is in list page for buy if we don’t get to support?