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The system shows me now: You have already purchased this file. You can download it here. If you wish, you can purchase it again. I think i was on the wrong product’s page…

Ok, so here we go again: “That spalsh screen doesn’t appear anymore plus I don’t know how to change its text. I have an adult website and bought this theme especially for the splash screen which would allow me to make a kind of +18 Enter splash screen. Also there is this anoying “Category” word appearing on my homepage, don’t know how to get rid of it. Help appreciated.”

Hello and thanks for the purchase :) 1. The splash is cookies based (24 hours) once you opened it it won’t appear again, you can now clear your cookies and you will see it again. 2. Please read the documentation, you can set any page as a home one. Having more questions, please visit my support forum, you can find the link to it in the documentation.

Ok, thank you :)

How can I activate this section:

1. submenu 2. searchbox 3. social icons

You have to create a grid portfolio and set that portfolio as a home page. Please read the documentation and visit my support forum for obtaining information.

This is a pre-purchase question. Is it possible to create a custom page for a portfolio post page? Instead of a single slideshow of images or a single video I would like to have a tabbed box that shows the different types of work a client creates (i.e. logo, print, video) and within each of those tabs have a different series of images or videos, the videos being a custom playlist from YouTube. Would something like this be possible?

Edit: I should clarify that each portfolio post page would need to be customized based on the type of work shown.

Thank you.

This theme does not support the functionality you mentioned above.

Hi there!

Is it possible to limit the masonry blog page to 2-3 columns with a side bar? Or would this require heavy coding?

Kind regards,

Markus Seidl.

Markus, only as a custom solution.

Hi Mad Gog,

Great template but i’v some questions before buy it :) Is it possible to display post article same item portfolio? I’v very interested by your “portfolio style” but for post.

Do you understand me? Thanks


Hello Bodega! Yes, I do understand, but it can be done only as a custom solution

Hi Mad_dog,

is it possible to overwrite the blog part or add custom modules from a child template to GT3?

You can add the modules from child theme, but the custom module can be created and integrated into your theme.

Hi. It would be nice to know how can make the photos display on the homepage? All I get are white boxes. If you click the white box, the photo is there.


this has been asked on the forum. all portfolio images are added as featured image and they do not show.

What’s the URL to your forum thread?

Hey! I have the html5 version and i want to know if i purchase the wordpress version if it’s possible to change fonts easily. And modify some css properties like the border-top-color and other changes.

Hello! The main font can be changed via admin theme panel, it supports google web fonts. Yes, if you have basic knowledge of HTML you will be able to do that easily, the css is well structured.


I need to add excerpt text (or content text) on thumbnails over pictures. Now there is only title and two icons (view the picture, and link to portfolio item). How can I do that,, what files do I need to update?


Hello! It requires additional changes, can be considered as a custom solution only.

Why can’t you just say that part is in core/registrator/ajax-hendler.php file .. I was able to change it, but man … c’mon!

So, if you found what file to modify, then you are advanced user. I’m getting tons of requests to help in modifying my templates :(

HI, I just purchased it and tried to register to the forum but can’t the transaction number it’s asking for. My question is: How do I import the ” demo” version as shown. Can you write out the instructions. TXS

Hello and thanks for the purchase. 1. Please check this screenshot to see where to get the license code. 2.Please follow the instructions in the documentation.

Thanks for the instructions. I’ve posted my questions in the forum this morning. Cheers!

OK, my support rep. will assist you.

Hi, like this theme! Before i buy: is it possible to link an homepage item (block) to a same page like the homepage? And is it possible to us a fullscreen background image on a page?

Regards, Donna

Hello Donna! Thanks for your interest in my theme. 1.What homepage item (block) do you mean, did not get where you want to link it to. There are portfolio items on the home page, they are linked to the portfolio item post page. 2. The theme does not support background image, but it can integrated as a custom solution.

Ok I have like 3 or 4 plugins that when they are activated, show me this error:

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/whatismx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mailchimp/miniMCAPI.class.php:806) in /home/whatismx/public_html/wp-content/themes/showroom/functions.php on line 707

Hello! It looks like there is conflict in classes.

i can seem to get my videos image to appear in the Masonry Blog and when i click “view all” it gives me a error code of 404 any suggestions ?

Can you please post this question to my forum with your site details and support rep. will assist you.

Quick question: I want to add ads on top of every column, I use adrotate and this is my table:

where do I put my code (index?) do I open a new class and you know a better solution for ads on portfolio grid?

Hello! I have no idea how adrotate works.

which file do I modify for the grid portfolio?

There are 2 files to check: core/shortcodes/portfolio.php and core/registrator/ajax-handlers.php line:558

Can this be used with WooCommerce?

Hi there! I did not adapt it to woocommerce

Hey There,

A couple of presale questions.

Can I create multiple grid portfolio pages based on a specific category ? and then filter by tags ?

In other words, I want categories to be menu items and then tags the filter itself, such as the demo “ALL CREATIVE FASHION FUN NATURE PHOTO”.

Thanks in advance and amazing work !!!

Sure, the filter is based on the category list, there are no tags. As for the categories, yes, you can load the specific category on the certain page or display all the category items.

Thanks for the quick response! Another question:

I understand this would require custom development but can the grid layout be based on a custom post-type I create myself ? so that I can include tags ?

I do not know what you did, but it can work only the way it does now.

First off, one of the best themes here. I have a question regarding the portfolio. I’m a photographer who shoots people. Most of my images are portrait orientation. When I place these in the featured image box in dashboard, the thumbnail on the portfolio page is cropping off their faces. Is there way to adjust the thumbnail crop?

how do i change the background into a image ?

It does not support background image .