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Hi, could You tell, how can I add a “title” attribute to the portfolio icons (zoom and open portfolio), for my visitors exactly know what these icons mean??

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. It is standard icons that describes the option to zoom and a link to the portfolio item page. You can’t add the titles to the icons. Having more questions, please post them to my support forum at

Until now everythings works fine, then the first error appears: [LayerSliderWP] Invalid shortcode Yes, the plugin is installed. Yes, the plugin is activated. Next thing is: I can´t register to the support forum, because the package contained no mtherfcking purchase code… really REALLY annoying to me. I can´t get it to work and i can´t register to get some help. :/

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. 1. Please read on how to install and use the plugin. It is really easy, create a slider in the Layerslider admin panel. Go to the page where you want to add it, add “slider” module to the page and in the module settings choose the slider that you created. 2. To register on the forum you have to enter the purchase code, please check this screenshot

Yeah, thanks man. I finally got it working.


Does the site support Hebrew characters as I want to create the site in English and Hebrew.

Also does the site come with the pictures in the demo?

Hello! It does not have RTL support.

No problems. I have purchased the theme and want to change the colour of the icon on the Load More square. I have managed to locate and change this in the PSD and have the entire box saved. However, I cannot see which file to overwrite to change this…

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please submit your request to my support forum at and you will be assisted.

Pre Buy questions 1. Can I change menu font and main font on website (style & size) 2. Portfolio – on mouseover they are 2 circle icons, can I turn it to square? 3. Sliders – icons are also circle, can I turn it to square?

Hello! 1. Yes, it is possible to change via css 2. That’s the images .png they can be replaced. 3.They are also images.

Hi there! Congratulations for the template.

I have a few questions about it:

- I want to use it as a blog. Using the portfolio items as posts. Is it possible? They will appear in the blog search and in the Google search as independent pages?

- It`s possible to make the grid page, a infinite scroll page?

Thanks a lot!

Hello! 1. You can’t do that. 2. What do you mean “infinite scroll page”

Infinite scroll, like this: at the end of the page, the next page loads automatically.


It can be integrated only as a custom solution.

I feel like I just wasted $50 on this theme. Far more advance than I was used to. I was hoping for more information on how to change the simple things like the footer, Hell the logo even when changed still shows your logo. You keep directing everyone to the support page but there really is not much support for this theme.I wish I could step back 6 hours and get my money back.

It is impossible that you changed the logo in the admin panel and the old one is still on the site. There can be an issue with the 3rd plugins installed. I do not know what exact issue you had. Any link to your forum thread?

Pre-sale question :

It says the site has a translator…can you please elaborate…I plan on using the template on a bilingual site. English/French

Can this be achieved with your template?

Thank you,

It does not have multi-language support

Thanks for the quick reply.

Is the language translator available in admin panel or .mo file?

Yes, it is available in the theme admin panel.


I like this theme and I would like to know if I can use it for Amazon affiliate marketing. Is there any plugin that be compatible with the theme and can help me on that direction?

Thank you very much.

Hello. Im not familiar with amazon affiliate marketing.

Hi- I purchased and have installed your brilliant theme, congrats. Only problem I have is that the responsive LayerSlider WP is not responsive at the mobile level @media screen 459px or landscape at 767px. The CSS seems to cut off the images with every code combination and settings I threw at it.

Here is my link with the slider:

I can email you password credentials to investigate better with your reply.


Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Did you enable the responsive mode in the Layerslider settings? Sure, you can send your details to my email and I will take a look. It is help at gt3themes dot com

hi , when will you update the theme to wordpress 3.7 ?

I did not notice any conflict with 3.7

hey mad_dog, it would be nice to have linkedin (and maybe xing) at the “contact info” block.

Hello! OK, I will take it into consideration. Thanks

I bought this theme by accident while looking at another theme ” frame” in the drop down menu. Once I was on the ” Frame” option and could view it, I simply hit ” buy” and it gave me ” showroom” I need a refund for this one as I have not even downloaded it yet. Can anyone help me with this?

Hello! Please contact themeforest regarding this issue.

I bought this theme by accident and have not downloaded it. I was on the site for ” Frame” and clicked “buy” and this is the one that downloaded. I would like to speak with someone about getting a refund as this is the second time I have emailed and posted about this in a week and a half.

Hello! You have to contact Themeforest directly regarding this issue.


I noticed you said Child Theme support but I don’t see the child theme included in the download. Please advise.

Yes, that’s correct, it is child theme ready, but you have to create it yourself.

There appears to be compatibility issues with WordPress 3.8.

I am having a problem with creating a Portfolio Item. Specifically, it is impossible to create one because it won’t let you choose a featured image. You can see this in this short video:

Also, when referencing a media item such as the above video using WordPress’ standard method, another error is generated: Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /wp-content/themes/showroom/functions.php on line 657

Please advise.

Hello! Strange things happen on your end. Can you please send your wp-admin details and we will check it. You can send them to help at gt3themes dot com

Okay, thank you! I sent 2 emails; one containing the credentials and another one w/ a link to the admin.

Ok, I will get back to you once check it.

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this theme but have a few questions:

1. Can I edit the homepage? Or can I create a new page with the page builder and set that as my homepage?

2. On the Portoflio Grid Layout, is it possible to have the content of an item always open in a lightbox automatically instead of giving the option to choose whether to view the image in a lightbox OR go to the item’s link? I’m asking because I’m looking to really create a gallery of images that look like this grid layout and don’t want to show any content pages for them.

3. In the Portfolio and anywhere else this applies, is it possible to have it automatically load more items instead of having to click the load more link?


Hello! 1. Sure, you can set any page as a home one. It is a standard wordpress functionality. 2. I would recommend to remove the link icon then, in this case you will have only lightbox option. 3. No, you have to click “load more” to load the rest of the items.

Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have a few more questions:

For #2, to remove the link icon, is something that is configurable in the theme or is it custom code work?

For #3, is there anything in the theme that lets me decide how many items to load up first before the “load more” appears? Or is this a set amount of items defined in the code?


2 I can guide you on how to do that in the code. #3 here is what you can set for the portfolio


There is a problem with my theme with the pagination. No matter which page number I try to go to, then it shows me a post instead. Have you experienced the same problem before?

Seen it and replied now.

OK, will check it and get back to you via email.

any news?

Is this theme no longer compatible to WordPress version 3.8? I am using Showroom version 1.1.1742, Google Chrome version 32.x. Since WordPress updated itself to version 3.8.1 or something, I’m now having the following issues:

1.) The following error is generated: wp-content/themes/showroom/core/page-builder/pb-functions.php on line 79

2.) Content is disabled for any type of posts (including portfolio post types) and pages. This is exclusive to THIS theme and is NOT the case with other themes such as Twenty Eleven.

Hello! Please send your wp-admin and ftp details to help at gt3themes dot com and I will check it.

Ok, this is really frustrating. I cant register on your support page, no error messages or nothing. Nothing at all happens when i click the submit button on the register form.

I have a few questions. 1. Is there an option to load all portfolio items on the grid without having to click “load more”.

2. There is clearly a bug in the grid portfolio filtering. If an item haven’t been loaded it wont show up when filtering the grid. This is really annoying an ruins the whole purpose of the theme. The user gets no indication at all that the category has unloaded portfolio items. The user will think its an empty category. At least an “+load more” button should appear on a category that has items which has not yet been loaded.

Hello! Yes, we are aware of this issue but couldn’t do anything with that because there was an issue on Envato API end. Now everything works fine. 1. Yes, it is possible to do that, please post your request to my support forum 2. It is not a bug, that’s how the ajax portfolio works. It displays and filters only those items that have been already loaded.

1.ok 2. ok 3. In that case this portfolio is useless to me, i have seen a lot of others masonry templates that has simple solutions for this. Why not just add the possibility to ”+ load more” items from the specific category or force a “load all” when filtering? However i have read that the author of the Ajax portfolio i working on a fix for that, will you update this theme with the latest version of the ajax portfolio?

I do not use any author’s plugin for the ajax portfolio.

Hi mad_dog,

Is it possible to keep the upper part of the page (from top to the end of the header) and just place a simple grid (with WooCommerce) of products below that without any text or information (just pictures) like this Big Cartel shop did:

Thank you in advance

Hello! Yes, it is possible to do but please note that woocommerce should be styled to look great in the theme