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Nice theme. Will you consider making this template compatible with Facebook?

Thanks. I did see your FB version and I also bought it, but I was thinking about your Wordpress version and if you were thinking about making this compatible with facebook. After all it is more easy to manage a WP version. Br., Henrik

Henrik! I got what you mean, no, there won’t be such a version. Sorry.

Hello, Beautiful theme!

I have a pre-purchase question. Would it be possible through additional custom work by you to have the portfolio be a masonry design rather than the square grid?

I would be willing to pay extra for that functionality.

Thank you and best regards!

Mike! Do you mean the image in the portfolio or gallery?

Hi, I wasn’t sure until I bought/installed it. I’m only using the portfolio. So, I would like those to open directly to the lightbox with a single click. What would be AMAZING is if I could specify what happened… so photo posts would open directly into lightbox and info posts would open directly into the post page.

Should we move this conversation to the forum or possibly an email?

I have begun setting it up… it’s at

Yes, it would be better to discuss it on the forum. Thanks

Is it possible to make the footer always visible?

You mean to scroll the content between the header and the footer?

Prepurchase question:

On the homepage, when you click an item and the image expands open, can you adjust the size of the image displayed? I want the images to be much larger than what is being shown in the demo. That is the only thing holding me back. Thanks!

Hi there! I have small images for the prettyphoto popup, if you upload the bigger image, it will resize the poput to the available sizes.

Fantastic. Thank you. About to purchase. Cheers.

Thanks for your interest in my product :)

Hi, i really love that theme design. A few pre-sale questions :

- Is it possible to change the width of the sidebar from 220 to 300 - Can we add a sidebar in the blog masonry - Is this theme compatible with Buddypress - Do you have a related post module? - Would it be possible to have boxed version of this theme? (fixed width)

Thank you for your reply

Hello! 1.As a custom solution. 2. It does not support masonry style with the sidebar. 3. It is not buddypress compatible. 4. There is no boxed version.

Hi, than you for your fast reply. Even as a custom solutions for the other points? Or can you recommend a developer that can take that project

And you didnt respond about the related post module?

Hello, I will buy the template, but I wonder if I can change the thumbnail size of the portfolio. I would change the thumbnail size to 250px X 170px.

Is there any way to have the portfolio thumbs sort randomly


They are resizing automatically, you can’t make them fixed.

I can’t seem to add more than 160 images per gallery. Any help would be appreciated.

Do you have some errors? Please be more specific.

Hi Mad_dog I bought your theme but is there a way to change the order of the grid? At this moment the newest pics will be displayed on the top of the grid. But at your demo I see that the pics are shown randomly. I want that too, so how can I set this up?

Greets Jos

I have the latest added portfolio items loading first on my demo page.

how can I place a download image icon in your theme? just like this gallery

Hello! It can be done, but only as a custom solution.

will you be adding a full screen view for images to this theme?

What do you mean?


First, very nice template. Second, I am trying to integrate Woocommerce into it. I tried to do this : Unsuccessfully… Could you help? Just indicating me how and where to add these code lines would really really help. Or showing me what you did (it seems that have tested woocommerce lastly) Thank you very much,


Hello Joelle! This theme is not compatible with woocommerce plugin.

hi, looking to purchase this site. Wondering if i can add the home top bar where it sais the categories + search and find us on facebook etc.. can that be added to the masonry blog and the categories will filter that blog and the search will work for that. also can we set the masonry blog as the home?

Hello! That top bar is available only for the portfolio.

so how do we categorize the blog… there just random post under no tags or lables?

The masonry style blog does not support this option, it loads all the posts from the blog by date.

Hello, I have 100 portfolio items, I had set to load 30 items and 10 by clicking “load more”. When home page is loaded and the user see 30 fist items he/she clicks on some category and he/she see the items of this category only from these first 30 items, and there is no “load more” button, so he/she can’t see all this category items and can’t load more also. It’s not good, because I have 45 items of this category, but I have only 1-2 category items in these first 30 items , so when user clicks on this category and see 1-2 items he/she could think that that is all items in this category and just leave my site. How can I add load more button in category?

Got it, really strange, will take a look.

Thanks! Let me know when you fix it.

Sure, I will, please let me know your email address.

Hey, I just bought the Showroom Theme. And although I had big problems to let the theme create the thumbnails I managed to solve this problem. My question now is how to link the single images of the portfolio together. In the Demo when you click on one image you have the possibility to click on next or preview to go from image to image. I don ‘t have that. I always have to close the image to go back to the overview. (

Thanks for your help.

Hello! I’m having problems positioning the logo correctly within the header area on the webpage. Please help! Thanks!

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please post all tech related questions to my support forum at and you will be assisted.

Done! Thanks!

Hi and thanks for your nice theme. I’d like to know if it’s possible to have the landing page always loading and not based on the cookies with 24 hours timeline as the default. Thanks Stefano

It is possible, but in this case you won’t be able to enter the site.

Hi! My customer bought this theme and ask me to modify it. I’d like to know how can I change the size of the photo in the portfolio section since you don’t have any CSS file.

My bad I was looking for the file into Wordpress.

Hi there… I am trying to add a comment box from facebook, where do I place this code?

using the portfolio grid version

Hello! Please repost this question to my support forum and you will be assisted. Thanks

Is it possible to put a toggle box in the footer for SEO purposes?

In terms of SEO – what is scene on the homepage by google? and does the landing page interfere with SEO?

Hello! Please send your request to help at themedev dot me The lading page does not interfere with SEO.

Okay, just sent this over!