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Hi Just one question before I purchase theme. Is audio player able to show in masonry blog layout? Like with the other posts? I do not see the audio player in demo. I hope it is not flash. Which version is better the html or wordpress version?

No, this post format does not support featured image.

Ok. One last thing. Am I able to add a masonry blog using the page builder? Also i want to try out the page builder to see if I like it. Is there anywhere I can get a download link?

Sure, you create a blank page, add the “blog” module and activate the masonry style

hi, i want make multi-language portfolio, how can i this make ? Which plugins exist ? Thank you.

You can try to use wpml but I’m not sure if works fine with the ajax portfolio.

Thanky you. And free plugin ? because 100 dollar is to much… Or exist other solution? – i have showroom portfolio…

Hello, why music is not playing on my website? i uploud the mp3 file, on shoowroom settings mp3 file but doesnt play :(

Hello! Please send your site credentials and I will check it.

Hello! I try to setup blog masonry but featured image not shows wordpress 1.8.3. Please help me to resolve this problem.

Please test on the live server, I can’t assist you on your local server. The theme was tested on 3.8.3 it worked fine.

I resolve this problem it was permission on folder. How can i resize thumbnail ? When i upload large image it’s shows only small piece of image in masonry blog .

If you want to get the ideal picture, than you have to have the proper image size, in this case all the images will be resized from the center.

I love this theme! Been using it for a while now without any problems.

However, i recently upgraded my site to multisite and the grid columns on portfolio, stopped working.. (image links are broken) :S

Are you aware of this issue ?

Hello! Do not have any complaint about such issue? Could you please let me know more? What changes did you make? What plugin did you use? Please send your site credentials to

Hello can this theme be used with Buddypress as to turn it into a social site for creative types? Allowing them to post their art and what not? Thank you

The theme can work with this plugin but it requires the styling.

Great theme!

Thank you

hi how can i change the height of the images in the slider? THANKS!

this questions is for the html, not wordpress theme.

Then please post it in the right place to avoid misleading.

I am having trouble with this template on iOS 8.1. It doesn’t load and then crashes either safari/chrome or the entire device. See my staging site here Any help with this would be much appreciated.

We tested the original theme on different devices with IOS 8.1 and it works properly. Maybe you modified the theme files or there are some 3rd party plugins that affect the work of the theme.

Thank you so much, I think it is having issues on my phone only because I have it jailbroken. I did have one more question … is it possible to re-order the portfolio items? They by default display in a last in first out manner, can I manually control the order the display?

You can have them sorted by date only.

Hallo, I represent my client that bought this theme. I want to know why when I set the homepage as a portfolio, there are some images show up but some images don’t. What the biggest image size that I have put as featured image in portfolio? Thank you.

You are welcome

I just post the question in the forum, please reply ASAP. Thank you.

The questions are answered in the order they were submitted. We do respect all our customers.

Hi, is this compatible with WPML? or any other language plugins?

Hello! Yes, it works with WPML plugin.

Your website is down so i can’t see the demo. :(

There was a temporary issue on the hosting end, now its working fine.

Is it possible to specify which ‘Portfolio’ the homepage opens up to? I want both of my portfolios listed however, I don’t want the website to automatically open to “All”. I removed “All” but I can’t figure out how to get it to stop opening up to the “All” portfolio.

You can select either all categories or any of the available in the list, but only one.

Great theme, but is it possible to increase the number of image tiles on the homepage? By default, there are always 20 but I`d like to show some more.

You are my hero! Thx!

Hello friend, I have a problem with the theme showroom , I need to make 2 changes, 1- . infinite scroll in the main category and all categories of Filters for images . for example ( select the filter images “dog pictures ” and that shows 25 images and going down the scroll , this load the rest of the images in an infinite scroll . and work in all filters images .

2. searching the web , just look for images by coincidence in the text labels, and these the order in the gallery start . for example in the search , I will write ” Red Dog ” and the result, and display all images of red dogs , containing the text “red” or ” dog” on their labels.

if you can help me I would be very happy , because I am from a very distant country , and I am willing to pay for the work . I will be attentive to your answer. thank you very much friend!

Hello! TF stats shows that you did not purchase this item.

Hello, is this possible to have a shop in this wp theme?... please say yes.. :-)... i love this design!!! is this going to be for 4.1 WP?...

ty :-)

We can do that only as a custom solution.

how much will be this cost please? and i see that in all the themes that i bought there is always the gt3 builder, the themes are not working without the gt3 builder?

Its a part of all our themes, you have to submit this request via a contact form on our TF profile page.

Hello, is it possible to build a portfolio using local video files instead of using youtube or vimeo?

Hello! No the theme supports only YouTube and Vimeo

Great template, just a shame there isn’t a “duplicate” function coming with the gt3 builder :(

Hello! What duplicate function do you mean?

Hi, I mean when I build a page, the modules I have edited (accordion, toogle, blockquotes…..) can’t be duplicated on a same page – or I’m not aware of. Would be even better to be able to duplicate some modules (ex: some titles, text areas, ...) on a different page! ;) Also, would be great to have an “image” module. I know we have multiple options to instert images, but just 1 single image module with direct access to medias library would be nice.

Yes, we know, there are some difficulties in the backend.

What version is Showroom Portfolio WP Theme right now?

Its 1.6 version, and yes, its compatible with 4.3.

thanks mad_dog. I´m going to recommend her to buy it again so we can keep it updated :)

Hi there,

it is possible to show Featured Work or featured post of ONE category ? I saw the question has already been asked but I havent seen the answer, exept “Please check the answer below.”, which doesn’t help me much! :)


Hello! Did not get your question, any example?