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Very nice!
Loving the blend :-)
Good luck with the sales!

Thanks man! :)

Excellent theme – and lightning fast support! Very recommended.

Thanks man! :)

html version?

This is a nice theme, I am close to pulling the trigger on this one. But is it possible to add a scroller to the top of the homepage (via plugin or however?)

Hello sqwear,

Thanks for the compliment! Do you mean a sticky header? This should be possible. It can also be done with some css.

Kind regards

I love the clean templates! Congratulations :)

Thanks man :) Really appreciate it!

Fantastic Theme :D

Thanks for the kind words Lightfusion! :) If you have some spare time I would really appreciate your rating! ;)

Lightning fast support! I have been using theme forest for 18 months now and this author is by far the quickest and most helpful. Thanks again for all your help!

Thanks citrusmedia. Means a lot to me! :)

i’m loving the look of this theme! it seems very flexible.

before i purchase – can a slider be added to the homepage?

Hello Marcus,

Thanks for the kind words! This theme does not come with a slider out of the box.

Kind regards

Any way to have more than 6 projects?

Hello lfbaroni,

Copy the custom-6.php ans rename it to custom-7.php. Then open it and rename all custom6 references to custom7.

Secondly open up functions.php and look for the custom-6 reference and add another block.

Kind regards

Hello, very nice theme thx ! I have a question : I want to have the green block on the right of a project with the title and description of the work in the portfolio. like here : How can I do ? thx

Currently, I added meta I display a widget in php …

Yes you used a widget? The widgets do not display on the single-project pages. They only show up on the normal single pages..

Hey! Love the theme, simple! But is it only me or is the Gallery feature missing? Many thanks!

Here you go erik:

Just unzip that file, and replace all individual files with the new ones from this download (do not replace the whole map includes!) It now features a full width slider with thumbnails on the single project pages! :)

I replaced the files. But how do I make a Gallery Page? Should I just make a new page and add a slider to it? How do I add the images, slider? Thanks!

The images you upload to the portfolio item will automaticly form a slider! :)

Cannot recommend these guys enough, so helpful and responsive with support.

Thanks Again.

You’re welcome and thanks Ed! Really appreciate it!

Kind regards

Beautiful =)

Thank you! :)

I would like to know if i can place an image instead of the green box.

Would you help me?.

Hello mentepixel,

This can be done by using html

<img src="" alt="your" image="" />

Kind regards

Thanks :)

You’re welcome! :)

Thanks for your support, just another little question; how can i manually decide if i want to show the featured image inside the portfolio project or how I can hide it?

Hello mente,

You can go into single-project.php and delete the line with the featured image reference!

Kind regards

Ey guys, I have a problem to insert the second image. This part exactly

“To add more images go to “add media” on top of the post editor 3. Choose the images you want and upload them but DO NOT press insert into post, just press the cross in the top right corner when you uploaded the images. 4. The images will now show up underneath the featured image on the single item pages.”

Once I added the FEATURE IMAGE, and then “Add media”, i just get one image visible. How can I resolve this? PLease help



It’s about how to add more projects on home. Currently are six, you said in another post that we could duplicate custom-6.php as custom7 and then duplicate the line on functions.php. The problem is that I couldn´t find those files. Thanks for ur help!

Hello dumb,

This can be achieved by going into “homepage.php” and searching for the number 6. Just change it into another number!

Kind regards

Beautiful. Thanks a lot… Congrats once more

Hey! I really like this theme, and will strongly recommend it further. Unfortunately, I’m having one single issue:

When making portfolio-items, I noticed that the upper image (the featured image) is not responsive. It keeps the height and just changes the width. I see this bug on your sample-page aswell.

Are there any way to fix this issue?

It strongly depends on the size of the images! Try and experiment with the dimensions and make sure it is a rectangular shape :)

Kind regards


Very nice theme!

Theme font (Open sans) in google fonts directory shows lithuanian letters as supposed, but in a theme they are being changed to Helvetica or smth. Open sans fits my needs and I really need these letters! Is there any solution to make font work?

Regards Sita

Hello Sita,

Try going to permalinks and press “save” or of you haven’t changed your permalinks from the default to something else, please choose something else.

Alternativly it could be due to a security plugin that the font is not loading, try disabling that plugin to see if this causes the issue!

I’m on a vacation right now so i don’t have acces to my themes at the moment, sorry!

Kind regards

Don’t worry and have a nice vacation time! :) Found a solution myself – lithuanian letters are in the font extended version, so had to change the links in the functions php.

Great! Thanks for the heads up :) I’ll be sure to update that when i’m back!

Kind regards