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you say it has a custom landing page – but where is that I can’t find on site? please send link – thanks

Please delete the cookies and check the site once again.

Is it me? Or the portfolio page is tied up to all the category items? I mean, I am able to only choose “All” or one category at a time. How can I choose let’s say by example, category A to D for the Homepage and make another portfolio page with category D to G?


Hello! There is no way to do that at the moment.

So, all these glitter and praise for GT3 Builder fooled me? That ain’t cool but I’ll keep trucking

How do I delete the “Date” and “Author” name from the Blog and Search sections? I need to hide these.

You can do that in the code, please post this request on my support forum and you will be assisted.

Hi I purchased the theme, where do I find the demo file to be imported? Thank you.

Hello! Please download the main zip file and read the documentation that comes with the theme.


Landing page. Hello mode smartphone landing page does not send to the home, always recharge the landing page. The theme options there is only the possibility to enable or disable the page, how do you fix it? Thank you.

Hello, there is no fix, the problem is on your end, please disable cache plugin. Having more questions, please post them to my support forum

Hi! How can I display Turkish character like “ç” “?” ? Thanks for your help.

I’m sorry for the wrong question. Yes all characters are Ok but “?” is not display correctly with Google fonts as you can see. How can I display these characters correctly with Google fonts?

If the google font does not support your characters, then it won’t work.

Hey – love the theme. This is my side:

But today there was this error:

Warning: require_once(classes/admin-tabs-option-types.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /homepages/37/d397488484/htdocs/wp-content/themes/showroom/core/loader.php on line 13

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘classes/admin-tabs-option-types.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php5’) in /homepages/37/d397488484/htdocs/wp-content/themes/showroom/core/loader.php on line 13

What can i do? whats the problem? thx for your help.

okay, thx a lot. I will.

okay i did contact the hoster. but everythings okay. I changed the theme via mysql-database and now i can connect with the page. Do you have any clue what the problem could be?

Frankly speaking I do not know what’s wrong :(

Where can I set the color of the landing logo to transparent?

Hello! Please post this request to my support forum and if it is possible you will be provided with the solution.

arrrgh! Ok, yes it can be done I did it before but now the code doesnt work

ok posting in your forum :/

I was wondering, is there’s a way to remove the ’’ Load More ’’ button from the portfolio widget.

It is possible, please submit your request to my support forum. But please note that you won’t be able to display more items than it is set in the portfolio module.

Great theme thanks! Using it here :)

Just one quick question how do i change the height size of the portfolio images so there all different sizes? At the minute there all the same size,i want it like this on the html version i was using before.


Hello Jim! Thanks for choosing my product. The theme does not support it.

Ok pal not to worry.

Hi, first of all: Awesome Theme. I’m glad I bought it.

I do have a question:

Is it possible to add additinal fields in the contact form (Phone Number, adress, etc.)?

Thanks for your help!

Hello! The current contact form can’t be modified.

Question before I buy – can my homepage layout be set to Blog -> Masonry Blog?


Yes, it can.

Hi, I just have a question before buying the theme :) is there an option for how many is shown in the portfolio? And that’s why there is aloud more button? I’m just asking because I have about 50 images and i do not want them to all show but still be able to be seen when a certain filter is clicked. Also, is there a way to not have wording/title on a picture? I just want the option to click and enlarge the image, no writing. Thanks and look forward to buying!

The thing is that you can either display the entire list of the items, in this case the “load more” button is not visible or display the certain list of the items, in this case “load more” is visible.

I am currently using the version: Version 1.1.705

Is there an updated version? If so, how would I update this without losing everything I have? TY!

Btw, great theme!

Hello! You can download the updated version at themeforest, please check change_log.txt for obtaining information.

I wish I can do these myself but I have no HTML/PHP/CSS/etc. knowledge.

It can be done only as a custom solution.

I am using this theme which has been purchased by my client. I am having issues with the TimThumb which doesn’t seem to want to work. I have tried setting the Permissions to 777 but its still not working i’m getting the following: The link above is what i’m getting from inspecting the element. is the site.

I have made the permissions on the uploads folder right from what I can tell. Is there something i’m doing wrong??

Hello! Please post all tech related questions to my support forum. Thanks

Ok will do that in a couple of minutes.

Hi, a pre purchase question. On the portfolio images on the home page when you hover over the image the title of that portfolio appears. Is there a way to add more content say the title plus a small description?

The current theme functionality supports only the title, but it is possible to add even a description but only as a custom solution.

hi, may i know if i could remove the title “maginfying glass” and “details” link in portfolio? When rollover it will only show title. Can title font be changed smaller?


Yes, it is possible, but please note it can be done only by editing the code.

Does this theme support RTL languages ?

Hello! It does not support RTL.

Hello, I bought your template a while back and i really love it. I was wondering if it’s possible to integrate users into it and let them create their own portfolios? If possible, how can that be done?

Best regards, Valdorian

Thank you for replying so quickly. My bad, I have to rephrase my question a little. I know the theme itself does not support this option. But do you know any social network WP Plugins/Systems that could be combined with your theme?


I do not have any experience with social network plugins.

That´s a real bummer. Thanks anyway. :)

One of the best themes I have come around, thanks mad_dog. Quick question. Is there anyway to PHP output the portfolio featured image with a class? I would like to make a portfolio and categorize “video” and have the thumbnail have a class so that I can put a CSS hover animated gift for that specific category. Essentially, all the thumbnails that would be categorized as “video” on the homepage will animate with a mouse over. Cheers.

Hello! There is no specific class for each category.