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I’d also like to turn off the link (when hovering over the image) for the portfolio pages. I’d only like the magnify to show. Is there any way to do this?

Yes, there is a way to do that, please submit your question to my forum and support rep. will assist you.

Hi there. This is a pre-purchase question:

Is it possible to create a homepage that is literally nothing other than the grid of images, and have those images expand in a lightbox?

The home page is based on the portfolio, you can’t change its functionality.

OK, cool, can I possibly get a refund, as it doesn’t fit my needs. I had to purchase it to find it out. How do I go about getting my money back?

To fit your needs you can simply remove the link to the inner portfolio item page. The lightbox exitst, so in this case you can browse through the entire collection. As for the refund, please contact themeforest regarding this issue.

OK, I’ve purchased the gallery and now I know what I’m looking at. My question is:

Can I set a gallery as the main page instead of a portfolio item?


Great theme… congrats!! Just one question… On the frontpage, when mousing over the pictures there’s a link to enlarge the picture and a link to the page, is it possible to get rid off the link to the page? I guess would it be by modifying the code.. in that case, which file is it and where it’s located?

Thank you so much, en good luck with the theme!! Alex

Nice to hearing that. P.S. do not forget to rate my theme if you like it ;)

Hello again!! another quick question… is it possible for the social media links on the Contact Info to open in a new window? like using target=”_blank” somewhere within the code?

Thanks again!! Alex

Hello Alex! Yes, it can be done in the code, please post this question to my help forum and support rep. will assist you. Thanks


great theme, thank you. I have a little question, i have change something in css in the theme. Because i have a problem, everything works fine but i have change the background color and it works on all computers & ipad but at a iphone 5 the landing page background is white. please can you help me to find it in the files?

thank you Oliver

Oliver! Thanks for the purchase. Please repost this question on my forum with the link to your site and support rep. will assist you.

I am uploading images by bulk using a plugin that adds the images to the portfolio automatically. Is there a way to have all portfolio posts use a right sidebar automatically without having to open each item and resave them for it to use the GT3 Builder? I already selected right sidebar as the default option in the Showroom options but new items don’t have a right sidebar until I go in each one by one and republish.

I sent it through you profile. I will resend rather than post my email in public.

Just sent my request again and posted in the support forum.

If you posted on the forum then one my support rep. will get back to you. Thanks

Pre Purchase question.

Is there a way to add a protective gallery or portfolio like some of your other themes?

Slowest WP theme ever I have seen. Music not playing other Menu’s. So why people should stay to main screen for Music? Images are loading and loading.. I checked my Hosting company also I checked my other web sites in the same Hosting, this slowing and loading problem is not about Hosting. Also everyone complain about Slowing and loading, not only me. I love your other themes but this one is totally disappointment for 45$.

Hello! You claim that it is loading too slow, what version of the theme do you have and can you please put the link to your site.

I already Edited my web site why should I update? How can I re-edit after update? I just shocked because of this theme your other themes are perfect.

Dear mad_dog,

I must appreciate you for creating such a beautiful theme for artists. I have a pre-sale question.

What is the maximum height allowed as per the layout for the logo. Actually everything appears superb in this theme except the logo area which i think is too short for an artist’s website. The current logo in demo is just a plain one line text so doesn’t give much idea. How can we change that without affecting the layout look n feel?

I’ve come across a few people complaining about their images not displaying on the front page portfolio, even though they were uploaded successfully. According to them they are just seeing white thumbnail boxes. Kindly clarify on this please.

Kindly reply asap as I’m just waiting for your prompt response before i make investment in this theme.

Thanks Ankur

Great theme! Quick question on customization; how does one go about changing the size of the thumbnails for the grid portfolio pages?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please post this question to my support forum to get assistance.


to watermark images? what is good?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. I would recommend you to use some software to watermark your images.


I am having some problems getting any contact form plugins to look correctly on this theme. Are there any that you can at least recommend.


What’s your username on the forum?

username is “bjorn”

Really strange, you have all the rights to post threads in the proper forums, here is your one

Hi, This is great theme. I have problem. When first time load page, portfolio images don’t open all if reload page its working perfect. Can you help me please? Thank you

Hi there! Any link to your site. Also please let me know if it happens in all browsers

Hello again!

I’m trying to setup a home page with the slider on the top and then blog entries in regular style along with some images on the right side using 3/4 and 1/4 on the page builder settings but the blog is not responding on 3/4… any ideas on what’s going on and how can I fix this?

These are the links to show some screenshots of the page builder configuration and the actual page:

Thank you so much!! Alex

Just send it, thank you!

Got it, will check it asap.

great!! thank you so much!!

Hi, When first time load page, portfolio images don’t open all if reload page its working perfect. Can you help me please? Thank you

Just checked your site using different browsers, the portfolio images are loading fine.

Hi I still learning and wanted to know if you can add more columns to the homepage of the theme. There are 4 columns currently.

Thanks, A

I do have 5 columns on my monitor

In other words can the default size of the homepage images be smaller so that there are more on which ever monitor used?

The thing is that the size and the amount of the images are generated automatically. If you need more or less than it can be done as a custom solution.

Pre purchase question

I want to know if I will need same resolution images for the home page portfolio.

Also is it possible if I can have a full screen slideshow on homepage instead of square icons?

I did not get your question, you mean the image size?

Yes.. the size of image. Should the images be of same size to put it on the home page? So for eg. can i have an image of 800×600 and another of 1600×1200 on home page?

The grid portfolio has one image size.

Two pre-sale questions:
1) Can the Intro/Landing Page with the Enter button be fully customized or a user must used the 2 circles graphic it is designed with?
2) As somebody asked but I haven’t seen an answer for: Can the Logo/Header area margins increase to accommodate a logo with different size/shape?


1. You can change only the color, I mean via admin theme panel, but if you have HTML skills, then you can do any changes 2.Only later themes support this option via theme admin panel.

Hi! I wanted to make a small change, and I asked in the forum. But they say customization is beyond their “support scope”. Could you please have it a look and give me some hint on where to make this adjustment?

Thank you!

Does the right sidebar on posts have room for a 300×250 ad?

The width of the sidebar is 220px