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Looks great. Do the portfolios work with videos?

Hello rjoyner,

Yes they do!

Kind regards

thanks for the speedy reply. could you show me an example? I looked on the ‘themeforest’ site and didn’t see one? Thanks

The second portfolio item on the showcase website (say it in print) now shows a video! :)

Kind regards

Hi there,

A quick question. I’ve created a contact page like this: and I would like to add some text in the floating sidebar. Where do I enter my text when I’m editing the contact page?

Hello Rokac,

The sidebar actually holds widgets so it cannot be changed from page to page! :)

Kind regards

Thanks for a quick reply:)

Hi, I’m trying to upload multiple images into one of my Portfolio Items – when I’ve added the images, they all show up in both the CONTENT part of the page, as well as the ‘side column’ where the description/text of the portfolio item would go.

Is there a way I can have a scrolling gallery for all the images on the left, and keep only text content on the ‘side column’ without duplicates?

Thank you

Hello nidus,

You only need to upload them via the featured image dialogue. Do not enter them inside the content of the post! :)

Kind regards


Hi again playnethemes,

Really enjoying Showy at the moment. Is there a way I can disable Page Titles and Breadcrumbs ? Or would I need to do this in the style.css manually?

Thank you

Ah yes you are correct! :) silly mistake by me!

.sidebar-inner a {color:#FFF;}
.sidebar-inner a:hover {color:#FFF;}

Just change the FFF into a color you like! :)

Kind regards

Excellent thank you. Extremely helpful as always :)

Hi, playnethemes I was wondering if the new version of wordpress 3.7.1 works with this theme. Thanks

Yes all themes are tested and are fully compatible with the latest version 3.7 of wordpress.

Kind regards

A couple of questions before I purchase:

- Can I embed video from Vimeo in the portfolio? - Can I make more than one portfolio? ie-one for video, one for design, etc. -Can I keep the filter options on over top of the porfolio? (So the visitor sees the filter options without clicking the little icon.)



  • - Yes you can embed vimeo videos.
  • - You could make multiple seperate portfolios with some recoding.
  • - You can show the filters by default with some small recoding (did it before for some other clients)

Kind regards

Hi, great theme! How can I turn off or remove the grayscale fading on mouse over and the lightbox feature? Please let me know what shall I remove from the code or smthng. Thanks!

Hello sir,

Send me your login info via my profile page and i’ll arrange this for you!

Kind regards

Wow lightning fast support, thank you!

You’re welcome! :)

I really love this theme, keep up the good work! Am having some problem adding some pictures to the portfolio… For some reason my first image gets squeezed together when resizing the window (or smaller devices), the proportions of width and height arent constrained. Do you have any idea what Im doing wrong? Kind regards

Hello Fred,

Thanks for you purchase and kind words! This is a small bug in the css. You can fix it like so:

Go to appearance -> editor and open up style.css. Look for:

#content img {max-width:100%;} 
And add height:auto; like so:
#content img {max-width:100%; height:auto;} 

Kind regards

thank you so much, also for the lightning fast support, really appreciate it! this is worth every penny

You’re welcome Fred! :) if you want you can always rate my theme!

Kind regards


I purchased your theme on Themeforest and have some questions.

Here is my homepage:

When you click the portfolio/project blocks, I get this:

What can I do to fix this?

Well, when they aren’t set to default, the pages don’t work at all.

Hmm could you send me a temporary admin login via my profile page here?

Kind regards



Great theme!

I’d like to add a separate portfolio for a page – see website here –

I’d like the Home page to display one portfolio and the Tenants page to display another. How can this be done?

Currently, the Tenants page displays the same portfolio content as the Home page.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks, can you please walk me through the process of option 1?

Tenants is a page not a post..

Hello Darren,

If you would be so kind as to send me a temporary admin login via my profile page here i’ll just make a new custom post type for you (it’s quite hard to explain).

Kind regards

Awesome – thanks! Have mailed you :)

Hi, Just bought the theme

I really like the style

First problem I have though is that I cant find the widgets read me file to find out what i need.

Can you help me out

Hello sir,

Thanks for your purchase! I really appreciate it.

Showy only uses “contact form 7” for the contact form and the playne shortcodes plugin which is included in the theme.

Kind regards

excellent, thankyou. That was quick

Hi one question, How can I make the home show only one category?

Use this code (I just verified this working on my local host):

                $loop = new WP_Query(array('post_type' => 'project', 'posts_per_page' => 6, 'tax_query' => array(
                'taxonomy' => 'tagportfolio',
                'field' => 'slug',
                'terms' => array( 
        )       ));
                $count =0;

Only change “print” to the slug name of the category you want shown.

Kind regards

That’s the ticket!!! thanks a lot

You’re welcome! :)

Hi, Great theme, thank you for your previous speedy reply. Is 6 the maximum number of images I can put on the home page? I know it is 6 categories. Is there any way I can change this to put as many images as I want in. under 1 category



sorry guys. I fixed it myself. Due to your previous replies in the comment section… so indirectly, good work ha

Hello Oliver,

Great! :)

Kind regards

Hello, it’s a cool theme! Is there a way to add a link in a PORTFOLIO site? I would really appreciate that option!

BR Pat

Hello sir,

Thanks for your purchase and kind words! What do you mean exactly?

Kind regards

Hi Great Theme just what I was looking for, this is the first theme I have purchased :)


Great! Glad to hear that, I hope you’ll enjoy it! :)

Kind regards

Hi I am having trouble importing a logo without it taking half the screen what there recommend dimensions?

Thanks for making a great theme btw.

Thanks :)

Hi I have almost fixed the logo but when I checked on my mobile at the bottom of the page it was still huge this is my site which is still in progress:

Hello sir,

Would you be so kind as to send me a temporary admin login via my profile page here?

Kind regards

Hi there,

I’ve just purchased your theme which is great.

I’m just having issues with editing secondary images on each portfolio item. I’m able to upload the images without inserting them into the post. But there is no way of me changing the order of these images without uploading them all again? Also having issues inserting images already in my media library?

Thanks! Kat.

Hello Kat,

To change the order of those images follow these steps:

  1. Go to your portfolio item inside your WordPress admin panel
  2. Click on “Add media”
  3. Then select “Media Library” and in the dropdown choose “Uploaded to this post”
  4. You will now see each image uploaded to the current portfolio item
  5. Simply drag and drop the images in another position to switch their order

Kind regards

Hi there,

I love the theme so far. Just have a tiny question.

In the footer on my website, I am getting a lot of random text down there to do with comments and such, is there an easy way to get rid of them? I can’t seem to find the relevant options and notice that the demo doesn’t have them.

My website:


Update: I found the options. If anyone else is wondering you can find it under Widgets and under the Footer options. (Duh).

Sorry about that :)

Hello Katy,

Glad to hear you solved it already! :) and thank you for your purchase!

Kind regards


Have a few questions regarding my site –

I’d like to..

1. Update the colour of links on the portfolio items to be black, but keep the colour of the block at the top to be yellow

2. Remove the tag and timestamp icons from the detailed page of portfolio items

3. Remove the ‘filter’ and ‘full portfolio’ buttons on the homepage

4. Remove the back to top icon from the footer

5. Add a paragraph of text on the homepage, between the yellow bar and the 3 portfolio items.

Can you please guide me on how to make these changes?


Hello Daren,

Thanks for purchasing one of my themes!

1. Add .flip .back {background:#000 !important;} to the stylesheet.

2. Go to “appearance” -> “editor” and open up “single-project.php”. Delete the entire block from div class=”title” up untill the closing /header tag.

3. Go to “appearance ”-> “editor” and open up “homepage.php” and delete the whole portfolio-wrapper div.

4. Go to “appearance” -> “editor” and open up footer.php. Delete the icon-cloud-upload.

5. This could be done inside the homepage.php aswell

Kind regards

Hi again!

Sorry to bother, but now I can’t seem to workout how to add a blog?

How do I get my posts to show up in the blog format as seen on the demo?

I’m at a loss!

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

This doesn’t seem to work :( Keeps saying archive at the top?

I sorted it!

This was probably due to the fact that you gave the page the archive template? :) glad you got it sorted!

Kind regards