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Hi, Amazing theme!

I got the error below on portfolio images:

Notice: Undefined variable: term in /home/crpweb/public_html/carolina/wp-content/themes/showy/homepage.php on line 69

Notice Trying to get property of non-object in /home/crpweb/public_html/carolina/wp-content/themes/showy/homepage.php on line 69

Could you help, please?


Hello diego,

Thanks for the kind words! I’m on a vacation right now untill tommorow so I don’t have acces to my themes right now.

Could you try refreshing your permalinks under “settings” -> “permalinks” and just press “save” (unless you still have the default option selected than you should change it to another option and press “save”)

I can be of more assistance once i’m back home, thanks for understanding!

Kind regards

Hi there, I really enjoy your theme. So first of all thanks for the great work!

But I’ve got one question: On the portfolio tiles only one category per project is displayed, even if a project has more. Is it possible to change that?

Hello tknuewer,

I’ll take a look at it! Please send me an e-mail. I’ll respond to you once i’ve found the issue.

Kind regards

This looks like an excellent theme! I just have one question. For the portfolio, is it possible to make the categories at the top show up by default without clicking the menu icon? I like that they are turned off on the home page but I would like to have them on by default in the portfolio page.

Hello lukas,

This error has been reported before and is fixed by following these steps:

Look for:

#content img {
    max-width: 100%;

And add: height:auto; so that it looks like this:

#content img {
    max-width: 100%;
    height: auto;

This should fix the issue completely. Thank you for reporting this and again I apologise.

Kind regards

Awesome, thanks again!

No problem lukas! :)

I am having problems with the gallery feature, help appreciated. Downloaded and replaced the custom.js, single-project and the styles.css but I still cannot get the gallery working or even to appear on the homepage. I am new to Wordpress but followed instructions as clear as supplied. I can send you files to view if required, cannot work it out, thanks, lovely theme.

Hello dynamite,

If i remember correctly the gallery function only shows on single project pages!

Kind regards

That was fast. Can i email you wordpress login details and you take a quick look. I just want to have 6 images on homepage (as in your theme, and the same 6 to appear in the gallery/portfolio)? I have an image appearing now on the gallery/portfolio page, but imagine I am leaving something simple out. Novice user but nearly there. Send on email address?

Sure send me an e-mail through my profile page here and i’ll take a look! :)

Kind regards

Is it possible to remove the sidebar from the single-portfolio page? Or link the portfolio thumbnails to a blog post that is set to full width?

Thank you! Andrew


Yes this is possible with some extra coding!

Kind regards

hi, could anybody help me to add a little gap between the thumbnails on the portfolio?

Thank you! David

Hello 1plus,

Please send me an e-mail with an admin login to your website and i’ll arrange this for you :)

Kind regards

Thanks for the quick answer. The mail is on the way.

Thank you :-)

hi, also have the responisve problem of the first portfolio image. i used other dimensions and also the picture size you used in the demo (577×577). how can i fix this?

my lightbox isnt running? checked the demo -> same there! do i need to install some more plugin?

THX :)

Faster than the light – you are doing an amazing job! big big thanks! i’ll try this out…

Thanks sir! Appreciate it :)

Kind regards

works well! thanks :)


For some reason Im having some issues with the site on mobile/ipad. For some reason on my site, once the animation effect is complete (how items slide in) the images in my header, footer and sidebar disappear and im just left with blank boxes. Its only on mobile.

I tried your demo site to see if it had the same problem and it kept crashing my latest gen ipad. HERE is a link to the site in question and the sidebar images disappearing…

Maybe I can disable that script to see if its the culprit (the one that animates items in). Also is there any quick way to disable responsiveness?

Thanks in advance, Matt

Then it must be a domain masking or a plugin that is interfering.

Kind regards

Hello Matt,

Have you found a solution yet? :)

Kind regards

Thanks for checking in. Yes I had to change the header size around, it was conflicting.

Does the portfolio support video embeds from YouTube or Vimeo?

Yup! You can add these on th single pages! :)

Kind regards

Hi, great theme!!! One question, I install the shortcode plugin ( but I cannot find it any were in my wp dashborard, so I cannot put them into my wp text editor area… Maybe I dont install it correctly I dont know, can you help me with this please?? Tanks a lot!!

Hello jnieto,

When installed correctly you should see a pencil icon in your post editor bar! :)

Kind regards

Jajaja!!!!!! Correctly, there is the pencil icon…. my fault!!!!
Thanks a lot and great theme by the way!!!!

No problem! Glad I could help :) If you have some spare time please consider rating my theme!

Kind regards

Hi, Im having trouble with the “lightbox” that opens when clicking a portfolio image: It doesnt open… Why may be this?? can you help with that?? The link to chek it out is the following:



first of all thank you for purchasing one of my themes!

Yes this is a know bug and has already been fixed, but i’ve yet to upload it to ThemeForest as an update. To manually fix this follow these steps:

Go to showy / includes / lightbox /

and replace the contents of that map (lightbox.js and lightbox.css) with these files:

Kind regards

Hi I am having the same issue as wmasterxl – how can I make the individual portfolio pages full width? Or at least make them post pages without the side bar? I’m also having the problem that my portfolio images are showing up in the sidebar and not in the main content area on any project page… Would very much appreciate any help.

Hello Henry,

Please also download the documentation that comes with my theme. It explains in detail how the portfolio system works. You just need to upload the images TO the post, but do not insert them IN the post. The portfolio item will then display it correctly.

To make the portfolio item full width you’ll have to replace some files as this is a customization that isn’t included by standard.

Kind regards

Hi, Thanks so much, the first part already works. Follow-up question – is there an obvious way to edit the order of the images? I keep uploading and reuploading them but on one of my portfolio pages the last image consistently, doggedly shows up as the first image. When I go into editor to change it in the html, I can’t find any of my uploaded files either.

You can check a plugin that can install custom post order. Then go to “media” and you’ll see the images uploaded and the post it has been uploaded to.

kind regards

Hi there. Let me just say a great theme, I’ve purchased it yesterday and I was just wondering…Once I installed it, it was completely blank and I would love if there’s a quick way to make it look like the “live preview”. Thanks.

Hello Rokac,

First of all thank you for purchasing one of my themes and i’m glad you like it! :)

You can use this demo content:

Go to “tools” in your WordPress admin panel and select “import” -> “wordpress import tool” and upload the downloaded file there.

Kind regards

Thank you for that, much helpful:)

You’re very welcome :)

Again me:) I was also wondering if there is a chance to modify the social links in the footer? For example I would like to have, instead the “facebook”, a “dribbble” link. Also I would like to decrease the height of my footer(the padding is too big between my logo and the edges of the header). Many thanks in advance.

Hello Rokac,

Yes just go to “footer.php” in your wordpress editor (appearance -> editor) and you can just change the word that is shown when a social is filled :)

You can change the padding of #footer-inside to better fit your needs :)

Kind regards

Thanks for that, appreciated. Actually I’ve changed the “facebook” to “dribbble” link via customizer.php. Also editing via wp dashboard(editor) wasn’t supported. I did the editing manually(ftp client+aptana). Everything works as a charm!;)

Kind regards, Roko

HI! nice theme! before purchase, i want to know if its possible add a mouseover submenu with categories in the portfolio button, just like the live preview, like that:

Portfolio .Print .Web .Ads


Hello ito,

Thanks for taking interest in one of my themes :) What do you mean exactly?

Kind regards

I need to add a drop down menu in the top menu bar. Its possible?

Yes this is possible :)

Thanks for your beautiful themes, love it!

I have a question about changing the order of images in the portfolio. I’ve seen the question before and you say: “You can check a plugin that can install custom post order. Then go to “media” and you’ll see the images uploaded and the post it has been uploaded to.”

I found a few, installed one, i can now easily change order of pages, posts and items, but not of the images linked to projects. What exact plugin will work do you think?


Thanks for the quick reply!

That one is exactly the one i installed! Works great, but unfortunately not for images. Changing dates of uploads on images is not possible. And if i delete the image to upload it freshly, it still appears in the middle.

I think once done, it’ll stay forever ;) I’ll try if delete the whole project and images, and upload it again will work.

Are you planning of making it possible in the future? Really hope so! But great work anyway!!

Hello StyGrs,

Normally when uploading a new image it should be displayed as the last one! :)

Maybe this can help you?

Kind regards

Yes, that works! For all with the same problem: install the plugin, go to your project, click the button to add more images. Don’t add more, just shuffle the images attached to this post. Close window, update and refresh. Bam! :)

Thanks playnethemes.


Two final questions: how to delete the entry title on single pages? And how to reduce the size of the font of the content of a single page?

Looked everywhere, and can’t find it! Thanks.

Regards, Stacey

Hello StyGrs,

1. add this line to “style.css”

.page .entry-title {

2. look for this line in “style.css” and change the font px parameter

body {
font: 400 16px/28px "Open Sans", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
color: #86888A;

kind regards

Flawless. Thanks!

Hi, I am interested in purchasing this template to use as my design portfolio. In the preview of the portfolio page it shoes 3 columns and 2 rows, I am wondering if I add more and more projects will it continue to populate more rows all the way down the page? That is what I am looking for. I don’t want to have to scroll through multiple pages of portfolio images because it only allows 2 rows to show at a time. Can you tell me if it will continue to populate as one long portfolio gallery page?

Thanks! Toby

Hello Toby,

The homepage shows 6 posts standard. You can change this however to be unlimited. The portfolio page is unlimited by standard meaning it will just continue going down on that page.

Kind regards

Great thanks so much for the quick reply playnethemes!

No problem tseadler! :)

Kind regards

Pre-sale question: I want to know if its possible to make the homepage post feed area show gallery images instead of category posts.


The front page shows the latest portfolio items!

Kind regards

Hi. Purchased theme but cant seem to figure out how to display the portfolio on the homepage. Followed readme instructions, but did not see the “Widgets” folder in the downloaded files. Is this why the site doesnt render properly? the domain to view is

Hello lantay,

You first need to make a new page called homepage (or znything else you want to name it) then on the right hand side give it the “custom homepage” template. Then set that page as your homepage!

Kind regards

Hi, I have tried adding this

content img {

max-width: 100%; height: auto; }

to style css. but still dont see filters www.

Hello reposition,

Yes this is normal! :) you can change it but you’ll have to change some jquery script inside custom.js

Kind regards

can you please let me know what i should edit – thanks so much

Hello Reposition,

Sure just send me an e-mail via my profile page and i’ll send the instructions!

Kind regards